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  1. Many thanks. I did find the same advice elsewhere, but you guys on here are ALWAYS my preferred source of know-how.
  2. Success Seiko 5 https://imgur.com/gallery/eE2nGHW Seiko 5 strap https://imgur.com/gallery/VAyNQ8T
  3. Hi there. How would I go about removing the crown from this old beauty? https://imgur.com/gallery/rqVeBld I have zero experience with Seiko a, but need to do a clean up of the dial and case back. Oh I forgot to mention it is a 7009 -5220 Many thanks
  4. I love the styling more than even my Vostoks
  5. So it arrived from Ukraine in only 12 days.
  6. I just bought a stylish vintage Seiko, but the wrist strap is a tad tight for my wrist. Does anyone know where to get a reasonably priced replacement that would fit the tricky 10mm lug width? Or perhaps a way of extending the strap itself? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-Vintage-Seiko-5-Automatic-Day-Date-Stainless-Steel-Great-Retro-Look-/383703267240?pageci=1129bae6-4456-43cf-ba39-e4a93679a547
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/qX8JJK3 Here is my actual Poljot diver.
  8. What would you suggest if not the glory of duct tape. Just needs some friction! Nice selection indeed fella! What prices did you get those beauties for?
  9. I have a love of Russian watches and have mainly been collecting vintage Vostok Amphibia. I have owned a Poljot Aeroflot for some time and love it so tracked down a Poljot diver through a friend in Ukraine. He has renovated it for me and it's working great and looking smart. Sadly I can't upload the pics of my actual watch on here! The only issue is the bezel. Not wanting to glue it so looking for a workable, but reversable solution. Was able to get it for £90 all in including the service.
  10. Sorry I can't get any images on here other than eBay The bezel is plastic with no tension spring.
  11. https://imgur.com/gallery/mtgi94u https://imgur.com/gallery/RGinFLm
  12. https://imgur.com/gallery/nGb3FGq Hopefully this works better G
  13. Hi folks. I laid my hands on a lovely vintage Poljot diver. The set up is rather different from my usual Vostok Amphibians, but one thing is perplexing me. The rotating plastic bezel is loose and as it has no tension spring dies anyone have any idea how to hold it firm? I have heard of scotch tape, but is that insanity? G
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