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  1. Need to get a bigger wash bag really. Keep my watch boxes in the wardrobe so just easy to put on the bed. Cheers
  2. Morning All, An Armida A1, the patina is coming along nicely. Cheers
  3. For the leather a nice chocolate brown, quite thick, 5mm down to 3mm, so it looks substantial. For the nato, wouldn’t go wrong with a quality seatbelt in black. cheers
  4. Always interested to hear how everyone stores their additional straps. About 50% of my watches are on their original straps, if I change a strap the original one is stored back in its box. I use a travel wash bag to store my straps and each strap is put in a plastic bag. Bought a load of them from Cousins. Cheers
  5. This for me today. Modded SNZF J1. All the parts from DLW Watches, Ceramic Vintage Sub bezel insert, Single Domed Sapphire and a set of Seamaster hands with red tipped second hand on a FKM Tropic strap. Cheers.
  6. I don’t think you have to justify any of it. How exciting, looking forward to the updates. Cheers
  7. Arrived yesterday, Squale 1521 in PVD. Awesome, loving it. Cheers
  8. And here it is. 1521 in PVD. It’s amazing, so happy with it. Cheers
  9. Used ukwatchstrap a few times, only ordered one strap each time though. Each one was a Fluco strap, great quality and price. Great service from Nick. Definitely recommend. Cheers
  10. Nice one, thanks Bricey. Don’t think that watermelon is for me. cheers.
  11. I’ve been looking at those. There is a UK seller selling the white dial with just indices, it doesn’t have the 12 and 6. Really would like a watch with the ST1901 in it. I just don’t get that excited about the Seagull 1963. How are you finding it? Would love to hear what you think. Cheers
  12. Only one purchase so far this year. My very first G-Shock. Really enjoying it, Light, confortable, Multi Band 6 is great to sinc other watches to. Great do it all watch. Should have at least cleaned it before I took the picture.
  13. £12.50!!! Seriously, for a 200m diver!!! I'd have some of that!!!
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