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  1. Don't know anything about this particular watch, but assuming its stainless then it wouldn't corrode like that, whereas chrome plate would.
  2. Have your first aid box handy, and take down all the mirrors in the house!
  3. Congratulations. I think a medal would have been appropriate!
  4. British made, 3/4 inch lugs. Nice though.
  5. Thanks for your extremely informative reply. I'll get in touch with Simon and see if he can give me a price. It doesn't have any sentimental value, I'm guessing about it possibly belonging to my grandparents. Thanks again. Col.
  6. I've had this for years, it may have came from my grandparents. It doesn't run and is in a bit of a state, but I'm wondering if it would be worth getting repaired. I think by the hallmarks its silver, made by Victor Levy & Co. Glasgow or Birmingham. Its signed A.Jacobson Glasgow & Locle. I'm unsure of this last word. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Can't beat a good watchdog!
  8. Weed killer and sugar, that was the stuff. Looking back it's scary what you got up to at 12 years old.
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