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  1. One crown broke off on a door. Then a few days later I tripped while jogging and the glass broke on my second watch.
  2. I'm looking for a good watch for around 350£ on (link removed) I want something with a metal wrist band, a stopwatch/chronograph, a date. And I dont want a protruding dial/crown. Either a crown guard or a small crown. I want a good quality watch that's fixable and not injection moulded. I go through watches relatively quickly. Can any one point me in the right direction ? Thanks
  3. Thanks Simon. I've asked itswatchtime.com on 3 or 4 different occasions if they could take a link out of the wristband. I only bought the watch on 16th of April. They replied to me but didn't include an answer to my question. I broke the watch by catching it on a door 2 weeks ago. They only repair within 30 days of purchase so I have to decide soon whether to fork out the 36€ to transport the watch from cork to Birmingham by road. They said they'll refund me 18€ but haven't said much apart from that. What would you do in my situation Simon? Should I send it back or wait until local watch repairs shops open ? Cheers mate Dara
  4. Hi simon Thanks. Does it matter that the second, minute and hour hands have frozen. As well as the date .... Is that to be expected ? Does it change your opinion at all ? Thanks, dbee They're set to the exact time that the dial came off ...
  5. Hi Simon, Can this watch be repaired by the watch seller ? Is it worth me paying 36€ to have it transported back to them by road to England ? Or can I get it repaired locally by a watch maker ? Does it need to be replaced or can it be repaired ? The dial has come off on a door ... It's a 140£ boss watch Thanks,
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