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  1. The last change(from me for today) .... CORGEUT Blue & Red, MIYOTA cal.8215 21 Jewels
  2. Over to these now... STEINHART OCEAN ONE VINTAGE MILITARY, SWISS MADE, ETA cal. 2824-2 elabore 25 Jewels & ARAMAR ARCTIC OCEAN,SWISS MADE, ETA cal.2824-2 25 Jewels
  3. Another excellent selection, gang My first pair of the day.... ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal. 3000, 27 Jewels (1997) & ALPHA, cal.ST-16, 21 Jewels
  4. Over to a mechanical.... TUDOR PRINCE OYSTERDATE, 26 Jewels (1979). & a electric tuning fork... OMEGA Seamaster f300 cal.1250, 120m, (circa 1972)
  5. My second change... ServiceS AIRMAN, FOREIGN (Made by the Oris Watch Company, Switzerland, 4 jewels, circa mid/late 1930s) & ServiceS GOLF, FOREIGN (Made by the Oris Watch Company, Switzerland, 4 jewels, circa mid/late 1930s)
  6. My second pair for today... CITIZEN, JAPAN, cal.020117, 17 JEWELS, & SERVICES, SWISS MADE, EB cal.8021, 17 JEWELS, (both circa late 1960s)
  7. First pair... TIMEX, #24 movement, circa 1970s? & SERVICES (Red Star) SWISS MADE, ETA cal.2782 25 Jewels, circa early 1970s
  8. AS I indicated earlier I`m having a busy day so these could be my last swaps until midnight... Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Model H60419533 Eta cal. 2801-2 17 Jewels & RLT-8, Valjoux cal.7750 25 Jewels
  9. A busy day so far so it`s a late start for me with this pair... TIMEX MIDGET TW2R45000 & TW2R45100
  10. Ruddy Boris has nicked our sunshine again STOWA MARINE, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels & RLT17, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels
  11. & now... Pure Mecanique MARINE (Roman),Seagull Cal. 3600 17 Jewels & (Arabic), Seiko Cal CH355 24 Jewels
  12. J.Springs NPEA003, Cal. Y675C 21 Jewels. MADE IN JAPAN & TISSOT Le Locle POWERMATIC 80, Cal. C07.111 23 Jewels ( ETA 2824-2 based) SWISS MADE
  13. Over to these... Seagull 1963 Chinese Airforce (cal.ST1 18 Jewels & Samson Watch Co.(25 Jewels)
  14. Time I had a change... NEWMARK 6BB CHRONOGRAPH (SEIKO cal. VK64 quartz. Meca Quartz) & PULSAR PJN29-X91 (cal.V675-X063
  15. Hi gang, it`s this pair of aviators from me for now... ETERNA AIRFORCE III, Valjoux cal.7750, 25 Jewels & Полет Авиатор хронограф, кал.3133, 23 КАМНЯ (Poljot Aviator Chronograph, cal.3133, 23 Jewels).
  16. Last pair from me... SEKONDA, 19 JEWELS (Poljot Strela, cal. 3017),`MADE IN USSR` circa mid 1960s &
  17. Over for me to another Bulova plus a different chrono... BULOVA 96B Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph & OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels
  18. My Birthday (yesterday) watch (the Rotary) plus one... Rotary GBO 3778/4 & BULOVA 98A186 Special Edition Lunar Pilots Chronograph
  19. Over to these... Rotary GBO 3778/4 & BULOVA 98A186 Special Edition Lunar Pilots Chronograph The Rotary is the birthday present I hinted at earlier, I think it goes rather well with the Bulova
  20. ROTARY GB03107/06 & GB03351/19 It`s my birthday today & I happen to know that there is a horological item in some wrapping paper in the house. I DIDN`T SAY THAT!!
  21. My final b&w dials for the day..... SEIKO SNZF45K1, cal. 7S36C, 23 Jewels & SRP489K1 cal.4R36A, 24 Jewels
  22. Over to another b&w pair... PARNIS, Seagull ST 3621 17 Jewels A wrist shot to give a sense of size..
  23. Hiya, on with these.... STRAND BY OBAKU DENMARK &
  24. Last pair from me.. SEKONDA Alarm, (Poljot Signal) USSR cal.2612 18 Jewels (circa1980s) & SEIKO 6602-7040-P, 17 Jewels, (made in October 1967) Btw, nothing to do with these watches & I`m not going to explain why but Roy is a hero!! Thanks Mr Taylor!!
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