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  1. Ok. Let me know. I've got about 50 gallons at work.
  2. If you can't get any soluble oil locally, message your details and I'll send you a couple of litres, enough to last you months.
  3. It's not milk, it's soluble oil. Used in machine shops.
  4. I bought this for my daughter, I was aware it had no spare links, but its too small for her. I'm getting another bracelet but this one will just never be used. I wondered if it may be of any use to you. Its a Victorinox in superb condition. As best as I can measure its 155mm including the case. 16mm wide. If you want it ,message me your details and I'll send it off.
  5. Promaster, with bezel still set to pizza timing.
  6. I think I spotted one on the wrist of a bloke walking up the street with a golden labrador.
  7. Last day of the month, soon be Christmas!
  8. What are the names of your other watches?
  9. I've been looking as well, these are on ebay.
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