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  1. Hi, folks. Does anyone have a view on the Tag Connect? A nice looking watch and I know it won’t hold its value but it’s a bit different. Must be a popular thing as a couple of models are on a 12 week delivery. thanks.
  2. Many thanks, will do. I’ll contact you via email on your webpage. Cheers!
  3. What I thought. Might try another watchmaker.
  4. HELP! So annoyed! Managed to drag my Seamaster against my outside wall causing a tiny scratch on the ceramic bezel. Watch repairer has said £150 for the bezel and £450 full service to replace it. Is this correct? A full service to replace an external part? Thinking of claiming off house insurance. Thoughts?
  5. Sounds a nice watch. You got a model number so I can have a look?
  6. Tried, but it’s over a 2 hour wait on the phone. As the payment date gets closer I’m going to have to bite the bullet and wait.
  7. £900 deposit. it’s an all inclusive 2 week holiday in a water park.
  8. They’re saying because THEY haven’t cancelled yet I’d lose the deposit if I did. They say normal teens and conditions apply at this moment in time due to the departure date.
  9. Hi folks a serious, but not timepiece related, question but I’d like opinions, please. Myself and family are due to fly to Spain on July14 and full payment is due April21. Now I know I’ve a 99% chance of not going so do I still pay my balance? It’s quite a big holiday and the balance is about £5K so I’m not wanting to fork out that amount just to be given an IOU or a refund in 6 months time. Any thoughts appreciated. thanks.
  10. AFC2star


    Day 12 of lockdown isolation: how is everyone doing? I’ve already spent about £178K on watches in my head online for when this is all over...and a lottery win.
  11. Not a million miles away from the 2019/2020 Seamaster but with horizontal lines rather than waves. Nice though, don’t discount it.
  12. For me it’s the living thing on my wrist. Ok, my football team edition Sekonda keeps better time than my 2 ‘luxury watches’ but wearing said ‘luxury watches’ makes me feel good. I’ve worked hard and went through some tough times to get them so I’m wearing them for ME. My Casio Mudmster gets more attention because of it’s size (Ok, It’s a FANTASTIC watch) but there’s something about Swiss horology (and German and Japanese etc) that gets my heart racing. Sad? Probably, but it makes me happy.
  13. Welcome, I’ve had a lot of advice in my short time here; there are genuinely learned members here.
  14. https://www.watchpro.com/breitling-turns-its-back-on-boxes-and-papers/ interesting read.
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