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  1. But then Oakley wouldn't get to charge you another 20 quid for a Vault - which to be fair are very sturdy and at c£20 cheaper than they were a few years ago.
  2. Do you take spare car keys? I’d never carry mine like that.
  3. I wear his oud wood... which is a great fragrance. But I’m with @BondandBigM on the sunnies.
  4. I’m sure it’ll be fine, but to make sure, swap wrists and only go when it’s dry rain.
  5. My chunkier V7750 Junghans, which is also my favourite watch.
  6. Hello and welcome from a fellow (adopted) Aberdonian.
  7. Have a few things that I really like that some at least seem to get a hard time. Snowflakes hands - though I’m yet to own a watch with them. Meteor, MoP and other textured dials. But my favourite- NATO and Zulu straps. I don’t get on with metal bracelets, rubber and leather is fine but much prefer the sheer ease of changing the whole look of a watch with a 10 second change of strap. And mostly relatively cheap. Or a combination of 2 out of 3..
  8. Bit of a thread resurrection- apologies!! I’m not an avid F1 fan, but something I read left me intrigued and I wonder if anyone can enlighten me. After the last GP in Silverstone, Pirelli came under fire for the tyre failures (they should actually factor this into every race to increase the excitement), but after they reviewed, they’re saying they still intend to send soft compound tyres, instead of mediums to Silverstone for the next GP. So... why do Pirelli get to choose what tyre compounds they use, and why can’t they supply all compounds, with each team only being allowed to use 2 of them for instance??
  9. Had my Ray-Bans for 4 or 5 years now and think they’re a cracking pair of shades. Prior to that, had several pairs of Oakleys, mainly frog skins and full metal jackets, but just grew out of them! For wearing in the mountains - hillwalking and skiing bluebird days, then Cebe were my preferred brand. I’d stick with the ‘Bans.
  10. 8am and no WRUW yet... Marathon for me.
  11. Here’s s the answer- thanks Roy!
  12. I think my 1 yr old daughter painted the dial on that! Seriously, I hope someone can help you out with it. What sort of things did you inherit, anything interesting?
  13. My newly arrived from the States, Timex Dynabeat (led to believe from 1974). No quickset date, unless there’s some unusual way of doing this?
  14. I wasn't a huge fan of brass/bronze either, but after getting my Armida A1, I really like the aged look of them. My initial reticence was not beinga fan of gold watches, which for a short time, these look like to the untrained eye. For that reason I must admit to cheating a little bit, and had the case suspended over a small pot of vinegar for a few hours, which took the edge of the shinyness, until my own chemical aura could take over! That Borealis is really lovely, the coffee colour of the patina is fantastic - and though you say it's a keeper - should you ever change your mind...
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