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  1. Anyway, getting back on track, it`s time for a change... Pure Mecanique MARINE (Roman),Seagull Cal. 3600 17 Jewels & Pure Mecanique MARINE ( Arabic), SEIKO Cal.NH35 24 Jewels
  2. I don`t smoke, drink or gamble, my clothes are functional rather then fancy, I don`t change my cars until they are no longer viable to keep running, I don`t eat out as I live with the best cook I`ve ever known and have no need to go away on holidays as I live in a particularly beautiful part of the world so adding the occasional new watch to my collection is no great hardship Now then Nigel, don`t go putting words in my mouth
  3. Taking Caroline for a dentist appointment shortly, I`ll be wearing these... STEINHART MARINE TIMER SWISS MADE, Unitas cal.6498 17 Jewels & GLYCINE INCURSORE (3804) 200M, SWISS MADE, Unitas cal.6497 17 Jewels. The Glycine will be set to the correct current time & the Steinhart will be set to 12 just before we leave so it can be used to time the journey, no reason, just because I want to & yes I could use one of my chronographs but where`s the fun in being sensible/normal?
  4. See, I am not the only one... Two is ok any more is just silly & Hayek Senior did tend to go a wee bit too far...
  5. I have a very simple reason for buying any watches regardless of their brand or price tag - because I like them
  6. Over to these for the evening...... ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal. 3000, 27 Jewels (1997) & ALPHA, cal.ST-16, 21 Jewels
  7. Time for a change... OMEGA Railmaster, CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER, cal.2403 27 Jewels & ALPHA, cal.ST-16(?) 21 Jewels.
  8. OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels & BULOVA 96B258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph
  9. Over to my old beaters now CITIZEN 68-5372, cal.7470, 21 Jewels (possibly made in June 1973) CITIZEN 51-2273, Miyota cal.8100, 21 Jewels circa 1980s Admit it, you`re drooling BTW, there`s a 51-2273 listed on ebay in a slightly better condition with a BIN of £246.23
  10. Time to change... "ServiceS" COMPETITOR & ONTIME, FOREIGN MADE (circa mid/late 1930s.) (Made for the Services Watch Co.Ltd, Leicester by Thiel Brothers, Thuringia, Germany [unjeweled pin-pallet movements])
  11. SEIKO 6602-7040-P, 17 Jewels, made in October 1967 SEKONDA Alarm, USSR (Poljot Signal cal.2612 18 Jewels 1980s) (Photos not to same scale, the watches are actually the same size)
  12. Good morning oldies fans, I`ve been wearing a modern Newmark all day so I thought I`d start the oldies thread with this somewhat more senior model... NEWMARK, MADE IN ENGLAND (by Louis Newmark, Croydon. Un-jeweled pin-pallet movement), circa mid-1950s. Plus this not too dissimilar looking Russian on the other wrist... MAJAK, 16 Jewels MADE IN USSR(by 1st MWF), circa late-1950s
  13. It`s ok Marley, I`ve found them for you, no need to thank me, it`s all part of a Moderator`s job Anyway, getting back on track, it`s the newbie again today... NEWMARK 6BB CHRONOGRAPH,SEIKO cal. VK64 Meca-quartz. Plus this again (well, they go together so well ) ... PULSAR PJN299-X1 cal.V675-X063.
  14. I knew that you would see the light eventually
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