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  1. Good evening,I have just completed my first fault repair and service on a 2609 movement.to my surprise runs really well ,gaining 30 secs a day..The issue now is getting the crystal /ring on to the watch.Looking at my cheap press it is pretty close with the space in the nylon ring for the high domed crystal.I was thinking is it best to fit ring first,then using crystal lift input crystal .this way not applying any pressure to crystal.On trying to refit old crystal,which was cracked, by hand very tight.so I am thinking it might take a bit of pressure.Any advice welcom.really dont want to mess up on final hurdle.Thankyou
  2. Thanks for reply,very informative.sorry for late reply.
  3. Ok thanks,it was repaired where it makes contact with wall of barrel.
  4. Hi,I am after some advice,I have a pocketwatch which has been cleaned and oiled.on inspecting the mainspring I can see the spring rises in middle and looks as if a repair has been done in past.It winds and appears to give power to the pallet fork,as it snaps back and forth.The issue I have is poor amplitude on balance.with the pallet removed end shake is present and with help from the blower the balance gains good speed.I am a novice learning all the time and assuming that on full wind there should be enough power to give good amplitude which would decrease as the spring unwound.or is this way off the mark.any advice appreciated thanks.
  5. Hi, there are a few good videos on internet reguarding basic tools needed,and also explaining how to work on watches.get youself some old cheap movements, and Practise .Practise.you will break items ,curse,spend time on your hands and knees looking for parts and ask youself can I do this.I would also recommend reading the watch repairers manual by Henry B Fried.Good luck.
  6. Hi,Have been practising stripping and cleaning on couple of scrap 3602 movements,used in seckonda pocketwatches.both have broken staff.One thing i have noticed is the roller is difficuilt to remove without damaging.they seem to be very tight on staff.the roller remover i have has worked fine on another swiss movement,any tips on removing,and which tool is best,thanks.
  7. https://imgur.com/rszSUnP https://imgur.com/pklttIt Not missing,in container cleaned.thanks for looking.Looks like maybe taking measurements of staff and going down that route.
  8. [img]https://i.imgur.com/rszSUnP.jpg[/img] new to this so lets see if it works. https://imgur.com/rszSUnP https://imgur.com/rszSUnP https://imgur.com/pklttIt
  9. Hi,Iam trying to find out how to source a balance staff for the above,the only markings in pocketwatch are on inside of back case.which are 807407...... V6122.I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find out more,to no avail.I know its swiss made,and poss a longines movement ,only because that is only info that popped up when input v6122 on a site.it looks well made and is quite similar to the seckonda 15/18 jewel pocketwatches ,slimline you see advertised alot.Havent managed to lookinto posting pics yet.Maybe someone might have a bit more info,thanks.
  10. Hi,I have a 15 jewel seckonda pocketwatch with broken balance,Its been sitting on workbench waiting for me to build up enough courage to have a go at it.I have in my possesion an inca5362 roller remover,on placing the balance in tool the roller seemed quite tight on staff.The question i have is should the sharp edge of tool press between the bottom of roller and the staff.as what happened was the roller bent upwards after fistly trying to press it out,then gently tapping top of staff.after twisting roller it came away with staff from balance.looking at how staff was originally riveted it was a bit messy, so maybe someone has had a go at replacing staff before.I was fortunate to get roller off broken staff and managed to manipulate it back into shape,with no damage to roller.On inspecting blade on roller remover it is showing signs of wear and tear,and doesnt have clean edge.do you think this is what caused prob.thanks.
  11. van den


    Thanks for reply.very helpful.lesson learned
  12. van den


    Hi,I know alot has been written on this subject,Being new to working on watches ,if when working on hands of an old watch how can you tell if the paint on the hands might have radium in it.would it still glow in dark after many years.and also did they paint hands many years ago with paint that didnt contain any harmful substance.I have a set of skeleton hands which are very old,and the hour hand had a little paint on the pointer ,looking at it it looked like someone had added a blob of paint to it.this paint has come away a little and now I am a bit concerned with work area ,and also as this room doubles up for spare room.any advice welcome.thanks
  13. After a little more tweaking,have got it working.Thanks again for help.
  14. Hi, getting closer to solving issue.have had it working ok, but after awhile cannon pinnion has lifted on center pin.bit more adjustment needed.
  15. Ok thanks ,With what youve explained here i think the problem lies with the tension between pin and the wheel.as i have made pin slightly larger to grip wheel.thinking that it should not move within wheel.I guess i just have to work out correct resistance between pin and wheel when all assembled.thanks for help.will let you know outcome
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