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  1. Hiya, a coin edged duo for me... Buran, Poljot cal.3105 (modified 3133), 17 Jewels. ORIS Big Crown Telemeter Chronograph, cal.674 (modified Valjoux cal.7750) 25 Jewels.
  2. My final pair... Штурманские Гагарины (2609370124 & 260937016), производства Россия, Poljot cal. 2609 17 камней (Sturmanskie Gagarin [2609370124 & 260937016], MADE IN RUSSIA, Poljot cal. 2609, 17 Jewels)
  3. Time for another swap... RLT-17 (Unitas cal.6498,17 jewels) STOWA MARINE, (Unitas cal.6498,17 jewels)
  4. My first swap of the day.. WEST END Watch Co. Sowar, 17 Jewels, SWISS MADE
  5. These for now... TIMEX MIDGET TW2R5100 TIMEX MIDGET TW2R45000
  6. My last pair... SAN MARTIN MM, SEIKO cal. NH36, 24 Jewels PROXIMA SM, SBBN017 SEIKO cal.NH35A, 24 Jewels
  7. Over to another pair of chunky divers now... apeKS AP0406, 500m,SEIKO-Epson cal.VX42E apeKS AP040s-5, 1000m SEIKO-Epson cal.VX42E
  8. Good morning all, it`s T time... TAG HEUER super professional, ETA cal.2892-A2 25 Jewels, circa 1990s & TUDOR HYDRONAUT II, 20030-93570 B3, ETA cal.2824-2 25 Jewels
  9. & finally(from me)... вмф ссср (Vodolaz Anchor-1 700M,full lume dial), Vostok cal.2409 17 jewels. & Parnis 587 Rebel, Miyota, 21Jewels
  10. Over now to copies of the inspiration for the Incusores seen earlier Parnis RM, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels. Parnis MM, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels.
  11. The (non-identical) twins... GLYCINE INCURSORE 3762 (100m) & 3804 (200m) Unitas cal.6497 17 Jewels
  12. Over to these... PARNIS, Seagull cal.3600 17Jewels BULOVA 96B209 ACCUTRON II SNORKEL
  13. These now... PARNIS, Seagull ST 3621 17 Jewels
  14. My first pair.... ORIS Artelier, cal.623 (ETA 2859-2) 27 Jewels LONGINES Heritage Conquest, cal.L633 25 Jewels
  15. Going a wee bit further east now with a couple of beaters... CITIZEN 68-5372, cal.7470. 21 Jewels, (possibly made in June 1973) & 51-2273, Miyota cal.8100. 21 Jewels, circa 1980s
  16. Over to another Russian pair.. Kirova, 16 jewels, 1st MWF Kirov, (Made In Homeland [USSR]) 1950s & Rodina 22 jewels [automatic], 1st MWF Kirov, Made in USSR, 1950s
  17. Some greenery on this fine & sunny morning... Штурманские, 1ст ММФ (Ракета цал.2509 16 йещелс, маде бы Петродворетз щатч фацторы CCCP) (Sturmanskie, 1st MMF [Raketa cal.2509 16 jewels, made by Petrodvoretz watch factory USSR]) Kомандирские (Вocтok), кал.2414A 17 КАМНЯ. Cделано в СССР (1980s) (Komanderskie [Vostok], cal.2414A 17 Jewels, Made In USSR [1980s])
  18. This fine pair to start with... Rotary, A.Schild cal.2063 21 Jewels, circa 1970s & OMEGA Seamaster cal.562 24 Jewels 1961
  19. Over to these until midnight... ORIENT STAR, WZ0311PF, cal.597 21 Jewels OMEGA Railmaster CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER, cal.2403 27 Jewels
  20. OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels & BULOVA 96B258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph
  21. I`m starting off in the black... SEIKO SNZJ67K1 cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels & BULOVA 98A186 SPECIAL EDITION LUNAR PILOT CHRONOGRAPH
  22. My last swaps... PULSAR PJN29-X91 cal.V675-X063. NEWMARK 6BB CHRONOGRAPH,SEIKO cal. VK64, Meca Quartz
  23. I`m still wearing this.... SMITHS PRS-29A, ETA2801-2, 17 jewels But have changed the Broadarrow for this... HMT PILOT,Cal.020,17 JEWELS
  24. A couple from Mr.Platts... BROADARROW PRS-6, FHF cal.138011, 17 jewels SMITHS PRS-29A, ETA2801-2, 17 jewels
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