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  1. This arrived at my door yesterday
  2. Aftermarket bracelet purchased on Amazon.co.uk for £18. It's very comfortable
  3. Quelle belle montre. Merci de partager mon ami
  4. That looks so damn good mate. I love the watch and the bracelet. Some people will disagree of course but they are just jealous imo Enjoy wearing it mate, top man.
  5. Nice one. Love the light playing on that dial. Pretty rad man.
  6. Hello, welcome friend.
  7. Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Just a quick one, I wanted to let you know that today I officially became a member of this Forum. I don't get excited often unless I have a watch out for delivery, but I got super excited when I noticed that my profile rank changed from New Member to Member! Here is a thank you to all that have put up with me so far here. You have made me feel welcome and I have enjoyed my time here so far. You are all super awesome people. Cheers Aaron. W
  8. Omega Seamaster 300 in my dreams of course.
  9. A super watch, I would love one of those. I hope you keep that badboy All the best, enjoy that retirement budd.
  10. That Pulsar is awesome thanks for sharing.
  11. @Laughing gravy Did you go for it dude? All the best mate
  12. Get in there my son! Nice watches
  13. @oly2b I love Citizen watches, keep collecting them your collection so far is badass man. you probably have bought 8 more since your last post on this thread lol
  14. @Vin Dhir you are very skilled, I am in love with your work sir. God bless
  15. @Marcin I think it looks great, even if it has been modded slightly. Just think, your watch is now completely unique, no one else has a watch like that one. All the best dude.
  16. @Cyclops930 I have been looking at a few of these Kings and to me that is the best one I have seen, so sleek. Enjoy it
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