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  1. Roy I`ve uad the RLT-18 for 3 days now,worn it almost constantly and its lost 3 seconds since then great job
  2. probably caught sight of it on QVC (maybe even bought it from them)and believed their hype
  3. Crikey Stan. Expensive shirts you wear. I'm usually in a freebie T-shirt from some computer fair ← wasting good money on shirts which you know should go on watches Stan
  4. I found this whilest searching google; The Anglo-Celtic Watch Co.Ltd, "The "Tick-Tock" The heritage of Smith/Ingersoll watches and clocks,Gurnos works,Ystradgynlais 1946-1980" I hope it is of interest.
  5. excellent Jason: how true Normdiaz
  6. Great collection your comment remineded me of a guy I knew who collected cameras he spent years specialising in ( if I remember rightly in a particular type of Zeiss model). He managed to get everything it was possible to get then six months later just sold them off and went after something else
  7. RLT-18 non-date, yellow second hand
  8. Mostlyy RLT myself,I hate having crowns dig into the back of my hand therefore I go Triple-L when wearing either the Citizen Eco-Zilla or Blue Eagle .
  9. Now that I`m awake(well almost) I like it even more .I had to put it away this morning couldn`t wear it otherwise I`d have kept looking at it and not got much sleep(sad man) The green strap really suits it
  10. reminds me of a line from a book called `The Bluffers Guide To Women` writen by a women it said something along the lines of " If we can`t understand what makes us tick what chance have men got?"
  11. Yes I did Stan. Newmark were fairly local to me, a Croydon company who used to assemble (or possibly buy in) watches and radios, small electronics and the like. Years ago I knew an old chap who worked there on the electronic side. I don't know whether the movements were made there or the whole watches just assembled. Probably just made up with bought in parts and their name on the dial. ← ThanksStan and Neil,the movement in my Newmark is identical to the one Pgtips showed but has made in England on it and is decorated with `Geneva` like stripes.The alloy case comes in two parts which can be opened with a thumbnail, the movement sits in the back part which comes up to the edge of the front plate the front of the case presses onto the back.The face is copper coloured with the black numerals in a cream ring and the seconds dial at 6.As I mentioned before I really like this watch I wanted to take for a clean up but my repairer said that as it was a pin pallet it wasn`t worth doing
  12. Theres a firm called David R Bill & sons who specialise in watch dial restoration I don`t have any information about them but they do have a website so do a google.I hope this is if use and good luck
  13. I can`t comment on the `Monster` but I agree completely about the Citizen, a watch with real presence but supprisingly comfortable even with that massive bracelet.I don`t think the size of it can be truely appreciated unless seen from side on . As mentioned by others the seiko 007 is also a great watch well made and comfortable a real bargain at £129 from our favourte dealer usually £250 on the high street.
  14. Came home from night shift to a nice package from Bridligton; the RLT-18(?) and tools have arrived excellant watch as usual,many thanks Roy. Thats it I`m knackered I`m off to bed
  15. I hope you don't stop rambling I agree with you about what the forum is for. But there's a difference between saying something like 'I don't like this and wouldn't buy it' and 'This is tat and you'd be a mug to buy it'. (I'm not suggesting these were your words, I'm just making a point). BTW Red Rekords Rock ← Actually I think I did imply something like "This is tat and you`d be a mug to buy It". In hindsight I can see that was out of order and I appologise to anyone I may have offended.Who are any of us to judge whatever someone else likes or dislikes? if it does no one harm what does it matter?
  16. Deleted by me as I cocked up my reply new one coming soon sorry if some one read it
  17. I thought this might be of interest taken from "Timepieces, masterpieces of chronometry" by David Christianson ;- "In 1928 Warren A. Marrison (1896-1980) of Bell Telephone Laboratories in New York developed the first quartz crystal clock." Christianson goes on to say "By the end of World War II quartz clocks could sustain an accuracy of about 1 seconds variance in 30 years" Its amazing how old the "new" technology really is
  18. Great watches on show .I`ve got a Newmark a Ingersol Triumph (says Made In Great Britain on the dial ) and my favourite a gold plated Smiths Imperial,19 jewel movement.Sorry still no photos, Bill (the tame computer wizz) couldn`t make it tonight hopefully next week . I`ve seen a number of Newmarks for sale mostly with either pin pallet (like mine) or 7 jewelled movements but also one which looked like the Orient King Diver but with a Swiss automatic movement and also an ex-military chronograph from the 70`s again with a Swiss movement. Does anyone know anything about Newmark,who were they, where they made, and what happened to them?
  19. Stan re photos of English watches soon (maybe tomorrow) I hope .
  20. I agree I tend to go for much less expensive stuff myself, so far the most I`ve spent on a watch is £450 for one of Roy`s excellent RLT-8 chronographs one of only 10 made and as with all his watches fantastic value for money.I`ve got various Swiss,Japanese, Russian and even English watches both old and new.I suppose over 60 so far and growing(another RLT coming in a few days).I could have bought just one expensive watch instead but prefer a selection as others on the forum will agree its nice having a choice (though sometimes difficult) on what to wear each day(when you get it bad it can be each hour ) There are a number of books on watches I`ve got six so far, three with lovely glossy photos of expensive watches such as Blancpain , looking at them is enough for me p.s.Leicester The City Of Traffic Lights how true
  21. tell me about it I`m sure somebody in the council (City or County) has a connection with traffic light manufacture
  22. If you manage to get away from your meeting and want to look at some nice (though very expensive) watches try and get to Market Street in the centre of Leicester.Theres a couple of jewellers selling the likes of IWC, Blancpain, Breitling, Chopard, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek,Phillippe, Breguet, Longines, Rolex etc. too expensive for my tastes but nice to look at non the less
  23. No hes not, hes a very naughty boy.... ← Hawky`s name is Brian
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