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  1. I would like to thank everyone for their input. There are a few pocket watches I have which were in my father's estate, mostly late 1800's Walthams, but this one had me at a loss as to it's origins. Thanks again.
  2. THANK YOU very much for your time & information.
  3. Thanks for the tip. After Photobucket got greedy, I haven't really checked into options for hosting pics.
  4. Thank You! I will try to get some better close-up shots of the movement and see if I can find a way to post them.
  5. If anyone has any information regarding the story behind this pocket watch brand "Kundert" "Best Swiss", it would be appreciated. It is a working watch with a stop watch function. I measured the movement and it appears to be a size 21 or 22 if I am measuring correctly. Have spent hours on Google trying to find information the watch/company with little or no success. I can't attach picture files or a way to host them so I made a slideshow and put it on youtube at the link below. Thank You. Watch Slideshow
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