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  1. Last pair for me... "Services" DESPATCH RIDERs (24 hour dial) German Made (by Thiel Brothers, Thuringia), circa late 1920s early 1930s
  2. I`m hanging out with a Golf playing Airman... "Services" GOLF & AIRMAN, FOREIGN (Made by the Oris Watch Company Switzerland 4 jewels, circa mid/late 1930s) FORE!!!
  3. Hiya, I hope you are all well My first pair.... TIMEX, #24 movement, circa 1970s? SERVICES (Red Star) SWISS MADE, ETA cal.2782 25 Jewels, circa early 1970s
  4. Ok, I was wrong, I swapped over to these a couple of hours ago... TISSOT Le Locle POWERMATIC 80, Cal. C07.111 23 Jewels ( ETA 2824-2 based) SWISS MADE J.Springs NPEA003, Cal. Y675C 21 Jewels.
  5. My last pair until midnight... NEWGATE LIBERTY Watches (Miyota Quartz movements)
  6. Over to another pair of Newgates.... NEWGATE SHIP WATCHES (MIYOTA Quartz movements)
  7. Good morning all, I hope you are well NEWGATE SHIP WATCH (Miyota Quartz movement) & NEWGATE LIBERTY WATCH (Miyota Quartz movement)
  8. Over to a couple of my favourites... GLYCINE INCURSORE 3804 (200 meters) UNITAS Cal. 6497 17 Jewels GLYCINE INCURSORE 3762 (100 meters), UNITAS Cal.6497 17 Jewels
  9. Over to these... STEINHART MARINE TIMER, Unitas cal.6498 17 Jewels, SWISS MADE & Seagull Model 0437, 19 ZUAN, cal.ST19 19 jewels.
  10. ^^^^^^ Single wristers, huh? Anyway, getting back to normality (whatever that might be ) I`m wearing these... TIMEX MIDGET TW2R5100 TIMEX MIDGET TW2R45000 Eccentrics of the world unite, you have nothing to loose but your marbles
  11. My wristwear for this evening... Buran, Poljot cal.3105 (modified 3133), 17 Jewels. ORIS Big Crown Telemeter Chronograph, cal.674 (modified Valjoux cal.7750) 25 Jewels.
  12. I`m still wearing this... ORIENT STAR, WZ0311PF, cal.597 21 Jewels & have added one of it`s relatives to my other wrist... ORIENT STAR YFR00001B0, cal. 46S 23 Jewels.
  13. This (they could be siblings) pair... ORIENT STAR, WZ0311PF, cal.597 21 Jewels OMEGA Railmaster CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER, cal.2403 27 Jewels
  14. My final pair of cushions for the day... ALPHA VINTAGE 1926s, SEAGULL Cal.2706, 21 JEWELS
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