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  1. Way past it! But my grandsons 4.
  2. 32 Roy must be favourite, he's having a lot of goes!
  3. I've been a member 5 months, good crack. Welcome.
  4. Yes, I had a Dan Dare Radio Station. My older brother used to go as far away, usually halfway upstairs with the remote microphone (wired), I remember you could hear his voice louder down the stairs than actually came through the receiver! Great stuff though.
  5. Me too! Not in the same league as your superb calculator, but I still have my slide rule, drawing instruments, drawing board and tee square, all British Thornton. Happy days carrying the drawing board to college on the rush hour bus!! Showed the slide rule to my son and daughter, I think they thought I was some kind of mad professor.
  6. We were out the other week going to Whitby, showed my daughter in law the compass trick, she was quite amazed.
  7. I saw a new clasp, can't recall where , for £300. I just begrudge paying that. Probably because I'm comparing it to what the watch cost new. £776, in 1988.
  8. If I can't get an oversize spring bar, I might have to open up and bush the holes back to standard. Bit of a pain but it may be the only solution. Keep the suggestions coming though. Cheers.
  9. Can't do that. This is the pivot point for the clasp. If I moved the position it wouldn't lock shut.
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