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  1. I know what you mean about having certain pieces in a collection, I've just come to realise that I like divers and chronographs and it doesn't matter the brand or cost. I'm getting as much enjoyment from cheaper pieces and buying differnet straps (which is dam lucky as I don't have £1,000's to spend) to change things up. Having said that if I did come into loads of money I would go a little crazy on some more expensive stuff. Really do think that its what you like and don't worry what other people think or say, I'm sure if some people saw some of my watches they would say than I'm not into watches, but hell, who cares, as long as you like them doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!!!
  2. Thanks it'salivejim, thats got me thinking, the rallygraf is such a lovely looking watch, what to do?!?!?!?
  3. Evening, I do like the look of that Navygraf, a bit different and a good size. I'm very close to ordering a Rallygraf, noticed at the top of the webiste it says 'secure shipping - 15% off storewide' even got as far as filling in the order page but there is no mention of a 15% discount applied. Was going to use their online chat to see how to get the 15%, let us know if you do go ahead with the Navygraf and if you get 15% off. Cheers
  4. Hi Sigma, Similar position, my 50th in a couple of years and a Speedmaster Moonwatch is what I'm hoping for. With the budget your looking at what about a Sinn 104 St Sa, with the Alcantara Strap, know its not an Omega Chronograph on a steel bracelet but they are pretty cool. Good luck.
  5. Wow, that is great, love it!!!
  6. Like the dimensions, just not a fan of Roman Numerals.
  7. T-T-T-T, I’ve been looking at the Marlin as another beater too, would love to hear your thoughts when you get it.
  8. That's how I view watches, if I like it I'd buy it. I have one brother that will only buy invesestements and one that will only buy the right 'name'. Me, I don't care if its £10 or £10K, can get just as much pleasure out of both.
  9. Don't be silly, that's like asking which of your children you like best!!!!
  10. I couldn't think what that reminded me of until now. GREMLINS!!! have you fed it after midnight?????
  11. Totaly agree WickerBill, if you're 'settling' on a watch just because its availabe and in the price range, probably isn't the right watch to get. Follow you're heart and get the one you really want. Cheers
  12. I'm going to go against the gerneral consensus, scratch that itch. Get the Seamaster. I'd like a Speedmaster to go with my Seamaster. Cheers
  13. Thanks Vinn, Nice. Yeah, just buy stuff that I like, with no intention of ever selling anything. Get the feeling I'm steering more to divers and chronographs. The next purchase's are hopefully going to be a Helgray and a Armida A1. Thanks, take care
  14. Too right Davey P!!!! Mrs would go bonkers if I ordered anything too expensive at the moment, have just ordered a nice olive / red elastic strap from the Nato Strap Store though. Get me!!!!! Cheers
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