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  1. Hi, getting closer to solving issue.have had it working ok, but after awhile cannon pinnion has lifted on center pin.bit more adjustment needed.
  2. Ok thanks ,With what youve explained here i think the problem lies with the tension between pin and the wheel.as i have made pin slightly larger to grip wheel.thinking that it should not move within wheel.I guess i just have to work out correct resistance between pin and wheel when all assembled.thanks for help.will let you know outcome
  3. Sorry, should have said its keyless, and as far as i know looks original.As for pics I am going to have to look into how you upload pics,Iam new to this.Ref to tapping cannon pinnion down it is as far as it will go, i have already tried to adjust cannon pinnion,but had to take off and using a broach slightly adjust,as when trying to set hands was very stiff.crown now moves ok .with ref to top of pin and wheel do i need to take out pin and re adjust what i have done in reguards to making pin wider to grip on wheel.Thanks.
  4. thanks , i will try and let you know
  5. Hi,I recently asked the question when to lubricate a cannon pinnion.The reason I asked this is Ihave a swiss pocketwatch,which i was informed dates around 1918.When i got it ,it ran very erratic ,but i could set the hands.I stripped and cleaned and oiled.The hands didnt move at all after.I noticed the centre wheel pin was loose in the wheel,on inspection i noticed its tapered,and the cannon pinnion is a thick walled type,.When you try to set hands only the hour wheel moves.when wound the watch now runs for 28hours and gains about 8 mins.big improvement,Am i right in thinking that the cannon pi
  6. Hi,being a newcomer to working on watches, mainly pocketwatches,could someone throw some light on why you dont lubricate all cannon pinnions,on reassembly.as its metal on metal i would have thought that it was always needed,and is it always obvious which ones to lubricate.and also how to tell if you have correct resistance on pinnion,when you try to turn it on center wheel.thankyou
  7. Hi,i am new to working on pocketwatches,have been cleaning and oiling pin pallet watchesfor a few months.just got myself an old 15 jewel seckonda watch with broken balance staff..the movement is marked 3602,have seen a balance staff advertised on e bay,and the seller shows a picture of a movement just like mine,with the wording not suitable for.I take it there are different balances for 15j,18 j .any ideas how i could go about finding a suitable replacement
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