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  1. Was going to say black. Good choice, I’m thoroughly enjoying my 1521 PVD. Let us know when it arrives.
  2. That was the same as my first watch! It had a rubber/plastic rally strap on it. Got it for my 6th birthday back in 1978. Was fascinated by the lume, loved the red seconds hand and the date. And the interaction with the manual wind. This is the piece that is responsible for this watch infliction. I’ve seen a few on eBay, must pick one up.
  3. Congratulations. I picked up the PVD version a few months ago. Love it. They wear really well. What other Squale do you have?
  4. What about a Weiss? https://weisswatchcompany.com/products/38mm-standard-issue-field-watch?variant=33237273477206 Think this looks great.
  5. Seamaster would be my choice. Wore my Seamaster as pretty much my one watch for 17 years, been everywhere with me, God knows how I didn’t lose it at times.
  6. Very nice, I like that a lot. Got to be a keeper. Enjoy.
  7. I placed an order with them for 5 straps about a month ago. As PaulBoy, took about a week to reach me in London. Overall pleased with them, I wasn’t expecting the highest of quality given the price and feel got what I paid for. In the order was a Marine Nationale strap, think it was about £6 or £7, in future I think I’ll stay with Natostrapstore.com for those type of straps, they are about £18 but much better without paying Erica’s mega bucks. Ordered a couple of 19mm leather straps for an SNXS79 I have which were perfect. I didn’t get charged anything by HMRC either. Cheers
  8. Great write up Ben. Think that looks great on the new strap. Feel the white dial SMP looks much better on a rubber strap or nato than the bracelet. Think you’ve found the perfect strap for it. Cheers
  9. Yes, absolutely. And it would be Omega without a doubt, would love to be able to afford to have a collection of only Omega’s. Easily think of 4 different Speedmasters I’d like, 4 different Seamasters, an Aquaterra. Lovely.
  10. Gutting, I know it’s hassle to send it back but surely they can’t get away with that. How many other people might they do that to.
  11. Morning all, Squale 1521 for me. Have a good day.
  12. Definitely reckon the Bulova Marine Star wears well, wasn’t aware of that model, going to do some investigation on that. Cheers
  13. Exactly the same as me Bricey. The 42mm Steinhart looks very comfortable on your wrist. Cheers
  14. Very nice, do like the Steinhart, I’ve got my eye on the Ocean One GMT aluminium Pepsi bezel on the jubilee. What size wrist do you have Bricey?
  15. I can’t keep up with the state of your collection recently Bricey, so I don’t know if you have one of these, a touch over budget but I think they are great. The Yema NavyGraf Heritage. https://eu.yema.com/products/yema-navygraf-heritage-ynav2019-am?variant=18949092966473
  16. Fantastic, love the Seamaster and the Panerai. Nice collection, thanks for sharing.
  17. Oh Bladerunner, need to see some larger shots of that, it’s stunning!
  18. That is really nice, been looking at these. I do like Yema’s designs. Cheers
  19. So it’s more or less an SKX009 with a gold bezel and chapter ring?!?! Come in Seiko, a cheap cop out, what a missed opportunity. You haven’t been true to the original Pogue. Would love an original Pogue.
  20. At check out I paid extra for a box and extra for Royal Mail shipping and didn’t pay any customs, import or VAT. I have heard some people say that they used the free DHL option and weren’t charged any addition charges and some say they were. I’ve always used the Royal Mail option and never been charged any extra.
  21. Thanks Calatrava, my order arrived safely yesterday. Ordered on the 9th July, dispatched on the 12th July and delivered on the 23rd July. Definitely recommend Creation Watches. Great price and service. Cheers
  22. I’m in. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get one of these. Really enjoying it, love the dial colour and the bezel insert. Just need to get a jubilee bracelet for it. Cheers
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