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  1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply! I tried out the sixties in both 3 hand and chrono with the degrade blue dial....both amazing watches. i also tried the skyflake.... ....since I posted last, I bought the skyflake....that should tell you how impressed I was!
  2. Yeh speeling was never a strong point of mine!
  3. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Monta. Nick Shabazz has some good reviews as does Brice Williams, they both rate them very highly which is a damn Good indicator
  4. Hey yeh, I can pull the crown out into the 1st position and change the time. Interesting. It’s being sent to Omega in the next couple of days so hopefully find out soon what the issue is
  5. haha the silly question is the one you dont ask. But no, its a pull out crown so winds when not being pulled out
  6. Ok, had a weird problem with my Speedy at the weekend. Luckily its under warranty so should be sorted FOC at Omega, but just wanted to get some thoughts here. Ive been wearing the watch on/ off for a week, every morning ive been manually winding the watch about 20 turns to top up the power reserve, its an automatic Valjoux 7750 movement, so not possible to overwind. I came to wind it again yesterday and the crown wont turn... Ive let the watch sit for a couple of days to use up some energy just to see if its power reserve was full, but nope....crown is still jammed. Any thought? mainspring broken, internals misaligned? It still keeps perfect time....
  7. Categorically disagree here. Ive tried them on...was left disappointed and don't want one. Id also suggest that you, yourself don't actually want one, you just want to profit from one to get the watch you want. Its always interesting this flipping watches business....if you were to start from scratch, say you get an OP....you can probably sell it for £1000 over RRP but it takes 6 months to attain, then because of your good business youre allowed to get an explorer that you can sell for £2000 over RRP but that takes 12 months to get, then your AD allows you to get a Submariner...but that takes 18-24 months to get...but you can sell it for £3000 over RRP.... Youve made £6000 in 3-4 years.....its hardly a great way of investing money. Low risk for sure, but also low returns, and of course, thats assuming your AD doesnt get annoyed that youre flipping watches and black lists you.. I think people get caught up on how much professional watch flippers seem to make in this business, but remember they invest a huge amount to begin with, have contacts and know what theyre doing.
  8. Sizes and specs for me....its a useful guide for if it will fit my wrist and also the technology inside the watch. Its also nice to see videos of them, press pictures often dont show the watch off properly.
  9. What’s your price range? My top picks per price range Oris Aquis, Oris Diver 65, Longines Hydroconquest, Longines Heritage Diver, Longines Skin Diver Tudor BB58, Tudor Pelagos, Breitling Superocean 42, Breitling Superocean 57 Seamaster 300m, Seamaster 300, Planet Ocean 39.5mm Oh also throw in the Bremont S301 if you can get a decent discount (not worth the RRP)
  10. Watchbox Reviews with Tim Mosso - incredible knowledge, really likeable guy. Also has a Facebook group that I’m in and he spends ages answering questions etc…just an all around top guy. Watch Advisor - Alexander has some great connections in the industry and brings you reviews of new models Teddy Baldassare - nice presenting style and brings you reviews of a lot of entry level pieces Bruce Williams - Doesn’t do that many reviews but his presenting style is easy to get on with Bark and Jack - Same as Bruce
  11. LOTS!.... Bare in mind, Rolex make circa 1 million watches a year...almost twice that of Omega, 11 times that of JLC and 50 times that of Zenith, its not as though they are exclusive watch. They are a mass produced product, made by machines, assembled by humans. While i realise demand for Rolex is quite high, i suspect a large proportion are bought by people collecting, speculating on their value and flipping them. I always smile when visiting my local jewellers. Theyre nice people, but have a store, right next to a Rolex AD....guess which one has all the brand new Rolexes at double the RRP!!!! I suspect theres a secret door linking the 2 premises ;-) There was a really interesting article done by a rolex collector, who had spent circa £200,000 per year on watches, flipping them in the hope that he could get a Daytona...even his buying power wasnt enough.
  12. Breitling are changing. Now Kern is in charge they are making more reasonably sized watches. Their new premier line and Superocean 57 have watches that fit small wrist like mine, whether it’s because of smaller case sizes or shorter lugs. I don’t usually go above 40mm but the 42mm on the Superocean 57 is deceiving becuase the bezel sticks out, the case size is actually 38mm with a 46mm lug to lug. Fits my 6 inch wrist perfectly
  13. David M Robinson in Manchester. It’s the only one they had in store in 36mm. I just found the jubilee a bit fragile….and the dial was a bit uninspiring. Again id just handled the other 3 brands mentioned where the finishing was incredible by comparison. Maybe it’s not a fair comparison given JLC and maybe GO are generally in a class above Rolex but for the same price, they were a far better watch
  14. I’ll be honest, I tried on a datejust last weekend and was left pretty underwhelmed. Granted I had just tried on offerings from JLC, GO and GS at the same time, but for a watch at the same price point as those 3 I’d have expected more from Rolex. Glad I tried one on though, if anything it’s scratched that itch so I’ve got a comparison
  15. Tissot Visodate.....its my standard answer to this question!
  16. Grand Seiko....their watches are utterly incredible, their advertising department is utterly rubbish! My gain is other peoples loss though, if they had a better advertising department, they could sell their watches for double the price given their quality and finishing. One of the best kept secrets in watchmaking
  17. or youre rather hung and require both hands....
  18. Jesus.....just dont put that on your wanking hand....one bicep will be massive compared to the other!
  19. I have a 6 inch wrist and the Conquest wore well when I owned one. Even more so if you get the rubber strap. ive looked into the GMT and there’s some really cool technology in it. As an all around travel watch if you want accuracy, fuel time, brand prestige, power save mode, convenience I don’t know what else could beat it Duel time not fuel time!
  20. Longines Conquest VHP....one of the best bang for buck, accurate quartz watches out there Longines Conquest VHP 41mm Mens Watch L37164766 (chisholmhunter.co.uk) Longines Spirit 40mm...a little above your range but discounts can be had easily. Longines Spirit 40mm Mens Watch L38104732 | Goldsmiths TAG F1 or Aqua Racer TAG Heuer Mens White Dial Aquaracer Watch (steffans.co.uk)
  21. Hes not the first, i think Bark and Jack had the same last month and the Watchbox also got taken down for a day. Seems like the algorithms changed and are getting a bit excited.
  22. it will be back up soon enough. he made a video with the word counterfeit in it. Youtube BOTS have been very active lately in removing such videos without understanding the context of it.
  23. Yeh ive seen a snowflake in the flesh, i just think the skyflake blue just makes the texture pop a bit....having said that im not a massive fan of white dials.... That was my problem with JLC....the finishing was outstanding but the dial just felt a bit bland. if they had a sunburst blue, champagne or salmon dial then i would have totally bought into one.....unfortunately its circa £7000 for that with the tribute small seconds! i like the idea of Ti....but im not sure i can cope with the scratchability.....having said that i just bought a mirror polished Skyflake so go figure!!!
  24. Yeh i think the blue just makes the dial texture pop a bit more than the snowflake. I really like the new 4 seasons collection and Toge too, but i wanted something that wasnt on a steel bracelet for a change. The pink blossom one is really cool too.
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