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  1. Arnie On it’s new Rubber
  2. An unnecessary necessity, sits on Fence
  3. Thank You I had never seen the Bark until I had purchased and received the Snowflake, it’s Gorgeous but I’m more than happy with the Snowflake. Initially I found the Snowflake wearing rather small on the wrist after having mostly worn divers , but those thought soon disappeared after a day. My one wish would of been that the Snowflake bracelet did not taper to 18mm .
  4. EB Canford Ooooooops should of gone in Youngsters
  5. Hamilton Boulton Looking Good
  6. Dressed down the GS , removed the bracelet and put it on Blue Rios Alligator
  7. Are Watchesofmayfair an AUTHORISED GS dealer, their prices seem incredibly good .
  8. E.B. Bronze, well sort off
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