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  1. RoddyJB Sorry for a late reply. The numbers on the back are, 6119 6400 I’ve been in touch with Seiko UK again and apparently Seiko Holland have a couple of original links to send me. If this comes off, fine. If not I’ll get the extension I can see me getting hooked. It’s a good job I haven’t money to burn Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you, I’ll contact them and see if they can help
  3. Sorry, who is Cousins and what one are you thinking of?
  4. Sorry, sorry sorry. I found the thread explaining how to do it and by some miracle it worked
  5. I have been given this watch by a neighbour.It goes OK but the strap is a tad too small for me. I tried to put a NATO strap on but the spring bar is too close to the watch case and won’t thread through. Can I please ask for help. Can I buy extra links , if so, what do I search for and where do I look? I don’t even know if lengthening it is even an option. If not, what other bracelet can I use? As mentioned the NATO was too thick to pass, but tbh it’s quite thin in my opinion. This is a nice unusual watch and it seems a shame to put it back in its box Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Firstly, thank you for the ad, but I’ve come across problems immediately. I’ve got quite a lot to post with images but have absolute no idea how to download the images. I know very very little about technology and am unable to insert an image. You are asking for an image from URL, but it’s coming from my photos on my iPhone where there isn’t a URL Can someone please explain what I’ve got to do. Treat me as an idiot, that’s fine. As long as I learn how to do it
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