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  1. I have one watch that doesn't get worn. It is my father's old Omega. I have other watches that only get worn on the odd occasion. I have a watch that I take on holiday when I am in a place I don't know. I may start wearing my father's watch on his birthday if it is not a work day as I will be getting a new strap on my birthday but other than that will not be wearing it, but it will never be sold.
  2. I have an origonal Black Bay 58 & while it is a great watch, it doesn't really compare with the seamaster, they are totally different watches. The seamaster is technically superior to the submariner, however I would not agree that it is as aesthetically pleasing & value retention is not in the same league at least currently of either the blackbay 8 or the submariner. I would however agree with Jonnyoldboy that you would probably better off waiting & buying the submariner when you can afford it. The reason for this is you just get on the slippery slope and end up buying something else. Just my two pennies worth.
  3. Thanks to both of you, particularly Nigelp as I ent for your suggestion. Many thanks
  4. Interesting watch, nice choice but personally I prefer the explorer. Problem is getting one. As you have delayed your field trips I would have have delayed my watch buying as well.
  5. They are not all available. I enquired about the blackbay red & was told that there were none available. It appears that Tudor maybe not selling Leather straps for much longer.
  6. I think it is pretty reasonable to "baby" a watch when new, similarly with a new car, however once it has had the first scratch/dent/knock one tends to be slightly relieved and not worry quite so much about the watch/car however I don't think I could possibly knock up my good watches the way I have seen some. That is why I have work watches(beater) & others that I would not dream of wearing to work. If I worked in an office this probably wouldn't be the case though.
  7. I actually mentioned this when I picked up my north flag, you never know it might get back to Tudor! As above
  8. Is there any way of editing a post after it has gone? I noticed the mistakes after it had been posted Thank you that seems quite nice.
  9. I have my father's old Omega. He obviously put a cheap strap on it when the origonal one wore out. Does anybody know where I can get a decent strap with at least stainless hardware so that it does not rust. I probably will not wear it often as it is so small but the current strap is unsightly especially with the rust.
  10. Rolex changed their policy re warranty papers, as it appears that withholding papers was illegal. When I picked up my Daytona just before lock down I also received warranty card & all papers. Like the submariner would not mind one myself.
  11. Not sure it is quite your cup of tea, but maybe a .Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date Or a standard one might suit. https://www.glashuette-original.com/collection/spezialist/seaq-panorama-date/1-36-13-02-81-70
  12. They had reduced the watch I wanted by £500 so no further haggling was possible?
  13. if you count Goldsmiths as an AD visited one on Thursday.
  14. https://photos.app.goo.gl/BP8cttDrXUD7YEbMA Tudor Pelegos today
  15. Thanks Guys, So far really pleased with it!
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