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  1. Thanks, I've been looking for clock faces with the correct holes, quel suprise I didn't find any!! Any standard drill bit will make the required holes?
  2. Thanks for your help, when I finally work out how to add pictures I will add them to this conversation. What I can tell you is The click dual has holes for the winding the click up above the 4,6 & 8 numbers and a slot next to the three for turning the chimes on and off. From websites I have visited there are some disks that are close to what I have but they don't have the holes in the right places. Do I have to make the holes myself? Regards Andy
  3. I have just purchased a Westminster chime mantel clock. This is my first resto and I have no idea how to determine which model it is and where I might find spare parts including a new click face. I can add pictures but not right now. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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