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  1. 8 hours ago, rhaythorne said:

    Casio A1000MCG-9EF

    I took a gamble on this little trinket; a premium Casio A1000MCG-9EF which arrived yesterday afternoon.  It's marketed as a ladies watch, has a faux mother of pearl dial, a solid stainless steel case and matching milanese bracelet in an ion-plated gold finish described by Casio as "delicate pink"!

    RRP is a hefty (for what it is) £135 but I found one sold via Amazon EU for under £90, listed not as a Casio, but as a "GC Gaveno Cavailia".  The latter seems to be a soft furnishings/bedding manufacturer!

    Anyway, thankfully it's not too pink (more a Champagne colour) and the uprated materials (inc. mineral crystal) give it a much higher quality feel than the standard resin-cased Casios.  It's quite a bit larger than an F-91W too.  It retains the classic Casio DNA but has evolved into a more sophisticated, elegant, less geeky package.

    For those of us with enough confidence in our masculinity to rock a Cartier with a sapphire cabochon crown, this is easily wearable without feeling in the least bit emasculated :laugh:

    Yes , Pink is very fetching , 

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