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  1. I have now received a reply from Bifora, who tell me they are not compatible . What I need to know now, is whether it is possible to buy a 0.24 mm second hand?
  2. Would anyone know if its possible to get the dome shaped crowns (gold) for the above watch? This would be the 1950s version. Thanks
  3. I require a central second hand for a Bifora 113, on the internet, I have seen one available for a Bifora 91. Would it be compatible? Thanks
  4. I would like to get a bracelet/strap (gold colour), for a mid 60's Hamilton electric Nautilus. Any suggestions please? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your replies, the watch that only stays wound for so many hours, was actually serviced very recently.
  6. Still being new to horology, I have 3 questions please : Can you leave a watch for several months or so without winding it, or would that be detrimental? Do some watches require winding several times a day? I have one watch that when it appears to be fully wound, only lasts for about 16 to 17 hours. I have seen pictures of some watches from the 40's and 50's that appear to have different designs to the minute and hour hands. Is that because one is a replacement, or was that maybe the fashion? Thanks in advance.
  7. Sometimes a dial looks fine for maybe 50% of the surface , but has those small spots on one area only. That area maybe black, and so the spots show more so. Could that area just somehow be painted rather than a total dial restoration?
  8. Thanks again for your input with this query. Along the same lines regarding dials, can they be 'touched up' where only part of the dial needs work on it - inevitably spots. Or would you need a complete dial restoration?
  9. Hi I often see watches for sale which I would like to purchase, but part of the plating has worn away. Is it then possible to have a watch case just partly replated? Thanks
  10. Thanks, yes, very helpful.
  11. Is it commonplace for old alarm watches (50s & 60s) to have a hole on the back? If so, does that make them more prone to getting dust/dirt inside. Thanks
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