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  1. its very hard to see, looks like 233-33 or 233-88 Found this https://17jewels.info/movements/f/fe/fe-233-66/ and looks very much alike so FHF More than I knew before
  2. Thank you hope this reveals more!
  3. Sadco then back to the Chunk. I have had the Sadco for years and still do not know much about it and searches do not show much. So if any of you have more information that would be awesome
  4. no need I know you didn't mean it I was laughing my arse off! Banter amongst friends I love it. Please no need for apologies you made me laugh!
  5. ooo I like that sterile dial, what is that bit of mystery you are wearing?
  6. one day....one day..... Well I did it the other night and my wife was not impressed and and didn't get the reference, it was just her chunk of a husband wobbling about in the kitchen looking amused with himself. The more i look at this the more I like it!
  7. Chunky here! :P I have never seen one like it before and just liked it too much! 47mm but does not wear like it. The watch it just different and interesting, love it but not everyone's cup of tea If you look at the fins on one of the pictures you can see the date wheel all the way around but most of the time you cannot, mostly in lower light it looks black.
  8. Bit of chunk on my wrist today
  9. I have to say I really like this watch and the lighthouse! Do they come as a pair...ok forget the light house and honestly the strap and watch combo on this is awesome and to my tastes. Nice one!
  10. Ok you can get this thing practically free in a box of cereal, like win it in a fairground along with a goldfish but you know how when you were a kid you had that toy? That toy that toy of a solider where the arms didn't move but it could fly around the room and it could do anything in your imagination? That's this watch to me, its cheap as chips but I find it fun
  11. No I was on a peer after eating a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast. I am not that adventurous but the view was great and the weather was great. A lovely day trip with my wife and son
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