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  1. Hi all,I came across this Nivada watch and have searched the web for hours and haven't found any info on it. I would like to know if it would be considered a good quality watch and what movement it has. I'm hoping someone can provide some info on this watch? Thanks, henrylr
  2. Hi all. Does anyone know what movement was used in the Jacques Lemans G122? Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the info. On the watchtalkforums one member told me the Masterpiece LC1098./ Chrono24 indicates it has a Ronda caliber 5040 and the LC1007 has an ETA but didn't know the number. Can you tell me where you found info. The 737-701 is still a mystery. The seller told me he saw 737-701 engraved on the movement when he had the case back off for battery replacement.
  4. Thanks for the reply. The sellers don't want to open the case. I'm considering buying the following: Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques LC1007-AS62435, Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece LC1098 and a Maurice Lacroix Watch Moonphase Date Caliber 737-701. I've searched the web for hours and haven't found any info like what movements they used, accuracy or battery life. So I finally created an account on the ML website thinking I might get access to info or at least be able to contact them via email...no to both of those. I'm amazed that ML cannot be contacted. Can anyone steer me towards a source of info?T
  5. Hi all, I'm considering buying a ML quartz watch and I've found quite a few on ebay. I don't buy anything without researching info. So I've spent hours searching the web for ML info and can't find any info on quartz movements they used, the accuracy or what batteries should be used. It's like all info on ML quartz watches made in the 1970s have fallen into a black hole. Can someone help? Thanks, henrylr
  6. Since I got the watch the date has been changing at 12 PM. So yesterday, based on posts I've read, it needs to set for AM. I pulled out the crown to the 2nd position and wound hour hand around to equal 12 hours. The date increased by one day and I thought it was properly set. However, today it changed at 12 PM again. What am I doing wrong. Another thought I had is, after the date change is completed, I could pull the crown out to the 3rd position to stop the watch and push it back in after 12 hours had passed. Is there any downside doing that?
  7. Is there a manual or user guide available for the ETA 255.563? Thanks, henrylr
  8. I don't have a URL. Is there another way to add pics? Thannks, henrylr
  9. Hi all, I just bought 1991 Longines VHP and am looking for info on how to shorten the bracelet. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks, henrylr
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