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  1. I guess I too have a weedy wrist coming in at around 6.5 inches. My largest watch is 45mm in diameter, but I find it doesn't look too bad if I wear it on a loose bracelet so it hangs over my hand a bit.
  2. You could also try Pulsar, they are a subsidiary of Seiko, slightly lower prices, but still high quality.
  3. Here's another shot. And some specs: -WR 100m. -Luminous hands. -LED light. -Alarm. -Dual region atomic sync. (England and Germany). -Ratcheting bezel.
  4. Very nice, I love the Seiko Monsters but don't know much about lumpies. That one looks quite good on the BM, I might look into getting a lumpy for my OM.
  5. Still wearing my latest aquisition from Friday
  6. I have a Pulsar Chrono with the same movement I think: V657-X045. I've been quite happy with it for the 2 years I've had it. It has start stop and also split time features.
  7. This arrived yesterday with a free bracelet tool which I put to good use the same evening. Now I can use this to set all of my other watches by - oh yeah!
  8. Enough already! Show us the watch man!
  9. This is my beater, I was doing the decorating with it on earlier tonight.
  10. I'm kind of new here too Funkymonkey, welcome. I like the way you ate baked beans for a month for the watch, I give respect to you my friend. I like the look of your watch, I think fashion brands are fine and many of them have very high quality cases and bracelets.
  11. Yeah lume is nice, but not as effective as a light I find. I have a Seiko Orange Monster which I class as a highly luminous watch and yet I still struggle to tell the time with it if I wake up at say 4:00am.
  12. These are nice - I love Timex for putting Indiglo on most of their watches, I especially like that diver, thanks for posting.
  13. Niiiice. I love the fact that it looks like a regular diver but has illumination. Where can I get more info on this one? (I just meant light when I said backlight - I heard this term somewhere before referring to lights on watches). Thanks for replying.
  14. Nice watch. I've seen the Oceanus watches too, check out their 5-motor series, very nice. Although I would prefer to lose one motor and have a backlight.
  15. Hi all, I've been surfing around for some time now for a stainless steel watch with a backlight and there isn't as much choice as I'd hoped. Does anyone else have a fetish for backlights and stainless steel on here? If so what would you go for? Cheers, Radishimo
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