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  1. That is one of the plans, however they are going for a price higher than the original watch price.
  2. I am looking to repair a vintage Tressa watch. The bridge and balance of the AS 5206 Automatic movement are faulty and looking to repair or replace these parts. My friend and I are using this as a joint project and wondering the best way to disassemble these parts correctly. Any tips my watch wizards?
  3. All the best for your invaluable advice people! I bought myself a Omega Seamaster at a good price from eBay. I love the vintage look and it wears very well. Omega Seamaster https://imgur.com/gallery/Wt9WGav All the best. Trevor
  4. Cheers for the heads up! As long as it is stainless and stylish I am willing to try any quality brand.
  5. How much was that beauty?
  6. It tends to be the import duty that stings! Not possible to shoot my way out of those.
  7. I like the second watch a lot, but have been bitten before when buying from the USA.
  8. Automatic from the 60s would suit me
  9. Cheers for the reply. I want a watch I like. Steel cased suits my taste. Love the look of the Omega Seamasters. A watch to cherish and pass down. Take my collection up a notch. Something classic and non showy. Trevor
  10. Hi folks. I just inherited a £1000 from a relative and would like to buy a nice vintage watch as a momento. I mainly feed my habit on eBay, but on this occasion I would like to buy from a decent dealer. Does anyone have any recommendations? All the very best
  11. I am having issues with this rotor mechanism working itself loose. Can anyone tell me if it requires screwed into place? There is a screw missing that holds the mechanism as a whole onto the case house so that may be throwing it off? I was told that this mechanism does not require screws, but should sit securely once the caseback is screwed down tightly. All the best http://imgur.com/a/ciAJHIQ
  12. Have a lovely vintage Tell watch that needs a service, but the local watch guy says he has no experience of AS 5008 movements and will not touch it. It is ticking and keeping fair time, although the date function is proving to be sticky. I would be delighted if someone could recommend someone to work on it for me. Ideally in Scotland, but will send it further afield if necessary. All the very best
  13. A lovely looking watch my friend.
  14. Picked up this recently. Not a brand I had heard of, but I thought it was pretty sweet for £32.66. What do you folk think? https://imgur.com/gallery/72knxl8 https://imgur.com/a/uS4gXVX
  15. Many thanks as always you are correct. I will bite the bullet and get the local watch repairer on it. He does good work and a service is £99
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