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  1. Thank you all for your considered and valuable advice. I eventually plumped for the Oris Aquis Lake Baikal Limited Edition, which I bought from Fraser Hart in a Plymouth for 20% less than the £1850 list price. Picking it up on my Birthday and an very very excited.
  2. So was pretty much sold on the Longines Hydroconquest and decided that all I had to do was wait until lockdown was over, visit the Jewellers and select the right model. Then I saw the Oris Aquis on offer for £1200 and really liked the look. I know that Oris does not have the heritage of Longines but they do look very good watches and I am now confused with a little over a month to run until my Birthday.
  3. Many thanks for all of your very helpful replies. As a Military Officer I like to make evidence based judgements and it looks like my research is supported by the positive comments above. As soon as we come out of lockdown, I'll visit Fraser Hart or Goldsmiths to try the 41mm Blue Face, Ceramic Dial out on my wrist. Are there any specific online dealers recommended or should I stick to the big companies?
  4. Good Afternoon, I am rapidly approaching my 50th Birthday and despite always wanting an Omega Speedmaster, in all honesty cannot justify the price tag. My wife is keen to buy me a nice watch which is high quality, good looking, built to last and a respectable make for our budget of £1,200. I do like the look of the Longines Hydro Conquest Automatic and would be very grateful for any advice on: (a) I can see the watch on various websites, but there appears to be two different model numbers for the 41mm Blue Dial version. (L37424966 and L37814966) and apart from the numberin
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