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  1. Hi people, I received an Times watch when I was five years old and I am looking at the feasibility of swapping out the old knackered movement for a decent mechanical one. Is this doable? and any tips on how to go about it? All the very best!
  2. Hi my friend. Sadly I came to the same conclusion.The company even has a Singapore phone code! Maybe they lunch on Sauerkraut occasionally? As a matter of interest what brand of knife back tool would you recommend? I have just found a lovely wee Victorian fruit knife I will use.
  3. Have been building up my watch toolkit and was wondering if anyone had heard of Grünn tools. I tried to research them , but came up bupkis. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WATCH-BACK-CASE-COVER-LID-OPENER-OPENING-TOOL-KNIFE-FRUIT-RIGHT-LEFT-HAND-HANDED/201709254271
  4. Many thanks for the offer fella I am looking to do mod on the bevel and like a nice dial with patina. Once I see it in my hand I may well need some parts Cheers
  5. I did see that but thought for £32 ( including postage) it was worth a punt. I plan to do some modification so a wee project.
  6. As the grip of a burgeoning watch obsession kicks in I fancied a fix of Russian machismo so picked up this via the eBay lottery. Have I been a poor misguided pilgrim? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMFIBIA-amphibian-Watch-Vostok-Ussr-Vintage-Soviet-Commander-Wristwatch-Rare/233334738411?pageci=d7b5277d-42f1-47a1-b652-bf9a490ff03a https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMFIBIA-amphibian-Watch-Vostok-Ussr-Vintage-Soviet-Commander-Wristwatch-Rare/233334738411?pageci=d7b5277d-42f1-47a1-b652-bf9a490ff03 I know it is a bit careworn, but I like about of patina. My concern is that it is a Heinz variety and I am an old school schmuck.
  7. Thanks for all the info. @Always"watching" Very much appreciated. I have popped a new strap on the watch and it is keeping great time. A nice chunky watch. I have been keeping sane down with vintage watch rabbit hole.
  8. Hi folks. I may have launched a minor obsession after buying my first vintage watch. It is a Tell vintage automatic watch with a 25 jewel Swiss movement. I cannot find much about the brand at all.i am delighted with it and hope £35 was an OK price. Any information would be much appreciated.
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