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  1. Hello everyone. You have a very interesting forum here, fascinating for someone like me with an interest in watches (but no knowledge). Over the years I've had LCD watches, LED watches, analogue watches (including one without hands), a Seiko like James Bond had, a TAG Heuer 2000, a Tokyoflash... I recently inherited a Mondaine and MuDu. The Mondaine (manual) works fine, the MuDu (automatic) keeps time but the hour hand is 20 minutes ahead of where it should be and the date changes at 4 o'clock. My current watch is a rather over-the-top Invicta 11694. I bought it to match the colours of my Suzuki Hayabusa - but it's too bulky to wear under my motorcycle jacket! That'll teach me. I'm (obviously) not a watch expert, but I'm like my dad who described himself as having 'timepiece constipation' - he could never pass a shop window with watches in it. My other interests are motorbikes, bicycles, and I love spiders and insects - used to have pet tarantulas and stick insects, now happy to witness the miracle of stag beetles each spring and am happy with the false widows that infest our house. Cheers.
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