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  1. First one I've bought. I haven't even adjusted the bracelet yet. It appears ok, I'll let you know better after a few weeks.
  2. Red to red, black to black, blue to f***.
  3. I have a few Seiko and one Citizen automatic. I reckon the Citizen is my choice, well finished, good timekeeping and very comfortable. I really like the crown at 8 o'clock as well.
  4. Highly unlikely. For over 30 years I've worn my oyster perpetual and in all that time only two people have noticed/mentioned it's a Rolex.
  5. As I get older I've found I need more " twiddles " for anything to happen than when I was younger.
  6. I often swear a lot as well when I'm plumbing, strange isn't it !
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