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  1. Afternoon All. My collection has now shrunk down to a core 3, Tudor Black Bay Blue Bezel, Meistersinger Circularis Ivory and Oris Artelier Moonphase and I'm in need of a good quality watch box. Previously I've just kept the top 3 in their own original boxes when not in the rotation but with the odds and ends of the collection now gone I want to keep the top 3 together. Any recommendations? I find it difficult to judge the quality from just the pictures on Amazon alone. Thanks
  2. So the lockdown has led me down the path of watching Archie Luxury, Paul Thorpe and Federico Talks Watches on Youtube. Archie Luxury and these paid reviews are good for a laugh, if rather repetitive. Paul Thorpe, there is just something about him I don't find trustworthy. Federico I think is very good value for info and opinions. I find myself agreeing with most of what he says. Anyone else watch these three or have any other recommendations to help pass the time?
  3. Once this lockdown ends and we can hopefully all go back to some degree of normality what is the next purchase everyone is lining up? Personally it's the Explorer 1 for me but I've also been looking into the Meistersinger brand recently too for something totally different.
  4. Hi All I'm new to the forum and looking for opinions 3 rolex models from those who have owned them before. Explorer 1 and Air King, current models from Rolex AD as I prefer to buy new. I am also interested in the Milgauss 116400 if i were to go pre-owned. Any advice / recommendations would be appreciated.
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