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  1. Omega all day long. I bought a "new" Seamaster from Goldsmiths sale just before latest wavey Seamaster came out. I wear the Seamaster fairly frequently but my head got turned by a vintage Speedmaster and really love the Speedy. At around same time I spotted a great buy on a Tag Carrera 1887 but hardly wear it. Should have kept my hand in my pocket and saved the dough for another Omega. I would buy a preloved Seamaster to get a feel for the watch The 50yr anniversary GMT Seamaster is on my radar. Good luck.
  2. Seen this nice video and just thought I'd share. I know some collectors will not agree with this full refurb but the watch did look pretty rough.
  3. Super chuffed with the NOS Bulova expanding bracelet. Ebay seller was theflashdeal. It was a little tarnished but local watch guy polished gently with rouge (?) Looks like new. My dad & grandad would be very pleased.
  4. Thanks Eezy. I'll get the back off it today and get some pics up. Cheers.
  5. Hello I was recently looking on Steveostraps. He may make something for you. Not expensive for the quality and range produced. Good luck
  6. Hello all My local watch repair shop has had a look at my 80's Accurist and says the battery has corroded the internal unit and not repairable. Unfortunately, the back was stuck back on before I could get a pic. I will try get a pic up shortly but could anyone suggest a source for 80's quartz Accurist movements? Thanks
  7. https://www.professionaljeweller.com/breaking-news-signet-to-close-80-uk-stores/ During lockdown, I was awaiting delivery of a watch and was $hitting it that the company may fold. I signed up to this website for intel on jewellers who might be struggling. EJ announced a few weeks ago that a number of shops will not reopen. An outlet EJ near to me carries loads of end of line and shop front watches at discounted prices. Might take a look to see if the outlet shop has reopened and pick a bargain.
  8. New Forstner horny bracelet fitted to my '71 Speedy. I LOVE IT! Bought from https://www.vintagespeedmaster.com/ Fraction of the price of a vintage bracelet and looks amazing.
  9. I don't use ebay much at all but the dealer appeared to have a really wide choice, so I bought 2 different styles at $20 a piece. NOS 70's Bulova branded bracelet. A no brainer. The ebay dealer in the US was called theflashdeal, 99.5% rating.
  10. Hello Spinynorman. After much searching, I've managed to find a couple of NOS Bulova bracelets on ebay. Seen a couple of used Excalibur bracelets but problem might be they are similar condition to the one I want to change! I'm going with NOS Bulova route. Thanks.
  11. Hello all. I inherited my grandfathers Bulova Longchamp, which originally (?) came with a rolled gold Excalibur expanding bracelet. The bracelet has had many years of use, some of the expanding sections are lazy/snapped, and I replaced with a leather strap. It just not the same. Does anyone know of a possible source for an Excalibur 71 (or similar) expanding bracelet? Lug width is 18mm. Length is 150mm. Watch is 9ct gold, not yellowy, quite warm. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello HC. I've been looking at https://forstnerbands.com/ for a new bracelet for my '71 speedy. Not sure if your diver is for diving ? Their website doesn't mention corrosion resistance so you would have to email them. Some nice NASA related pics.
  13. https://flic.kr/p/2jb3WRK Additional pics I could not upload. All opinions on the subject are welcome.
  14. Hello all. Today I received my 1st Speedy Pro and I'm well chuffed. V good condition for 1973 but currently on the wrong Omega bracelet. Bracelet is 1469/811 with 812 end links. Can anyone comment on these 812 (18mm?) end links being used on the watch with 20mm lugs? I'm not terribly offended by the bracelet and was going to stick a leather strap on anyway but just wanted to know if smaller end links are just asking for trouble and bracelet ends up comes off the watch!
  15. Thanks for additional info Jet. I work across different depts and some speak in wks, others speak in "normal" calendar. I'll check this one out.
  16. Hello Jet. I've been looking for a watch that states week number for a while. I've seen an Audi-branded one but didn't really fancy it. Can you provide model number of your Junkers piece. Any probs with it at all?
  17. https://www.fellows.co.uk/Oris-Watch-NHS-Charities-Together/2020-06-09?utm_source=AuctionMailer&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Oris-Auction-2547
  18. Hello Andrew. I had similar trouble as mostly use my phone. Here is how I did it. Download Flickr app to your phone. Create your Flickr profile. If your desired pic is already on your phone, simply send your pic to your Flickr account. It's dead easy, click your pic, select share same as you would with a text picture message or an email except click share with Flickr. Now go to your Flickr app and your pic will be there! Whilst in Flickr app, click your pic to view and find option to share. I'm pretty sure top option is to copy URL. Click copy
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