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  1. Also consider the Breitling superocean 42 and heritage.... https://www.markworthingtonjewellers.co.uk/breitling-superocean-44-A17367D81C1A1-blue.html?records_per_page=40 https://www.markworthingtonjewellers.co.uk/breitling-superocean-heritage-ii-ab2010-42mm-black-aero-classic.html?records_per_page=40
  2. Aghhhhhhhh misaligned screw heads!!!!
  3. I love Nick....shame he doesn’t do more watches these days but down to earth no BS presenting style is refreshing
  4. Ohhhh il add another one. German watches!!!!!! Lange, Glashutte, Sinn, Meistersinger.....I know most people think Swiss but I genuinely think the best designed watches are coming from Germany at the moment
  5. Quartz watches! Not the crappy ones but a nice high quality quartz like the GS 9F....and the spring drive, both marvels of engineering 4 o clock date windows! I dislike 3 o clock because it usually interferes with the numerals so 4 o clock seems ideal placement. Faux patina and heritage/ retro watches. I agree if they’re done badly they are catastrophic but when done right like the Longines Avigation or Omega Railmaster they are stunning. Unlumed dials.....let’s be honest, most of the time we don’t need lume most of the time....and they look way better as they get older.
  6. No problem! It could be an interesting one this weekend, with the increased temperatures, red bull could be strong
  7. Pirelli have 5 tyre compounds at the start of the season. They usually select 3 compounds depending on the circuit, so harder tyres for more abrasive or hotter countries. This year is a little different with double header races, F1 and the teams voted to change the tyre compounds for the second race of a double header to make the second weekend more interesting...otherwise teams would just skip the practice sessions and save engine parts. Problem is they only discovered the issue after last weekend but it’s too late now, the tyres are manufactured and have been shipped to t
  8. Well I’ve been to every major AD including WOS, goldsmiths, mappin and Webb in my local area.....and other than a Rolex Cellini they have never had a single Watch new in store
  9. I don’t expect a full range but some would be nice....with Rolex in particular you don’t get that....wait 2 years for a watch I’ve never seen in the flesh never mind tried on....not going to happen
  10. Ohhhh il go with the first 2!!!! First one is a must for me....I’m not a quartz hater, but they have to be a nice quality quartz like the 9F Grand Seiko which ALWAYS hits the markers, either that or a small seconds quartz like my Monaco so if it’s off slightly you can’t notice! i agree with deployant clasps for the most part, unless it’s meant to be a historical recreation in which case a pin buckle is fine actually that’s another point...recreations with a date window....just don’t...please don’t do that!
  11. As in not available in ADs either because they don’t carry a model that is being sold or because, in the case of brands like Rolex there is a waiting list. How on earth am I meant to part with £5000 if I haven’t even seen the watch or tried it on.
  12. I’m quite enjoying the Watchadviser reviews at the moment. I know Alexander has a very ‘european’ style of presenting but he’s very enthusiastic
  13. Completely agree with the above. I think you’ll find ‘hot watches’, the more ‘iconic’ watches tend to be flipped easier. Subs, Speedys....I think mainly because the original buyer knows they can get a good price and not take a Bath in the second hand market, dress watches less so....I’ve been trying to find a nice pre owned navitimer and they really aren’t that available....same for the Zenith Defy titanium.,,,not that many about
  14. - watches I can’t try on at dealers - oversized watches....it would be nice to have versions for small/ large wrists - display case back/ skeleton watches with undecorated movements - some entry level watches with luxury brands....you just know they’re shorting you the finishing etc..it’s like buying the base model BMW with 16 inch wheels, no cruise control etc. - boring hands! Don’t just point at the date, do it with some flare...don’t look like you’ve come from a parts bin that every manufacturer dips into - unbalanced/ top heavy watches. I can’t wear some Chrono
  15. I love everything about these watches apart from the red rotor......it’s just awful looking....I prefer the red and green dial to the brown....but it does look nice
  16. Have you tried any of them on? If you’re going to do it then head somewhere that has all 3. If it’s Chisholm Hunter or Fraser Hart you can get discounts easily if you ask nicely so no need to wait for sales
  17. Aghhh that would drive me nuts!!!!!! I think I have a problem. If something doesn’t get used within 6 months it goes in a box, if it doesn’t get used in 12 months that box goes in the bin! thank god I at least get some action on my birthday!
  18. I have a small collection but try to have a varied collection too. I’ve got my conquest as a daily beater, Hydroconquest as my diver/ sports watch, tag Monaco as my dress watch, constellation as going out in town watch and speedy as a special occasion watch. They all get worn because they all have a specific purpose....just some more than others. I think the most il ever own is 6 at a time....and have a 1 in 1 out policy, otherwise they’d just sit there being useless. its going to get trickier as I go along, I already see the hydroconquest and Monaco being replaced with a p
  19. I’m searching constantly but my problem is I like too many pieces so struggle to narrow it down. I’m pretty strict with myself so have a 1 in 1 out policy with a maximum of 6 watches....so trying to narrow it down with so much choice is tricky. i try to get pieces that are completely different so they each have a place in my collection. i have found, however that over time my taste has refined as have my brands of choice so it is getting a bit easier! Get a zenith pilot type 20
  20. Hangover cure. Conny and french toast
  21. Both my Omegas. Never did I imagine I’d ever own one, so to have 2 which I got for a great price makes me smile.
  22. It’s fascinating to see differing tastes on here....you don’t get THAT on the Rolex forums!
  23. A bit ‘brand whore’ rather than complication for me. To complete my collection I’d like An aviation watch: current favourites are a Navitimer, Zenith Type 20, Longines Avigation A Titanium watch: Zenith Defy A Luxury Diver: Omega Planet Ocean or JLC Polaris A grail watch: JLC Reverso small seconds I’m not too fussed with high complications....sure they’re nice and the watch making is amazing....but the service costs less so!
  24. Their prices are competitive with others....but as above interest free isn’t interest free. Jewellers hide their interest in the RRP....hence when you see a ‘sale’ you can’t get those watches on finance.....and when you do, it’s usually at 9.9% and bumps the price back up to pre sale prices. As I’ve said before...NEVER pay RRP...retailers will have a 20% margin (the hidden finance) which they will cut out if you buy outright.
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