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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply, it's good of you to take the time. Since posting the item, I've come across four different types of watches from chain driven ones to the pin pallet kind. It's really interesting and quite exciting. I'm still very new to watch servicing etc, and learning each day. I've just acquired a 6117-6410 Navigator which is going to be one of my favourites in my collection. I have to say that You Tube is invaluable if I need some information on methods and lubricants. I'll update this posting when I've finished cleaning and reassembling the watch. Thanks for reading this.
  2. Hi, I had a similar problem with changing a quartz watch battery, every time I replaced the backplate, the watch stopped..... It was quite a while later when I worked out what the problem was. Underneath the battery was the contact for the positive battery pole, beneath that the steel plate of the movement. What I hadn't noticed was a wafer thin piece of 'paper' which had out of the movement when I was inspecting it! So when I placed the battery into its recess it would start running, when I closed the watch back, it stopped because it was shorting against the movement plate.... I fashioned an insulating insert from a plastic bag, and away she went! I hope this is of some use to you, if not, could you please let me know what the problem was when you solve the mystery? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've recently received a nice looking ladies watch with mother of pearl rear cover and enamel on metal dial. It's Swiss but no makers marks or anything. Anyway, I disassembled it today, cleaned it, and I am in the process of reassembly. My confusion is, there is no pallet fork! I first of all thought I'd dropped it and searched for a while before going back to the watch and examining it in greater detail...… it doesn't have a pallet fork. The escape wheel isn't flat either, the edges of the wheel are turned up. The teeth are very similar to the standard escape but that's where it ends. I'm having problems with the hairspring at the moment so I can't tell you how it works yet, but it seems to mesh with the balance complete. Its very strange. Its quite old because the main spring barrel lid has a small square hole, enabling you to remove it using a small screwdriver. I'll upload some photos when I can, but does anybody have any idea what it is please? I'll be very grateful for any advice. As I've mentioned previously, I'm new to horology so very wet behind the ears! I'm loving the experience though. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers.
  4. Hi, This is my first post so, sorry if I don't use the correct protocols. I've recently received a 1966 Seiko Skyliner Cal.402.The lens was cracked and it's case back has several scratches. The dial is silver with no numbers or batons, and has twelve lines emanating from the centre to indicate the hours. It's a round dial but the case is square-ish. I've disassembled the movement, cleaned it and reassembled it. Trouble is, the Timegrapher shows some fairly eratic results. Through several positions, the rate can be anything between -34 to +15 and the amplitude ranges between 178° and 230°. The beat error is 0.4 ms and it runs at 18000 bph. I'm very new to horology and I love it, so I'm very wet behind the ears! The rebuild went well so I'm thinking that I have a problem with the balance setting. I'm researching it at the moment. I wondered if anyone could give me the lift angle for it? I've searched a lot of websites, but the cal402 doesn't show up. It's very thin as well, which is quite attractive. The bracelet needs replacing, although there's nothing physically wrong with it, it could do with updating. I'll try and upload some photographs in the near future. Is this entry too long? Do you have any tips please? I hope to follow the forum more frequently than of late and hope to hear from one or two enthusiasts shortly. Best regards, Phil
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