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  1. Or you can try at Watchgecko, my favorite sites for straps
  2. Okay thats a fair price i think! Hmmm original purchase receipt would for shure be nice to have, but it is long gone unfortunately! Its from 2008-2009 so it is discontinued..... yes warranty is gone
  3. Hello guys, I have a question about Iwc Top Gun How much can I reckon to get for an Iwc Top Gun doubel chrono? Its in very good condition, few hairlines but its minor ones! I have box and warranty card! Hope this is an ok place to ask? Thank you in advance for an amazing forum
  4. Thank you mister! It was really helpful info
  5. Thank you Im from the capital Stockholm! Where u from?
  6. Anybody know what strap size iwc top gun double chronograph have? Refnr: iw3799-01 Thanx for help
  7. Yeah thats nice to hear, i recently move to uk from Sweden!(My original country) and have seen alot of weird pages and people(especially on facebook) This site looks proffesional and cant wait to start buying something
  8. Anything from backstreet boys or Justin Bieber makes me cringe, ooh and that goth music is pain to my ears
  9. I'm a bit gamer my self! Currently I play Call of duty and Fifa
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi_XLOBDo_Y
  11. Hello im a new member and would like to introduce myself. Iam an 30 year old guy, father of 2 girls and Live in London. I have a couple of watches as Omega Seamaster, Iwc Top Gun,Gmt master II aka batman,Breitling Chronomat, Oris, Longines Thank you for membership and I'm looking forward to give/gain experience I hope this is the right place to let people know I'm a new member
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