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  1. Hi. Guys thanks for all the input - sounds like a minefield to me - i guess only time and experience will work their way through and things will make more sense eventually Simon I will check out the link you sent thanks. The balance staff/wheels on all the watches I have bought so far are different in some fashion. I thought, naively might I add, that there were generic balance wheels/staffs - a kind of standardisation through time if you like. I have found this not to be the case as every maker so far I have come across has a different size length and/or width of the balance wheel/staff. There were balance wheels/staffs made the same obviously for the same model but finding these would be a proverbial needle in a haystack. I like the idea of making my own. I am an engineer albeit on a macro scale but have had many years turning experience - I guess it would be the same making my own balance staffs only on a micro level. i have no idea where I could purchase a lathe for this purpose - its an exciting proposition to say the least anyway Thanks again for all your help James
  2. Hi all I have bought a few pocket watches online to mend basically and they are often advertised as "Not Working" Half the time there is a balance wheel issue namely broken or bent pivots My question is this. If I get watches like this, is it endgame or can they be redeemed in some way either by fixing the balance wheel myself or is there a place online where I can acquire the appropriate balance wheel? Or balance wheel staff for that matter I find this unlikely since I only buy antique pocket watches going as far back as early Victorian. Thank you James
  3. Thanks for that Neven Yes I did check the upper pivot and it was bent over at an angle. I guess this was the cause Thanks for the help James
  4. Hi can anyone advise me as to where i can get my hands on a lever press for pocket watch crystal? I cannot find them anywhere in the UK although they still sell them in the US I have some pocket watches that require crystal replacement and can only find presses for wrist watches Thanks James
  5. As far as I can see it has 11 jewels 2 for the minute wheel 1 for the seconds wheel 2 for the escapement and 2 for the balance staff. it has normal balance staff pivots in hole stone and cap stone bearings yes - Will an eccentric hairspring have anything to do with it? Thank you for your help
  6. Hi nevenbekriev thank you for the reply. Very interesting. However, what I am referring to is when the watch is face down, the balance wheel rotates, but when i turn it on its back (180 degrees) it stops. This is what I was referring to when i mentioned gravity - Why should the balance wheel rotate when its face down but stop when its on its back? I have a number of movements that do this, thats why I thought it may be a common problem and possibly rectifiable? Many thanks for your input. Nice post James
  7. Hi all I'm new to horology namely pocket watches. I have acquired a few movements on eBay to practice on. I have managed to get some going again. However there are some that I managed to get the balance wheel swinging albeit a low amplitude. But I'm flummoxed as to why when I turn them 180 degrees, the balance wheel stops. Is this to do with gravity and/or not enough torque from the barrel spring? Thanks James
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