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  1. Sorted- didn’t realise that with ana-digi watches, the pcb lifts off revealing the quartz analogue movement beneath, complete with depression for the stem release. Trial and error and now have a fully functioning Skymaster.
  2. Afternoon all Can anyone tell me where the stem release is for this please... It’s an Accurist Skymaster MB929B cal bj3547 + y121e6. Many thanks
  3. DJJazzyJeff


    Removed a couple of ticks from the dog after our morning’s walk - pesky little bleeders.
  4. DJJazzyJeff


    Spot of biking around the local forest tracks. After the recent rain, was as wet and muddy in places as it is in January!
  5. Really! Looks like something my 3 year old niece would wear. And your previous post, you say they’re expensive and it’s not a great thought to have to send them back if they don’t fit - not a great advertisement.
  6. How about one of these... Meets your requirements, it’s a g-shock, so chunkier and should be tough as old boots. Features Email notifications, step counter, heart rate, gps...
  7. Fresard for me - and if anyone can shed light on the make, age etc - feel free to enlighten me.
  8. I would say from my experience* that an Apple Watch (the incorrectly named I watch) has to be the best smart watch. The tag may have the looks, but in terms of ease of use, functions, connect-ability and so much more, Apple have it. The only thing that lets it down is battery life. However, I’m so glad I got rid of mine - not missed being connected at all! When I go for a run - I now map it to see how far I went - more fun! *A pal has the TH connected, I had Apple Watch for 5 years, also had a huawei, Samsung and Fitbit in fits and starts. Would also add that though Apple customer service is first class, Fitbit is even better. My dad has a Fitbit, which after 11 months developed a minor fault. He rang them and the next day a parcel containing a replacement Fitbit arrived for him.
  9. Nowt wrong with Air Max, trainer-wise that’s all I buy. However, shorts and track suit bottoms - which goes on top... I haven’t worn trousers since lockdown day 1, working from home has so many advantages!
  10. First post for me in the Sunday seniors. My Technos eta 2789 from sometime in the 70s. And it’s a steel case despite the golden hue in my photo.
  11. Thanks both for the info and looking. Much appreciated and most helpful. I offered on the solid dial, and was turned down but it was then sold to someone else. So offered on the other and was accepted. So £45 for the watch and £15 each for express shipping and ‘global shipping system’, which I guess means no customs bill on delivery, but takes the excitement away of not knowing whether you’ll be lucky and not get charged!
  12. A few... These are the two I’m watching on the bay. He remembers the square second hand but thought it was a two tone dial, but I prefer the solid colour dial. So either or will keep me happy. These two are open for offers, but not sure if they’re priced competitively (£70-100 ish), as prices seem to be all over the place.
  13. Marathon MSAR today, ready for whatever Super Saturday might bring, which for this household in Scotland means a gentle walk alongside the river, a beer in the garden tonight and continuation of family Facetime pub quiz!
  14. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. How long does it take to make one like the above?
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