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  1. She'd find out, believe me. Or the kids would grass me up! Oh Dad, is that another new watch? MUMMMMMM.
  2. You are a bad influence DaveyP, I totally agree, what's stopping me from only getting one? Mrs Spanks, she'd do her nut!!!!
  3. Nice one thanks, off to have a look, there are a few watches that have caught my eye this month, which one to get?!?!?!?! Oh I do like that, a little bit out of my price range this month, but one to think about over the next couple of months, thanks so much for sharing. Cheers
  4. Congratulation on your Anniversary Sulie, its my Wedding Anniversary today too, our 14th. Cheers
  5. 39mm, that's a great size. Would def fit my 6 and three quarters inch wrist then. Have you got a link to where you got it? Thanks.
  6. Thats cool, what size case is it? Love the strap, very simple, works very well with it.
  7. You know I'll always have your back when it comes to the mrw-200h, can't beat it! Was wearing mine quite a bit today.
  8. Very nice, really like that. In a bit of a similar postion myslef, not got a promotion but got around £800. Really fancy a Squale, done some research and three models have caught my eye. Thought I'd go on to You Tube and watch some reviews of them. Came across a review from ArchieLuxury, you'll know what I mean if you've watched the review. Makes me want to buy a Squale even more now. Options looking at a 1521 Blue Dial, Blue Bezel, 1521 Black Dial, Black Bezel matte finish or a 1545 20 Atoms Heritage Ceramic bezel. If anyone has experience of these would be great to hear your thoughts. Hope you enjoy the Doxa. Cheers
  9. Oh, thats nice. Love the dial colour and bracelet.
  10. Nice one, thanks so much. That's the one I really fancy. So rough calculations, if I can get a 15% discount plus additional costs, all in for around £250 or there abouts. I feel an Armida coming my way!!!!
  11. Evening Watchaholics Looking at a couple of watches to buy at the beginning of August, obviously all purchases and full costs need to be signed off by the CFO, Mrs Spanks. One of the watches I’m looking at is the Armida A1. Has anyone bought from the Armida website and did you incur any additional VAT charges, import duties or delivery costs? I’ll need to factor these in when I submit my request to Mrs S. Cheers
  12. Hi, Would love to read a thread on this and how you got on. I've got a Sea Urchin bought for the purpose of modding but haven't got round to it yet. Plans are a very similar bezel insert (love the red triangle at 12), skeleton hands with red tip second hand both from DLW and a flat saphire to finish it off, oh and realine the chapter ring whilst I'm at it. Would be great to hear how you found it, it will be my first time having a bash at modding. Any tips, tools, advise etc greatly appreciated. Where did you get that strap? really like it. Cheers
  13. Nice one thanks guys, I've heard a lot of good reports about their straps. For the money and specs this is definitely going onto the spreadsheet for serious consideration. Thanks. Like that!!! Bit of a sucker for a red triangle at 12.00 too.
  14. Hi everyone, Going through some videos on You Tube and came across a review of Geckota Watches. Been looking at this, Does anyone have any experience of them? Its a Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz, Saphire Crystal, good dimensions. Cheers
  15. For me it would have to be the Seamaster. Would have a Seamaster over a Tudor BB any day, personally prefer the Seamaster to the Submariner and taking into the price difference just think of what other watches you could buy with that! Omeaga all the way. Good luck.
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