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  1. I have one on leather, and to be honest I can't get away with them.
  2. I haven't seen many of this make. This one was my dear old dad's. I really must try and find some info about it.
  3. Going to do a bit of painting today, watercolour? landscape? No, just a door frame!
  4. I was fortunate to get the very Nereide from you, and I agree about the finishing. I work in a machine shop and understand all about deburring components. I still can't decide whether this case has been poorly finished or is it supposed to be like this to give it a particular feel. It's not as if it has really sharp edges, and it's strange that the bracelet is the same, yet that really is a separate part. I still enjoy the watch by the way !
  5. Cleaned this bracelet in the ultrasonic yesterday. I I know it's my work watch but it's still surprising how much grime comes out.
  6. At present I'm getting trounced by my grandson and an annoying plumber dressed in blue, so maybe this may help.
  7. Visiting the dentist is almost as costly as collecting watches.
  8. Check up at the Dentist this afternoon, we have a new bloke at the practice and he's called Elliot Brown!
  9. I'd be in touch with the Patents Office immediately.
  10. I'm always wary when the seller states he doesn't accept returns. Although you are usually well covered by EBay itself.
  11. Oddly enough, my Promaster would be second choice, I really can't fault it.
  12. No problem. This was, until a couple of years ago, my only watch. Worn every day for work and leisure. Bought several others since its bracelet gave in. But I could easily go back to it an sell the others, probably, maybe, we'll see !
  13. Same problem with mine, and I wasn't prepared to pay 400 for a replacement.
  14. I've eventually got round to fitting a strap to this, my oldest bashed but favourite watch. It's odd having it on leather rather than its bracelet, but I reckon it looks ok. I still like the box as well, its not flashy but just class.
  15. This one new for £109. So if the one you're looking at is the same, then its not that cheap.
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