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  1. I've tried the compass, no movement. Never been serviced, bought new is 2017.
  2. If its magnetized shouldnt it be gaining minutes?
  3. My Seiko Skx007 is losing minutes per day. I dont think its magnetized. Does anyone know a trusted watch repair shop in or around Bristol what may be able to regulate it? Cheers
  4. I mean you have to sign up for Flickr or some other hosting site. When there are many forums where you can just upload a photo.
  5. Thanks Roger, I did see this yesterday
  6. Bit of gardening today calls for the Gshock
  7. To the members saying that they no longer use ebay. Where is the best place to look for used watches. I from some brief reading that chrono24 has its own issues. I know Scott has the website and there is of course this forum and others. Do you have any other recommendations?
  8. Yeah, I really like the Pelagos LHD. I am trying to learn more before I spend as I do like a lot of watches! I did slip in to buying some very cheap seiko 5's. Probably just to be buying something. In reality I won't be wearing them I doubt.
  9. I really like the hydroconquest at the moment. I'm still researching what my first mid price diver will be. I was leaning towards the Longines, but I really fancy a Tudor
  10. Congrats mate. I'm hoping to not be far behind you!
  11. That looks a nice watch. Good find
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