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  1. Hello! I am after some recommendations regarding some basic tools to enable me to adjust watch bracelets (by removing links) and also for the removal/replacing of caseback in order to change the battery of my quartz watch. Are cheap sets available on amazon ok for these types of jobs or is there something better and more long term I could invest in? It would be preferable to have some tools I can be confident in and that will last a long time! On recommendation from this site I purchased the bergeon 6767F which has been really good to use so far! I don't think I'll ever get more hands on than adjusting bracelet length, changing straps and changing batteries. Would something like this be good enough: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Version-Professional-Adjustable-Forceps-Remover/dp/B07FNBFTX5/ref=sr_1_17?crid=TAT3FWRPX71D&dchild=1&keywords=watch+battery+replacement+tool+kit&qid=1589649114&sprefix=watch+battery+replac%2Caps%2C144&sr=8-17 Thanks, Schlaus
  2. Hello! I've just got my hands on a couple of Seiko watches, a sarb017 for myself and a srp843j1 for my partner. These are our first automatic/mechanical watches! I would like to change the straps on both of these watches and thought I should keep some spare spring bars as this is something I will likely misplace in the future. I have had a look online and there are so many options - really cheap boxes of 300-400 on amazon and more expensive ones on other sites like watchgecko. Ideally I wanted to get hold of OEM, but I can not seem to find any retailers. I also looked at cousinsuk - this would be the best option to purchase from but requires you to be in 'the trade' to create an account (which I am not!) What retailers do you source your spring bars from and would you recommend them? How important is it to ensure the size of the spring bar is the same as the original in terms of diameter of the main shaft and the end points? I look forward to any feedback and advice. Thanks, Schlaus
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