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  1. Hi All Thankyou all very much for your time and effort into researching this watch for me, you found a lot more information than I did! I did look for a RT Stone in Derby but to no avail, I was looking for watchmakers etc though so will have a little more of a look into Richard Stone jewellers now I know. I also found that watch that recently sold on eBay and looked into the Oriosa engraving and saw a few images of watches very similar style to mine. learnt a lot about trademarks etc from reading your messages and will do some further research of my own and add anything here that I find.
  2. Thank you for the information, I tried researching R.T Stone but to no avail and have no information. thanks for info about the movement, will do some research into that now
  3. Hello All Long time lurker, glad to be part of the forums. I have A Vintage R.T Stone watch and I’m wondering if any of you knowledgable people may be able to help me out. So far I’ve found out nothing about the watchmaker, all I know is that the watch is 10 microns, 25 jewel automatic, possibly 60’s model? Would anyone have any information about the watchmaker or any other information about it? Many thanks in advance Adam
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