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  1. I have just watched a video by the urban gentry. It appears "Wrench" your grail is to become available. Hope it is affordable and you can purchase one!
  2. Hi All Have recently purchased new nomos club https://photos.app.goo.gl/Q4HavvsS24s7a2846 Although I received spare links and have been able to remove a link without losing a screw it does not appear that easy to add link to the bracelet. I can wear the watch of the last adjustment on the clasp, I would like to add two links to the bracelet. Other than that, although the watch is a 42mm case it fits well on the wrist & feels far more substantial than the other nomos models I have, which I like. The other models are an Ahoi @ a Ludvig. Any assistance greatly appreciated
  3. I love the Aqua Terra, I have one in blue and should have bought the one you have chosen when I had the opportunity but unfortunately took too long to decide. However I actually think the Cartier Santos is a far more special watch for such an occasion. I would not presume to make another suggestion for an event such as this. The most important thing is buying the watch that talks to you and try them both on. I would however suggest however, that should you buy the Omega to get it on the bracelet and buy the rubber strap aftermarket as it tends to be cheaper that way.
  4. There was a blue tick on the listing, I believe, however the total cost was below £2000. Therefore ithe watch should not have gone through authentication and if one pays for special delivery once the watch is authenticated it should be sent on using special delivery. Not some unreliable American courier who in my opinion is not one of the most reliable as has been proven in this case.
  5. So far, very bad experience. Have bought a watch under the value bottom of £2000. I paid for special delivery. This has been sent for authentication. The seller claims he didn't know. However the address he sent it to was obviously not a home address. As with previous post this was authenticated within 6 hours and sent on in theory to arrive yesterday. This is being sent via UPS who I have never had faith in & they are now estimating delivery on Monday. I have sent in a complaint to EBay & I am seriously thinking about rejecting the watch through no fault of the seller due to being subjected to this authentication process. Probably will not be buying another watch through eBay. Not happy!
  6. Checked out Tudor web site, looks like they are pushing up into Rolex territory with the gold black bay 58. Sorry to see the North Flag is no longer on the website, As it was one of my preferred watches in the range. Can't see myself buying any of the new watches anytime soon. Thoughts anyone?
  7. I have 3 citizen exo drive radio controlled watches for between 5 & 7 years all are still working and obviously due to the time being updated automatically every day are far more accurate than any of my far more expensive automatic watches. However despite this I generally only use them when riding a motorcycle. Each to their own I guess.
  8. Here are pics of watch I believe is required. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/rotary-elite-ladies-watch-bracelet-1476614164
  9. You don't appear to have a travel watch I would be tempted by a JLC Master Geographic. That would be a seriously cool watch to pass onto nephew no. 3
  10. Love the dial. I used to have a similar era datejust but couldn't put up with the bracelet so sold it at exactly the wrong time. Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing.
  11. I Have three Citizen watches, the case back looks very similar to the same watch https://www.watchshop.com/watches/mens-citizen-eco-drive-super-titanium-perpetual-calendar-alarm-titanium-watch-bl5558-58l.pdp?utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=shoppingfeeds&source=froogle&nst=0&gclid=CjwKCAiArIH_BRB2EiwALfbH1K6BZWxDH966x9UJwGrf9Dw_ECqsI0ZrsubSwBlTw9jFbAIWYxfwSRoCglMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds If this is the same as yours. The box isn't the same as the ones I have but this maybe a watch from a different market.
  12. I have a blue Pelegos,. Went to an AD, to see the BB58 blue & really couldn't see the appeal left me cold. However the original BB58 I really like. However, the Pelegos really isn't an everyday watch but makes a brilliant summer watch.
  13. A watch that could fit both sports & dress would be an Omega Aqua Terra although you would be pushed to get a brand new one you could get a very good used one.
  14. The plastic roller balls are ceramic & should last the life of the watch. I have the 58 original & a black bay steel. I actually use the steel as a daily although not at work, finding the 58 far better for more dressy affairs. Was offered the 58 Blue at an AD recently but decided against it. Lovely watch but maybe too much of a good thing.
  15. I have a similar Aqua Terra. The main difference in the movement is that the 38mm has a quick date change l, whilst the 41 has a hour change which is useful if you travel a lot. I felt the 38mm was a little small on my wrist, one needs to try both on in the shop to be sure which suits you best. Both movements are metas certified so the same quality. As an owner I am biased but I do think the Aqua Terra is the best of your choices. The Hublot in my opinion is over priced the datejust would be a better comparison for the aqua Terra. The oyster perpetual is a great watch if you don't want a date, I would suggest the Brremont isn't of the same quality as the rest & I would also venture over priced, I have no experience of the IWC so can't really comment. The best thing to do is go in to ADs & try the ones you are considering & see which speaks to you the most.
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