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  1. Working for an agency on a temporary contract they can do it, not universally thought of as acceptable behaviour but yes my lawyer (cousin) said it is legal
  2. Today started with a level of shitness that can only described as not good. having been sent home from my job 4 weeks ago i was informed yesterday afternoon I was not on furlough but the company I was working for had ceased my employment and therefore brook street no longer required my services as of 24th March, cheers guys. Applied for backdated jobseekers allowance. Went out on my bike and got an equal first on a strava segment, the fat lady isnt singing. then tried to fit the crystal in my project watch and all 3 gaskets I had don't fit, so I slapped it in anyway just seal it up while I continue my search. after taking the photo I had a phone call and I have an induction for a new job starting within a week so staying positive. Seiko 6309 9010 without a crystal gasket and no the second hand is not original, shows up a lot better in red
  3. Tour de France Tissot with a slightly low battery
  4. Well I'm wearing my Garmin again, live footage https://youtu.be/WiHgtLkhask With a bit of jolly music to chear us all up
  5. so I started with Seiko 5 then went to a Garmin for my training and now its a quick crystal change and DNA removal, so lets not talk about disembowelment.
  6. I'm continuing the painting of the kitchen so its a seiko 7009-3130 just about to go into the TLC shed and get a new crystal (its been in my draw for a little while) and a little clean for a lot of people this doesn't have the right badge but it is a lovely watch, think I was outbid on one recently.
  7. I don't think lusting after a material objects is good, you should want experiences, moments of passion and an inner happiness. On this occasion I would say bollocks I want the watch. Its gorgeous well the OH suggested the kitchen needed painting about 2 years ago so I've rushed into the job and started today, my dirty job watch, indestructible and never stops. I keep it on the window cill for obvious reasons.
  8. The crown was hidden under back, GMT classics had sent me most bits, very helpful. the only bit missing was a second hand and I've now fitted a red one, not original but definitely looks better. Just waiting for the crystal now as the one that came with it really is unusable thanks for the boley link, will hunt
  9. I was wearing it yesterday as well, when I took the picture. Its ok to wear it 2 days in a row and I did change the strap.
  10. So the best way to get a really good watch is buy a dog off ebay that you know nothing about with damaged crystal missing its gasket, missing the second hand, missing the crown and sporting a shockingly bad strap that is 19mm. Obviously the movement is well known but as this is a Japanese only model there isn't much info out there about the case so I'm trying to find info about part numbers. I'm fairly new to Seiko so is there somewhere you can find case info. Got to do a bit of cleaning now and eventually a strap/bracelet needs to be sourced
  11. I've gone from my largest to my smallest watch Today seems to have lots of lovely watches.
  12. I made this one in January from parts off Ebay
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