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  1. An early start as I`m to tired to wait "ServiceS" COMPETITOR & ONTIME, FOREIGN MADE (by Thiel Brothers., Thuringia, Germany,[unjeweled pin-pallet movements]) circa mid/late 1930s.
  2. My last for today*... STEINHART OCEAN ONE BRONZE 103-0575, (ETA 2824, elabore, 25 Jewels) & CORGEUT "Bronze" (PVD, MIYOTA cal.8215,21 Jewels.) * unless of course I change my mind
  3. Over to the birds.... BOBO BIRD, WOODEN WATCHES (made in China,Seagull automatic movement, [calibre unknown])
  4. Geckota K3 V04 Miyota cal. 8215 21 Jewels plus... Navitron Sundial (solar powered) As you may have gathered, it`s a nice sunny day up here in the Highlands
  5. I wore a couple of Romans earlier & have decided to swap over to another pair for the evening... TISSOT Le Locle POWERMATIC 80, Cal. C07.111 23 Jewels ( ETA 2824-2 based) SWISS MADE & J.Springs NPEA003, Cal. Y675C 21 Jewels. MADE IN JAPAN
  6. Time to go West.... WEST END WATCH Co. Sowar 17 Jewels, SWISS MADE
  7. Back from the grocery shop & on with these now.... Pure Mecanique MARINE, Seagull Cal.3600, 17 Jewels
  8. Friday already? Oh well, that's another hard week taking life easy over & done STOWA MARINE, (Unitas cal.6498,17 jewels) & RLT-17 (Unitas cal.6498,17 jewels) Opps, I almost forgot, we`ve got to do a short walk down to the local grocery shop to get some food. Did I mention that it`s a hard life
  9. Just off for a walk down to the river before teatime so I`ve swapped over to these.... HEUER 200m Professional, Model 844-2. `TH`branded ETA 2824.2 25 jewels (circa early 1980s.) & CWC Royal Navy Divers Watch,ETA 955.121, 7 jewels (issued 1997).
  10. Over to another Chinese & Swiss pairing... ALPHA, cal.ST-16, 21 Jewels & ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal. 3000, 27 Jewels (1997)
  11. My first pair for the day... OMEGA Railmaster, CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER, cal.2403 27 Jewels & ALPHA, cal.ST-16(?) 21 Jewels. Neither of which were previously owned by our man from somewhere south of London Nice Doxa btw
  12. It might be Anyway,there`s no use crying over sold Poljots
  13. My last pair... ETERNA AIRFORCE III,SWISS MADE, Valjoux cal.7750, 25 Jewels & Полет Авиатор хронограф, кал.3133, 23 КАМНЯ, Сделано в России (Poljot Aviator Chronograph, cal.3133, 23 Jewels, Made In Russia)
  14. I`ve been rather busy so far today so didn`t manage to post, anyway, I put these on when I got up.... NEWMARK 6BB CHRONOGRAPH (SEIKO cal. VK64 quartz. Meca Quartz) & PULSAR PJN29-X91 (cal.V675-X063) & I have just swapped over to these... Seagull Chinese Airforce 1963 & Model 0437, cal. ST-19 20 Jewels ( & if anyone is interested- the camera is a Seagull DF)
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