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  1. Over to the Midgets now... TIMEX MIDGET TW2R45000 TIMEX MIDGET TW2R45100
  2. Good morning all Штурманские Гагарины, (260937016 & 2609370124), производства Россия, Poljot cal. 2609 17 камней) (Sturmanskie Gagarin(260937016 & 2609370124) MADE IN RUSSIA, Poljot cal. 2609, 17 Jewels)
  3. Last pair for me today.... TUDOR PRINCE OYSTERDATE, 26 Jewels (?) 1979 & SMITHS EMPIRE, 5 JEWELS (TY movement?) MADE IN GT. BRITAIN. (at The Gurnos Works, Ystradgynlais Wales, circa mid 1950s)
  4. A few rungs upmarket for me now... ROLEX Air-King 14000, cal.3000 27 Jewels (1989) BULOVA SUPER SEVILLE, ETA 2834-2 25 Jewels (1984.)
  5. A couple of more Vostoks for this dreich morning.... Командирские (Boctok),Сделано в СССР kaл. 2414A, 17 КАМНЯ, около 1980s (Commander [Vostok], Made in USSR, cal. 2414A, 17 Jewels, circa 1980s)
  6. Starting off with a couple of Cold War siblings... Вocтok Aльбатрос кал.2414A 17 КАМНЯ. сделано в СССР 1980s (VOSTOK Albatross,cal.2414A 17 Jewels,Made In USSR 1980s) Вocтok Aльбатрос, кал.2414A 17 КАМНЯ. сделано в СССР 1980s (VOSTOK Albatross Radio Operator, cal.2414A 17 Jewels,Made In USSR1980s).
  7. Over to these until midnight... BULOVA 96B209 ACCUTRON II & PARNIS, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels
  8. Time for me to swap... вмф ссср (`Vodolaz` Anchor-1 700M,full lume dial), Vostok cal.2409 17 jewels. Parnis 587 Rebel, Miyota 21 Jewels
  9. Today I bought a ticket home for Christmas, I hope the taxi gets here on time...
  10. First up I have the Sino-Italians... Parnis RM & MM, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels.
  11. Dreaming of Sunnier days with this pair now... SAN MARTIN MM, SEIKO cal. NH36, 24 Jewels PROXIMA SM, SBBN017 SEIKO cal.NH35A, 24 Jewels
  12. These would seem appropriate starters... APEKS AP0406 500m,SEIKO-Epson Cal. VX42E APEKS AP040s-5, 1000m SEIKO-Epson Cal.VX42E
  13. These for the evening... CWC Royal Navy Divers Watch,ETA 955.121,7 jewels (issued 1997) & HEUER 200m Professional, Model 844-2.`TH` branded ETA 2824.2 25 jewels (circa early 1980s.)
  14. A couple of military chronos now... PULSAR PJN29-X91 cal.V675-X063. NEWMARK 6BB CHRONOGRAPH,SEIKO cal. VK64 quartz. Meca Quartz
  15. Me circa 1972 while I was still at school & later in the same decade while I was doing my Psychiatric Nurse training.. Motorcycles I owned in that period included an ex AA BSA M21 600cc outfit... Admittedly mine was rather more tatty then that but it was generally reliable Later I brought new Cossack (KMZ Dneiper) MT9 650cc outfit, complete with reverse gear 9
  16. A couple of Eddie`s excellent military homages.. SMITHS PRS-29A, ETA2801-2, 17 jewels & BROADARROW PRS-6, FHF cal.1380 11, 17 jewels
  17. Similar but different to the Seikos TISSOT T-SPORT PRS-516, T91.1.483.31 ETA cal.2836-2 25 Jewels & RETROGRADE T91.1.488.41, ETA cal.G51.261 6 Jewels.
  18. Over to another Seiko pair now... SEIKO 5 SPORTS SNZF45K1, cal. 7S36C, 23 Jewels & SEIKO 5 SPORTS SRP489K1,cal.4R36A 24 Jewels
  19. Some black & gold to start this grey & dreary day... SEIKO SRP775K1 Cal.4R36 25-jewels SEIKO-5 Sports SNZH57, cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels
  20. I thought I`d posted this change earlier when the sun was still shining STEINHART OCEAN ONE BRONZE 103-0575, SWISS MADE, ETA 2824, elabore, 25 Jewels & CORGEUT "Bronze" (PVD), MIYOTA cal.8215,21 Jewels.
  21. The Sun has made an appearance so it`s on with this... Navitron Sundial (solar powered) plus a mechanical backup just incase the clouds come over... Geckota K3 V04 Miyota cal. 8215 21 Jewels
  22. I recently had a rather catastrophic accident with this watch (I`d rather not go in to the details) SEIKO 6138-3002, cal.7470 21 Jewels (made in May 1977) I really liked it and will definitely seeking out a replacement which will obviously have to be used, I`m already checking out ebay
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