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  1. Have a lovely vintage Tell watch that needs a service, but the local watch guy says he has no experience of AS 5008 movements and will not touch it. It is ticking and keeping fair time, although the date function is proving to be sticky. I would be delighted if someone could recommend someone to work on it for me. Ideally in Scotland, but will send it further afield if necessary. All the very best
  2. A lovely looking watch my friend.
  3. Picked up this recently. Not a brand I had heard of, but I thought it was pretty sweet for £32.66. What do you folk think? https://imgur.com/gallery/72knxl8 https://imgur.com/a/uS4gXVX
  4. Many thanks as always you are correct. I will bite the bullet and get the local watch repairer on it. He does good work and a service is £99
  5. Hi Simon I hope all is well. I have recently picked up a lovely vintage watch with. AS Cal. 5008 movement. It keeps great time and holds a good power reserve. The alarm works a treat also, but while the day changes the date letter does not, even though it turns fine with the crown. Any suggestions? I hope it isn't a serious issue. All the very best as always. Trevor
  6. Just added to my Swiss watch collection with another Tell branded watch. Let me know what you all think. https://imgur.com/gallery/hk7PW53
  7. Just a watch that has a good reputation for a good price. Couldn't find much more than you could tell me other than they specialised in miniature ladies jewellery typed watches. I saw a few well regarded chronographs, but not much about their automatic watches. All the best
  8. Hi folks. Just picked up this watch for £25 and keen to know a little about it. It hasn't arrived by post yet and all I have is this crappy picture, but hoping I have got a wee bargain? All the best as always. https://imgur.com/gallery/O7traDP
  9. I have some decent files so I reckon I could have a go. It's less than 0.5 mm in thickness
  10. Good plan It's 1mm wide and a fraction of that thick. I need a length of only 20mm. Trevor
  11. Hi Simon It worked a treat. Many thanks again for your assist. While we are at it would you know the best place to find 1mm wide flat steel wire? I need to fashion a replacement spring to hold the movement inside the case. Many thanks Trevor Seiko https://imgur.com/gallery/GMLbTdu Seiko https://imgur.com/gallery/szbrU8I
  12. Many thanks. I did find the same advice elsewhere, but you guys on here are ALWAYS my preferred source of know-how.
  13. Success Seiko 5 https://imgur.com/gallery/eE2nGHW Seiko 5 strap https://imgur.com/gallery/VAyNQ8T
  14. Hi there. How would I go about removing the crown from this old beauty? https://imgur.com/gallery/rqVeBld I have zero experience with Seiko a, but need to do a clean up of the dial and case back. Oh I forgot to mention it is a 7009 -5220 Many thanks
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