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  1. Day out with family in Teesdale today, may need a compass!
  2. I think it would be a toss up between my train set and Scalextric. Got this recently for my grandson, of course, its superb. All functions except tilt, excellent!
  3. When I mentioned a jewellers, I meant an one that does repairs. Not just an outlet. Big shops are only interested in sales.
  4. Did you try a jewellers. Failing that, a light machine shop. I'd do it for you but unfortunately I'm off work at present.
  5. I'd recommend you get a single point diamond dresser. Should get a decent one for £15. Far superior to a dressing stone.
  6. Welcome, from another newcomer. Hope you get fixed up with another job.
  7. Your best bet is a little private jewellers near your home so you can go in personally.
  8. His parents must be very proud! Maybe he fell from the nest.
  9. I agree, watches seem to be getting bigger!
  10. Alpha550t


    From the album: Col.

  11. I haven't got one, but assuming its similar to other clasps, the pin will have been riveted in position. The clasp wouldn't be thick enough to screw it in. A decent jeweler should be able to turn a new pin and fix in position.
  12. You lucky lad, I'm still there, doing that and the T shirt is in the wash! There are still a lot of skilled men about, but it does bug me when CNC operators start and they are absolutely clueless to the basics of machining, yet expect wages 20% more than time served lads.
  13. I knew a bloke who was only ten thou out. He lost his job, having said that he was a bank manager.
  14. Looks the business. Are you going to use morse taper drills as well as straight shank?
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