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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-52472132 "Captain Tom Moore given Colonel title on 100th birthday With celebrations under way, the total he has raised for NHS Charities Together topped £30m. " Well done that man!
  2. One of my favourite couples.... ALPHA, cal.ST-16, 21 Jewels ROLEX SUBMARINER 14060, cal.3000, 27 Jewels, 1997
  3. Over to the Corgies... CORGEUT, Miyota cal.8215,21 Jewels
  4. Ships that pass in the day... NEWGATE SHIP WATCHES (MIYOTA Quartz movements)
  5. Over to a couple of Chinese skeletons... Shenzhen 9684, 21 Jewels (Qinghai Huzhu Watch Factory) Shenhua 9581,21 Jewels ( Qinghai Huzhu Watch Factory)
  6. The Sun keeps peeking out from behind the clouds so I`ve put this on... Navitron Sundial (solar powered) & I`ve added this for when the clouds win the battle... Geckota K3 V04 Miyota cal. 8215 21 Jewels
  7. Some black & gold for the rest of the evening... SEIKO SRP775K1 Cal.4R36 25 Jewels & SEIKO-5 SPORTS SNZH57, Cal.7S36C 23 Jewels.
  8. Over to the birds now... BOBO BIRD, WOODEN WATCHES (made in China,Seagull automatic movement, [calibre unknown])
  9. On with these.. Laco Model 862014, ETA F06.111, MADE IN GERMANY CITIZEN Blue Eagle, NH6600-54FB, Miyota cal.8200 Series, 21 jewels
  10. A couple of twelve, six, nines from the land of the rising Sun... SEIKO/RLT SKZ211, cal.7S36, 23 Jewels (made in April 2005) & ORIENT CEM65006D, cal. EM85CS, 21 Jewels
  11. My final change... PARNIS Militare 51 & 60 Chronographs (Japanese [Miyota] quartz movements) Not quite so simple this time
  12. Keeping things simple.. PARNIS, Seagull ST 3621 17 Jewels
  13. Nice & simple... Accurist Clerkenwell 1946 & Gardé RUHLA 91203M,MADE IN GERMANY, Ronda Cal.5030.D
  14. My last pair.. "Services" DESPATCH RIDERs (24 hour dials, supplied by Thiel Brothers, un-jeweled, pin-lever movements, circa late 1920s/early 1930s
  15. ORATOR, Landeron cal.248 17 Jewels & NEWMARK (made by Louis Newmark, Croydon England (un-jeweled pin-pallet movement). As you can see one was set to Belgium time when this photo was taken just in case one of my relatives in Poperinge decided to ring me up* * Well that`s my excuse & I`m sticking with it
  16. A great display of oldies so far A couple from one of my old haunts... ServiceS CHALLENGE & AVIATION, MADE IN ENGLAND (by Louis Newmark, Croydon, unjeweled, Pin-pallet movements,circa 1954)
  17. A couple from Moscow... SEKONDA, 19 JEWELS (Poljot Strela, cal. 3017),MADE IN USSR, circa mid-1960s
  18. & now for a completely different pair from my Alphas SEIKO-5 Sports SNZH57, cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels. SEIKO-SRP775K1, Cal.4R36 25 jewels
  19. On with the trenches .... ALPHA VINTAGE 1926 SEAGULL Cal.2706, 21 JEWELS
  20. My first pair... TIMEX MIDGET TW2R45000 TIMEX MIDGET TW2R5100
  21. Going down market now & swapping from Roman to Arabic... Eichmüller 7930-03, Miyota cal.8215 21 Jewels ALMIRANTE Navegante (CrepasTactico Group, Spain) SEIKO Cal. NH38A, 24 Jewels
  22. Over to the Romans... TISSOT Le Locle POWERMATIC 80, Cal. C07.111 23 Jewels ( ETA 2824-2 based) SWISS MADE J.Springs NPEA003, Cal. Y675C 21 Jewels.
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