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  1. Although this is listed in the Classified, thought it deserved an outing ng
  2. Bracelets with only Two or Three micro adjustments in the clasp
  3. If you don’t like them, Don’t buy one , I flipped my original Sumo because of the seriously poor 6R15 movement, had it regulated no less than 3 times. This SteelDive + 3 secs, in 48 hrs. it was a cheap way of seeing if I liked a Green Dial watch, I Do .
  4. Thought I would give a green Steeldive a try, pleasantly surprised.
  5. Fancied a Green Dial Watch , was looking at an Oris and a Longines , wasn’t sure, so I went cheap , Very cheap , so glad I did I really like the Steeldive Sumo Homage
  6. I’m a dab hand with Seiko Pin and Collar , when can I start
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