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  1. Think I need to scratch my Breitling Itch next with the Superocean 57. After that? I’m looking at JLC with the master ultra thin. I keep meaning to scratch my Rolex itch......but refuse to pay over RRP, and not sure if I can get over the ‘Rolex’ baggage of a) everyone asking if it’s fake b) knowing it was a pain in the butt to get one and having to play silly games.
  2. Seiko do some great red dials like the Presage or Cocktail time
  3. Problem is Rolex are so sports watch orientated these days. The Cellini isn’t even pushed by Rolex. So many of their ‘sports’ watches like the OP, Day date, date just have become ‘dress’ watches it leaves the Cellini no place in the range
  4. How about a CWC G10...can’t get more rugged than something built for the military. Ideal field watch and well under budget
  5. Teddy Is great for ‘low end pieces’ The Watchbox is great for high end/ grail pieces especially Tim Mosso with his insane knowledge. Theo and Harris is cool for their offbeat videos Watch Advisor has some great reviews Bruce Williams also has some nice reviews and macro shots. Bark and Jack as above Those are the 6 I subscribe to and give a nice rounded view from low end to ultra high end via vintage and attainable luxury I’d argue that Urban Gentry knows his stuff...he’s a good researcher and tells a nice story but there’s a reason he got boote
  6. I don’t treat them as investments but I make sure I buy watches at the right price to try and minimise losses or make sure I can sell them for what I paid. All 3 of my Omegas were heavily discounted....by about 30%
  7. Ditto. It’s the domed crystal and bezel that does it for me
  8. agreed. theres an interesting variety of pieces on here....they all have their rightful place....some arent my cup of tea, but thats ok.....im not wearing them!!! Advice number 2: Wear what you want and dont care what others think. There are so many times on other forums where people ask the 'should i get this, or that' question.....lol just buy what you want, not what others like or think will increase in value.
  9. Yeh its interesting. Im on top of the hump lol...Ive got to the point where my watches are a certain quality and i wouldnt go below that. Not because im a watch snob, but because i like a small concise collection and cant see myself selling the ones i own...it would take some special watches to replace what i have now. I think the only thing that could be added 'at a lower level' would be a piece that i purchased for a special occasion or on holiday etc so it has the value of memories attached rather than the value of a watch in monetary terms.
  10. Ive never regretted selling a watch before but properly on the fence with my Oris big crown. Its advertised in a couple of places right now but im not sure if i want to sell it.... ...the problem i have is its a stunning watch in its own right, but against my 'big hitters' it doesnt really fit in my collection.....but then when it goes on my wrist i fall in love with it again. Head says sell it, wrist says keep it. As daft as it sounds i like to have 2 of everything....so 2 sports watches, 2 dress watches and 2 casual/ vintage inspired watches. its almost like i need to buy ano
  11. DONT BUY SUBSTITUTES!!!!!!!!! Dont settle for anything less than you want because it wont satisfy you. Scrimp, save but dont give into temptation, it will cost you more in the long run. Unfortunately i still did it a couple of times, but wont do it again....ive learned my lesson.
  12. Oris big crown loads of Longines watches at that price point Hamilton Pan European Tudor 1926 Oh and Meistersinger...some great 1 hand watches
  13. I have my Apple Watch for work then swap it out for one of my ‘proper’ watches when I get home. i have a small collection of a Planet Ocean 39.5 which is my main watch, used when walking the dogs etc, a speedy racing which I wear when I’m at Motorsport events, an Omega constellation as my dress watch and my Oris Big Crown which is my casual/ going to the pub watch. I find having a small but vaired collection means I wear a watch for a specific purpose so they all get used regularly
  14. Just a couple of thoughts. As above let the watch settle down for a couple of days, but also ensure its wound properly....if its not then the amplitude can be low leading to it running out of spec..... as above though, if it continues to run out of spec, dont worry just contact customer services and they will sort it. ive found Breitlings customer service incredibly good.
  15. Omega for me (but on a bracelet). robust, great dial, great warranty, brilliant movement with longer service intervals, brand recognition without being asked all the time if its real or fake (im looking at you rolex). Display caseback and great water resistance. just a cracking all round watch. I wouldnt choose the GS...its possibly the best overall watch there in terms of case and dial finishing but the clasp sucks and its more of a watch nerds watch. I wouldnt choose the rolex because for a first watch i think its boring, most people will think its fake etc etc. Ironi
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