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  1. Very nice, I do like that. Great Choice. Hope you're enjoying it. Cheers
  2. al_Kaholik, if you're after a good Tropic strap I've just bought one off ebay from a guy called Dan who has a You Tube channel called Watch Me With Watches. It is FKM rubber so its quite flexible and doesnt attract lint, it fits my wrist quite tightly but really isn't uncomfortable as you might think. I don't have the largest wrists, 6.5 inch but it sits really well. I've just seen he has a Waffle Strap in FKM in stock so will be buying one of those soon. Been looking at that Pearldiver a bit recently, but I've come to the conclusion that I'd still prefer the NavyGraff like yours, ju
  3. Congratulations, its spot on, if I was in the position to buy a Sub it would have to be a no date.
  4. Saw this this morning, looks fantastic, great dimensions. Really like Yema as a brand.
  5. That was amazing, thanks for posting. Imagine having a watch that has been to the depths of the ocean and into space!!!!!
  6. Here's the Quartz in my collection. Cheers
  7. Short trem - Seiko SNXS79 Medium term - Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Blue-Red.2 Long term - Omega Speedmaster 311. Cheers
  8. Is there danger of falling down a slippery Vostok slope! My first and what a great watch, loving it.
  9. Another new acquisition.....this has got to stop, it's getting out of hand!!!!!
  10. Wife's and girlfriends may come and go, a Speedy is for life!
  11. What a great choice, hope you will be very happy together for a very long time.
  12. Wearing this today. Finally getting round to modding my Sea Urchin. Got a ceramic vintage sub style bezel insert, skeleton hands and a double domed, clear AR sapphire crystal from DLWWatches. Changed the stock bracelet for a black canvase strap. As comfy as the bracelet was sounding like a morris dancer was getting a little tiresome.
  13. I totally agree with you Always"watching" it is quite basic and not trying to be copy of anything else. It just works. Yeah, not going to force the patina anymore, just wanted to give it a helping hand.
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