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  1. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2ka4Zwz][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50642098457_965f8f0bb0_z.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2ka4Zwz]20201124_172935[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/151551573@N02/]kenny burns[/url], on Flickr [url=https://flic.kr/p/2ka4Zwz][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50642098457_965f8f0bb0_z.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2ka4Zwz]20201124_172935[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/151551573@N02/]kenny burns[/url], on Flickr Dont seem to be able to post pics from Flickr...sorry
  2. Thanks for the link Lampoc Take care, stay safe Kenny
  3. Many thanks Lampoc, the crown was the thing that was niggling me!....I really appreciate your help with this. I have found a solution of sorts in my Vostok bits box ( I have now definitely fallen waaay down the "Vostok rabbit hole"!! ).I have swapped out the original bracelet for a black silicon dive strap that I bought for a Komandiskie and also changed out the original Compass Bezel for a nicer dive bezel I bought from a lady E-bayer from Ukraine. This seems to make the watch "less huge" on my wrist and is much more comfortable. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2jQm5t6][img]https://live.st
  4. I bought a 060 case size Amphibia as my first russian dive watch....but I have really small wrists and the smaller 420 (my second Amphibia ) is a much better fit.I have seen S/hand 420 and 710 cases and would like to know whether I can swap the movement into one of these and maybe also use the crystal from the 060 (as it is pristine)?....I have a case back opener and some decent non magnetic screw-drivers (and Jodie`s videos from youtube`s "Just one more watch" among others, to guide me). Thanks everybody Kenny.
  5. Thanks Bernie , that is just a classy neat watch ;...everything you need and nothing that you don`t..I love it! Regards Kenny.
  6. |Taz can you take another pic without the glare , need to get another better look at this cool watch!
  7. I`ve had good experience with 2 E-Bay sellers ; Bestrus , who is based in Kazan (where they build Tupolev aircraft), east of Moscow and Zenitar from Moscow, who has been closed recently, due probably to the pandemic, Moscowtimeseller also seems have a great reputation and is mentioned on quite a few Youtube watch reviews (check out the "just one more watch" channel, his videos are honest and to the point ) U.K. sellers (especially on Amazon) really tend to over-charge.You will get the watch quicker, but pay over the odds, though watches from Russia can take 4 weeks at least to get
  8. Just recently got these two,the 420 case Amphibia Scuba Dude is a much better fit on me skinny wrist ,than the 060 case one that I bought first. When I got the Scuba Dude ,I swapped out the bracelet with a blue rubber strap; IMG_3028 by kenny burns, on Flickr But then a nice bezel i got for £20 all in arrived and I swapped that onto the "Dude", along with a nice stripey 2 piece strap and I just love the look and feel of this watch now. IMG_3061 by kenny burns, on Flickr The bezel on the "Dude" then found it`s way onto the other watch I got ;;a nice, but plain looking Komand
  9. Thanks Nick...that`s another hit for my bank balance, but what a super watch you get for the money! Take care mate, stay safe Kenny
  10. That is a sweet-heart, can you tell what the exact model is...I was looking at getting a G.R.U. "Batman" Komandirskie, but this is 24 hour model is so cool! Sorry ; screwed up quote thingie on above post, but Nick I still need details on your cracking 24 hr Vostok!! Cheers Kenny
  11. Getting addicted..2 more arrived recently,changed bezel on Komandirskie , then added new straps to both.....I really love Russian watches! IMG_3031 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_3034 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  12. Cheers Garry; I have another Vostok coming , but a Pagani is next on the list You take care and stay safe Regards Kenny.
  13. Got a nice Italian strap for my Amphibia, but it looked better on this Komandirskie and I nicked the bezel off my Amphibia for it as well..got another Amphibia on the way, but several Komandirskies (and a Pagani Design) are on my shopping list.....expensive hobby, this is becoming! Take care and stay safe Kenny IMG_2051 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_1356 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_1508 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  14. What a sweet looking watch, thanks for the picture....this is a world I never knew about...Until I bought my first Vostok, I didn`t realize how good a sub £75.00 watch could be and these Chinese watches offer amazing value.. Thanks Greasemonk!
  15. Cheers Bowie, 34 hours isn`t that bad at all Stay safe. Kenny
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