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  1. Busy day for us, our grandson is six today.
  2. When I saw the thread title I was expecting pictures of a different nature
  3. The Parkside gear is not bad either, I got a couple of quick clamps yesterday.
  4. I think it also depends on the case shape. This Spinnaker is 15mm thick but as the lugs ar curved down it wears fine, I think.
  5. Lidl are stocking the Silvercrest ultrasonic cleaners from the 27 Jan. I got one a couple of years ago, spot on, especially at £20.
  6. This was my only watch for 30 years until the bracelet gave up. At 34 mm I think it's spot on, but I couldn't go any smaller.
  7. Surely the pin (wire) has been fitted through the shaft and then bent over so it can't come out. To get it out you'll have to either straighten one end or snip it off.
  8. Spinnaker Hull meca-quartz. VK 73 movement.
  9. I bought a Rolex and went to the pub, unfortunately the pub won !
  10. Buy what you like, not what others tell you. Keep within a budget and don't be too concerned about buying second hand.
  11. I bought this on eBay months ago from a dubious sounding vendor called Bricey.
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