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  1. Ah! pardon my ignorance.
  2. Methinks not the same mine is a Provita
  3. Thanks I'll check that out How old your compressor bought mine new in 1965 been worn continuously since
  4. Hi thanks forthe reply did you see my pic as it seems to have been removed I'll try again
  5. No question was to answer to just my curiosity on a brand not included.
  6. Just saying never saw any of the brands mentioned we had Longines did not mean that there were no others. Though surprised Longine not mentioned.
  7. Just watched a Vid on U toob about the history of MOD watches through the 50/60's Ha! well I served in the army through the late 50s til the end of the 60;s and saw none of the ones mentioned and We only ever had Longines and they were never mentioned.
  8. Hi is there a dedicated tool for removing this type of Back. I assume it is a screw back on a 55 year old Provita
  9. Here Pics [url= https://postimg.cc/PpXmxVyv][/url]
  10. Hi new to the forum but saw Provita mentioned well I bought mine new in Germany in 1965 worn every day since and apart from new glass a couple of times and bracelets no problems. Although having just recently taken way overdue retirement it will stop whilst off during the night. Apart from that 55 years trouble free can't complain.
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