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  1. Not for everyone but try Est1897 for pre-owned watches (it's a division of a pawnbroker) Prices go up and down randomly and watches vary from battered to almost-new-in-box. I had flagged 2 potential buys (both £3k mark) with significant discounts but just waiting to sell one of my own and they have shot up again! Bugger. I got LHD Monaco McQueen for £2700. No box and few minor scratches but can live with it. 12 month guarantee on movement. Stock changes very frequently. Highly advise price cross-checking and correct bracelet/strap for the actual watch. Gems can be found amongst the clutter if you have patience. Good luck.
  2. Hello all Anyone had much experience with Tag Heuer Grand Carerra's (cal 17 specifically)? Seen a nice one that's a 250 limited edition, carbon fibre dial. I read that they only produced for a few years then stopped. Has anyone had one? Still desirable? Regards Similar to this example.
  3. Wow. Thanks Spinynorman. This is a great help. Cheers
  4. Thanks for response eezy. I'll have a search about and see what turns up. Have a nice evening.
  5. Seen this diagram on the 2020 Miyota catalogue. Would this possibly be the same movement from my late 80s Accurist?
  6. Hello all Sorry for delay with pics. Can anyone identify the correct movement I would need to order to get this Accurist Day Date running again? Regards
  7. Spotted this LHD Monaco in the SALE section of an online jewellers. I'm having that! It's quite a big chunk for a 39mm case. This is a keeper.
  8. Just sharing cool video. Warning I suppose as to importance of screwing down crown correctly. Enjoy.
  9. It's a brand new in box ex display for £2k. Shop assistant advised that Tudor warranty card will be invalid as it's a clearance item but will have 12months shop guarantee. I think I need to go back and investigate the pip/pearl being sorted and then buy.
  10. Hello all I've had my head turned by a new Tudor Black Bay on special offer but the pearl is missing from the bezel. Is it necessary to get a new complete bezel fitted (probably £200??) or simply get a good watch maker to source and fit a similar pearl? From the pics I've seen, I think the pearl is luminescent also. Opinion please. Atb
  11. Omega all day long. I bought a "new" Seamaster from Goldsmiths sale just before latest wavey Seamaster came out. I wear the Seamaster fairly frequently but my head got turned by a vintage Speedmaster and really love the Speedy. At around same time I spotted a great buy on a Tag Carrera 1887 but hardly wear it. Should have kept my hand in my pocket and saved the dough for another Omega. I would buy a preloved Seamaster to get a feel for the watch The 50yr anniversary GMT Seamaster is on my radar. Good luck.
  12. Seen this nice video and just thought I'd share. I know some collectors will not agree with this full refurb but the watch did look pretty rough.
  13. Super chuffed with the NOS Bulova expanding bracelet. Ebay seller was theflashdeal. It was a little tarnished but local watch guy polished gently with rouge (?) Looks like new. My dad & grandad would be very pleased.
  14. Thanks Eezy. I'll get the back off it today and get some pics up. Cheers.
  15. Hello I was recently looking on Steveostraps. He may make something for you. Not expensive for the quality and range produced. Good luck
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