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  1. Thats an amazing piece, just love it, and thanx for the story
  2. Cant wait to see the result, following.........
  3. I think the watch is for people that don't want to have something weird and not every day seen! That's me! By the way the lume is amazing
  4. Love it, what year is it?
  5. Yes it is! One of my top 5 to be honest
  6. It depends on your wallet! If you buy a Tudor you will get a lot of watch for they price you pay! I owned a pelagos, and its beautiful! But unfortunately iam not rich so I had to sell it to fund a another watch! I wish I could just keep all the watches I owned
  7. Nice car Of course not, my favorite at the moment is my Samsung watch! And its only £300 I was looking around on what Piaget had to offer, some nice models, but very similar to audermars! Would never use 10k on that brand
  8. Yes thats the one i also found, the price is going to go much higher tho! Did not bid yet, will wait a little bit but I will, I was thinking more if i dont win this one, if somebldy maybe knew so.eone that make them or have one they are tired of Basically i bougth another seiko mod a couple of month ago, true ebay, and the quality of the bracelet was so bad(fake) Im hesitating to buy true ebay without seeing the watch, but I know this watch is that common so changes are slim!
  9. Oooh okay i will check it out, hope it is not the one I have to bid on, hate things like that! Thank you
  10. Anybody in here know where I can get hold off an Seiko kanagawa great white wave? Preferable from UK with full history(receipt of parts/watch and so on) In advance, thanks for the help/info
  11. Okay I understand, thank you for the info
  12. Okay, and how does it work? I raffle an watch and 1 ticket has an set price?
  13. Yeah I would never think cartier was so high up
  14. Well said, i completly agree with you, and thats the reason why I bougth mine IWC, beacuse i like it and will enjoy it, do I own rolex? Yes i do to, but for me its a more of a tool watc tbh, for everyday use(gmt and sub) As soon as im able to do so, cant upload photo from my phone, or can I do that? In thats case i could show you what kind of IWC im wearing today
  15. Thank you for correcing me, i ment most famous, obviously patek is in another league
  16. Well this one is not a flaunt item and I was adressing the men, of course when you are a woman with asset alot of men would rather look at that, but not all men, I would look at your wrist first and maybe then your assets! Hahahah thats epic
  17. There you go, thank you for youre input/knowledge, i didnt know that What happened?
  18. Because they are the biggest watch brand in the industry, it is just normal to compare with them and have thougths It is beautiful, but I agree it is a shame the came out with Sellita movements! For myself im in love with the top gun serie, what do you think about IW379901?
  19. Iam just saying alot of people buy Rolex to flaunt, not everybody! People tend to buy Rolex as an statement, if you buy an IWC, A. Lange & Söhne or vacheron You know what you like and have a good knowledge/taste in my opinion I love rolex but as an toolwatch
  20. Thats true, but IWC also produces in-house calibers but unless they specifically say that it is an in-house movement, you can bet that it is something else such as ETA (i.e the famous Valjoux movement) or Sellita made it (for the most part). I dont feel there is anything wrong with using ébauche calibers. After all most watchmakers do…but a certain amount of prestige is attributed to watchmakers that can do everything in-house. So that In mind when I made this post was the Iwc with theire on movements and not the third parties(i should have been more clear) after all you can buy an hamilton wi
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