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  1. Short trem - Seiko SNXS79 Medium term - Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Blue-Red.2 Long term - Omega Speedmaster 311. Cheers
  2. Is there danger of falling down a slippery Vostok slope! My first and what a great watch, loving it.
  3. Another new acquisition.....this has got to stop, it's getting out of hand!!!!!
  4. Wife's and girlfriends may come and go, a Speedy is for life!
  5. What a great choice, hope you will be very happy together for a very long time.
  6. Wearing this today. Finally getting round to modding my Sea Urchin. Got a ceramic vintage sub style bezel insert, skeleton hands and a double domed, clear AR sapphire crystal from DLWWatches. Changed the stock bracelet for a black canvase strap. As comfy as the bracelet was sounding like a morris dancer was getting a little tiresome.
  7. I totally agree with you Always"watching" it is quite basic and not trying to be copy of anything else. It just works. Yeah, not going to force the patina anymore, just wanted to give it a helping hand.
  8. Nice, all I can say is go for it, they are really well built excllent quality. Its partly your fault DaveyP, in a post a while ago, you said why buy just one watch a month. Couldn't dissagree!!!!
  9. No brasso needed Nigelp. I've started the forced patina already. Two boiled eggs in a tupaware box.
  10. Thought I'd join the club. I love it!!! Get the feeling this won't be the last A1 I get, really like the A1 with the DLC coating and orange minute hand.
  11. Just taken delivery of an Arminda A1 Brass. Really, really liking it. Better than I was expecting. It is a striking piece. Went for the black dial, no date. The lume is mega, it came in a lovely watch roll rather than the plastic tube container, the buckle is so much nicer too. Thought it was going to be on a Panerai style wide buckle, but it is a thinner style buckle. The strap is very supple. The bezel action is wonderful, nice clicks and no back play. Even Mrs Spanks said, ‘oh, I like that’ that never happens!!!!! Highly recommend one of these. Going to boil a c
  12. That is amazing, I love it too. What a great piece with a lovely story to remember your Dad. Take care.
  13. Morning, Here are a couple of pictures with the case back off. Any info on the watch and movement would be really gateful. Cheers
  14. It does look the same, looks the same on the back too. Thanks Wrench, I'll whip the case back off in the morning and get a picture. Thanks so much.
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