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  1. Hamsterley Forest today if it brightens up. Must get an hour hand fitted to this.
  2. It's not called magnolia any more, it's Vulcan cream.
  3. I agree with you, garden fence, decking etc. How about blue, no ! I'm going to put a nameplate on the shed, Admiral Graf Spee ! This is super posh French Gray by the way, but it looks green to me.
  4. Dad, seeing as you're off work this week!
  5. Had this for months, and just got round to sizing the bracelet.
  6. I still have loads of books that belonged to my mam and dad. This ones a real eye opener for some of its dated but funny content. There's also a chapter on the difficult husband but its obviously a misprint !
  7. Thought I'd have a bit toast with this butter.
  8. I've often looked at their site, if you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost for customs ?
  9. I've had mine almost 2years now, and I cannot fault it.
  10. Click on members map, second line down, top of main page.
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