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  1. Time for a change... NEWGATE LIBERTY Watches (Miyota Quartz movements)
  2. PAH!! just because I spent a few decades living south of the border doesn`t mean I became a great big softy sasanach
  3. It`s not too hard after you`ve had the proper training, the only real problem is the ever present risk of Midges interfering with your delicate "equipment" if you catch my meaning
  4. I don`t think Wrench has completed the Use of a Banning Hammer Training Course yet
  5. Be not concerned Davey, the matter has been dealt with by the moderating team, He was banned from posting for 5 minutes after the offending post. That`ll teach him
  6. NEWGATE SHIP WATCHES (MIYOTA Quartz movements)
  7. XL Roy didn`t say they had to be arabic
  8. My last post for today... NEWMARK 6BB CHRONOGRAPH (SEIKO cal. VK64 quartz. Meca Quartz) & PULSAR PJN29-X91 (cal.V675-X063)
  9. That`s the way to do it trust no one, especially Seiko 200 Monster owners
  10. Going from blue to grey now... ETERNA AIRFORCE III,SWISS MADE, Valjoux cal.7750, 25 Jewels & Полет Авиатор хронограф, кал.3133, 23 КАМНЯ, Сделано в России (Poljot Aviator Chronograph, cal.3133, 23 Jewels, Made In Russia)
  11. I can`t remember, but that Vosper Crash Tender looks familiar
  12. Oh no, I can see I`m going to have to call an emergency meeting of all the 23 members of the Psychiatric Multi Disciplinary Team to review TWFs medication again
  13. Time for the blues... ORIENT CE58001B (slide-rule watch), cal. 469 21 Jewels. & Poljot OKEAH (OCEAN,`Komanderskie VMF`) cal.3133 23 Jewels
  14. Welcome to the team wrench, it`s great to have another mod from the right side of Hadrian`s wall..
  15. I bet you get them out now & then when your`e alone & push them round while making vroom, vroom noises
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