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  1. Штурманские Гагарины (260937016 & 2609370124), производства Россия, Poljot cal. 2609 17 камней (Sturmanskie Gagarin [260937016 & 2609370124], MADE IN RUSSIA, Poljot cal. 2609, 17 Jewels)
  2. Time for the Midgets... TIMEX MIDGET TW2R5100 TIMEX MIDGET TW2R45000
  3. This fine pair... RLT-17 (Unitas cal.6498,17 jewels) STOWA MARINE, (Unitas cal.6498,17 jewels) OOPS! I had a senior moment there & accidentally double posted Original, grey,overcast one, now deleted
  4. Lastly from me... ETERNA AIRFORCE III,SWISS MADE, Valjoux cal.7750, 25 Jewels & Полет Авиатор хронограф, кал.3133, 23 КАМНЯ, Сделано в России (Poljot Aviator Chronograph, cal.3133, 23 Jewels, Made In Russia).
  5. Following on from my last post... NEWMARK 6BB CHRONOGRAPH (SEIKO cal. VK64 quartz. Meca Quartz) & PULSAR PJN29-X91 (cal.V675-X063)
  6. A nice pair from South Yorkshire.. BROADARROW PRS-6, FHF cal.1380 11, 17 jewels & SMITHS PRS-29A, ETA2801-2, 17 jewels.
  7. Over to the twins... ALMIRANTE Navegante (CrepasTactico Group, Spain) SEIKO Cal. NH38A, 24 Jewels
  8. Time to fly away... RLT-8, Valjoux cal.7750 25 Jewels & Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Model H60419533 Eta cal. 2801-2 17 Jewels
  9. ALPHA VINTAGE 1926, SEAGULL Cal.2706, 21 JEWELS
  10. Kirova, 16 jewels, 1st MWF Kirov, (Made In Homeland [USSR]) 1950s & Rodina, 22 jewels [automatic], 1st MWF Kirov, Made in USSR, 1950s
  11. Good morning all "ServiceS" COMPETITOR & ONTIME, FOREIGN MADE (by Thiel Brothers, Thuringia, Germany,unjeweled pin-pallet movements) circa mid/late 1930s.
  12. I`m feeling very tired So I`m starting this early... Вocтok Aльбатрос (Радиооператор), кал.2414A 17 КАМНЯ. сделано в СССР (1980s). (Vostok Albatross [Radio Operator], cal.2414A 17 Jewels,Made In USSR 1980s). & Восток Амфибия, кал.2414A 17 КАМНЯ. сделано в СССР (1980) (Vostok Amphibia, cal. 2414A 17 Jewels, Made in USSR [1980s])
  13. A quick change to my last pair until midnight... SEIKO 5 SPORTS SNZF45K1, cal. 7S36C, 23 Jewels & SRP489K1,cal.4R36A 24 Jewels
  14. Over to a slightly more sophisticated pair now... TISSOT T-SPORT PRS-516, T91.1.483.31 ETA cal.2836-2 25 Jewels & RETROGRADE T91.1.488.41, ETA cal.G51.261 6 Jewels.
  15. Well, it is the day the council empty the bins so I swapped over to these to help me keep my feet on the ground before bringing them in... PARNIS MM, Seagull cal.3600 17 Jewels & вмф CCCP 700M (Vodolaz Anchor-1, full lume dial), Vostok cal.2409 17 jewels
  16. With all the wind & rain we`re having round here it`s definitely a day to stay inside. Oh well there`s always TWF & nice watches on display to make it better, here`s my first pair... TISSOT Le Locle POWERMATIC 80, Cal. C07.111 23 Jewels ( ETA 2824-2 based) SWISS MADE J.Springs NPEA003, Cal. Y675C 21 Jewels. MADE IN JAPAN
  17. I rather like this modern quartz that I recently acquired... Accurist Clerkenwell 1946
  18. Don`t ask how or why I found this site, but I thought it might inspire any members living in the East Midlands BEST VIEWS in Leicester for photos Check out the Hot spots key on the right hand side It just confirms what I discovered about Leicester folk while I lived there* * I`m kidding, I actually found most of them to be level headed people ( well,most of the time anyway)
  19. Final offerings from me... SEKONDA Alarm,USSR, Poljot cal.2612,18 Jewels (circa1980s) & BOCTOk, 21 КАМНЯ (kaл. 2416), Сделано в СССР, (Vostok, 21 Jewels [cal 2416], MADE IN USSR,1980s )
  20. I`m still wearing this.... TUDOR PRINCE OYSTERDATE (26 Jewels 1979.) But I`ve changed the Orient for another Japanese... SEIKO 6602-7040-P, 17 Jewels, (made in October 1967)
  21. These to start a very dreich day*... ORIENT STAR, WZ0311PF cal.597 21 Jewels TUDOR PRINCE OYSTERDATE 26 Jewels 1979. *Oh well, it could be worse,at least we`re not still living in Leicester, or anywhere south of the border for that matter
  22. NEWGATE SHIP WATCH (Miyota Quartz movement) & NEWGATE LIBERTY WATCH (Miyota Quartz movement)
  23. Over now to Another from the PRC plus one from somewhat nearer to home... STEINHART MARINE TIMER, Unitas cal.6498 17 Jewels, SWISS MADE & Seagull Model 0437, 19 ZUAN, (cal.ST19 19 jewels).
  24. A couple from the PRC.. Samson Watch Co.25 Jewels Seagull 1963 Chinese Airforce cal.ST1 19 Jewels
  25. A couple of quartz to finish my contributions for the day... Gardé RUHLA 91203M, MADE IN GERMANY, Ronda Cal.5030.D & Accurist Clerkenwell 1946
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