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  1. Funnily enough I was in Bicester Village about two weeks ago, asked about the Heritage super ocean and they said it was very popular & they didn't get them. Maybe that was to encourage me to look at something else. Nothing else in the store was at all interesting to me.
  2. I have a 38mm c60I have a 38mm c60 diver & a 43mm C60 GMT. both good quality watches that I would happily recommend. Unfortunately you are unable to try before you buy. I have found that the 38mm gets little use but the GMT is always taken when venturing overseas. For me as a watch I don't have to worry about, It is robust & waterproof, just about perfect.
  3. The world is your oyster, although you would be hard pushed to get a decent JLC at that price. Personally I don't think you can do. much better than Tudor Pelegos or Blackbay 58 dependent on wrist size & preference new. However going used your options expand massively. Good luck with your search.
  4. I have a blue one as well as LHD. I guess I wear the blue one more but the LHD is more stylish with the roulette date wheel. Another reason I don't wear the LHD quite so much is I don't want the number to wear off. It has never really bothered me having the crown on the wrong side.
  5. I have three of these watches of different types. They since off the strongest signal. The only way of selecting the signal is by selecting the time zone you are in. This is what sets the wach. I have lived & been in various parts of the UK & never had a problem with it syncing to the correct time. Hope this helps.
  6. Pretty much any quartz watch would do the trick. Buy a cheap one & if it is damaged you will not care that much. Most of the golfers pictured above are sponsored so also don't really care if the watch they wear is damaged. This is only my opinion. I however would not wear an expensive watch whilst playing golf.
  7. A Lange is a must. You are also missing something like a Reverso a Santos or a Tank. However I would not be upset with a collection like yours.
  8. Almost no entry level watch from anywhere holds value. That comes not mean they are bad watches. Most entry level watches will have an ETA based movement, many are very similar to watches that cost double the cost or more. The difference is in decoration & regulation. I have a few entry level watches including a Hamilton, Christopher Ward and Fortis, some better than others but would be happy to recommend any of them.
  9. Just watched a video which some up my problem with the watch : "NSOW 55-19: Counterfeits, Knock-offs, Replicas, Cover Versions, Re-issues and Iterations" on YouTube
  10. Definitely an Omega aqua terra copy of the previous generation. Nice looking watch, however I would rather have the real thing rather than a copy.
  11. I have one watch that doesn't get worn. It is my father's old Omega. I have other watches that only get worn on the odd occasion. I have a watch that I take on holiday when I am in a place I don't know. I may start wearing my father's watch on his birthday if it is not a work day as I will be getting a new strap on my birthday but other than that will not be wearing it, but it will never be sold.
  12. I have an origonal Black Bay 58 & while it is a great watch, it doesn't really compare with the seamaster, they are totally different watches. The seamaster is technically superior to the submariner, however I would not agree that it is as aesthetically pleasing & value retention is not in the same league at least currently of either the blackbay 8 or the submariner. I would however agree with Jonnyoldboy that you would probably better off waiting & buying the submariner when you can afford it. The reason for this is you just get on the slippery slope and end up buying something
  13. Thanks to both of you, particularly Nigelp as I ent for your suggestion. Many thanks
  14. Interesting watch, nice choice but personally I prefer the explorer. Problem is getting one. As you have delayed your field trips I would have have delayed my watch buying as well.
  15. They are not all available. I enquired about the blackbay red & was told that there were none available. It appears that Tudor maybe not selling Leather straps for much longer.
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