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  1. I am a diver and still don’t wear a diver style watch at work. But most of us do have a divers watch we wear before and after
  2. Lovely looking watch, rather jealous here
  3. Like that, been toying with the idea of one. Looks like a decent size on the wrist too
  4. Wow, that’s a start to the day
  5. Was that the titanium version or the stainless, lovely in either case
  6. The Omega for me, like the blue over the more grown up choices
  7. Really like that finish. Nice photos too
  8. Really like that, been looking for a green divers watch too, that or the new Seiko anniversary editions.... can’t afford both
  9. I work in the water and never had any issues , but probably just tempted fate
  10. Like that, the orange is a subtler shade
  11. Citizen Diver today And I clearly have not got the hang of inserting pics
  12. Lovely, Jersey is a great place too
  13. dbc243


    Hi, new to the forum after being a lurker for a while and getting bitten by the bug. Not got a huge collection or particularly expensive but I do want add to it and have found some inspiration here so far- not to mention some new brands I’ve never heard of. so, hi
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