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  1. Not left my wrist In days!
  2. Can’t get enough of my new Conny. So damn comfortable to wear and every time I look at it I find a new tiny detail I love. If there’s ever an advert to buy pre owned so you can get a better quality watch within your budget, this is it.
  3. Chaps? Talking of which...it’s 2020..wax your legs and wear some assless ones :-p
  4. Well my wierd things are probably completely rational to other Watch folk but from the outside world slightly insane. I have 4 main watches...1 for each week in the month.....which MUST be worn for a week each month so i feel they are being used properly.....even to the point where my daily beater gets put on for work, then taken off and exchanged for the Watch who’s turn it is that week. ...I suppose it’s a Good thing because it means I have a 1 in 1 out policy for my collection....but that’s getting increasingly difficult since I couldn’t part with any of my 4 watches now.....which really only leaves me with the choice of increasing to 12 watches and wear one per month...... ...yeh I’m wierd...I need help
  5. Sometimes the back end is just as pretty :-p
  6. Sinn are decent....I’d like one of their watches with the tegiment technology
  7. Thanks. I’m over the moon with it! Can not believe it’s condition considering it’s age. It had a full omega service before I bought it and it’s like new....not a single scratch, hits the indices perfectly....nice high quality quartz
  8. So ummm just got home and this turned up....be rude not to!!!!
  9. That’s very true.....but how many divers have you seen go 600 metres......most would be lucky to be worn in the shower
  10. How did I forget that one!!!!! And the Tudor black bay technically
  11. Second vote for the Super Ocean 2 42mm. You can either get the older model or the new version for under your price range brand new with a bit of haggling ...also the Breitling Colt which is technically a dive watch. The rubber strap is nice but get the folding clasp version not the pin buckle. Other options are the Longines Legend Diver and Hydroconquest or the Oris Aquis...also check out what Bell and Ross and Ball have to offer...I don’t know their ranges too well but know they are solid watches https://www.markworthingtonjewellers.co.uk/breitling-superocean-42-a17366d7101s2-unworn.html?filter=%26fl1%3D961&records_per_page=40 https://www.markworthingtonjewellers.co.uk/oris-aquis-date-relief-01-733-7730-4153-Grey.html?filter=%26%26fl1%3D966&records_per_page=40 Edit....Oris do a few special/ limited editions of the Aquis so there’s a lot to choose from Oh almost forgot the Rado Captain Cook....comes in multiple sizes, colours and strap options. They look way better in person than photos....that domed crystal and bezel are amazing
  12. Wow! That’s one hell of a G Shock....not usually my type of thing, but really like that even if I’d never buy one because of its size!
  13. Yeh difficult decision to take it off the bracelet because it’s really nice, but on a strap it’s a lot better balanced on my wrist
  14. It will be interesting to see...I managed to get 15% off my new purchase today....but I always expect that anyway. It all comes down to nerves and how people see this situation in the long term. Bizarrely I’m more confident as a consumer now, than I was with Brexit or the 2008 financial crisis. Maybe because it’s linked to a particular event which is short term, or maybe because in my line of work we have been largely unaffected (so far, touch wood!). i suppose in terms of the new market a lot will depend on how fast places open back up and how fast people get back to work. I dont see this affecting watches worth £10k plus, or under £500.....it will be the likes of Longines, Omega, Breitling, entry level Rolex....the pieces that your average human can just about save up for and buy which will change....those funds will likely be diverted elsewhere. I expect sales....but probably because stores will need to try and entice customers back and get the feeling of confidence going again
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