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  1. It’s not odd that some of the brands that are considered the lesser cousin seem more popular. Tudor over Rolex for me, but I would take a Bremont or a Tudor quite happily.
  2. I saw this brand in a shop on a cruise ship, the guy gave me a brief history about them. Loved the look but out of my price range. Thought they had a different look about them. Sure the guy said they had some thing to do with omega or Rolex. Can’t quite recall or perhaps it was that the brand was older then one of them. either way, rather cool looking pieces
  3. This feels like a confessional, I’m glad it not just me and there are like minded individuals out there that share this affliction. I do exactly this all the time, my wife thinks it’s sad, I don’t comment on the shoe shopping she does obviously .
  4. That is really nice, looking for a white face at the moment too, will have a hunt
  5. Love that Certina, could I ask what model it is ?
  6. I have bought a g shock , admittedly when slightly drunk that I regretted and haven’t been able to bond with. it’s just a lesson in life for me. Won’t be the first or the last time. I guess I’m trying to say, it’s all a learning experience
  7. I find this so subjective. We all Like what we like, who knows what drives me to purchase something. I have discovered some amazing watches looking at others collections, often things I never heard of, and then taken the plunge, love that it’s all different in here. Dress watches do nothing for me other than admiring their delicacy. Still like looking though. I have a divers watch or two. But then I am a diver and ironically I don’t wear them for work.
  8. Nice, love that deep red on the dial, never pulled the trigger on one yet. Like the green version too. Welcome too
  9. My 2 Pennys worth, i like the grey one, but we all like what we like
  10. Like the blue one, something simple about it
  11. That’s awesome. Note to self, drop better birthday hints
  12. Thanks for the info. And knowing it’s not available. Another to add to the wish list!
  13. Really like that, may I ask what it is?
  14. I am a diver and still don’t wear a diver style watch at work. But most of us do have a divers watch we wear before and after
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