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  1. North of £150k and one of the understated ones, but I kinda like it
  2. I purchased the GW-B5600-2ER late last year to add to my collection, it is solar powered, multi band and bluetooth. At the time it was £85ish but now just over £100 but it is definitely £20 more watch than the one linked!
  3. Big Blue today, to match my blue check shirt!
  4. when you put it like that I suppose its not bad, the Seiko MH35 movement in the Invicta was very well priced then!! It's interest to me is the story behind and the moon phase/tidal range complication which is accurate enough, the looks are I think fantastic too so I' not disappointed in my purchase in any way. Just need to get the box out and register it for the extra year warranty!
  5. Less than a month ago I purchased, brand new, an Oris Dat Watt limited edition with a moon phase complication (29.5 days moon indicator) When I first unboxed and wound and set it up it gained around 15 seconds in the first day or two, no biggy I thought, it's probably be sat in the box unwound for months and things may have loosened/tightened up a bit and it would get better as it is worn and sits in it's winding box. Now that I've been using it its gaining about 7-10 seconds a day continuously which equates to over a minute in 6-9 days, I'm used to hyper accuracy from my Casio and Citizen which use the atomic signal to reset every night. I know that this is 'old' technology to a degree and that it can never be as accurate as these solar powered and radio linked watches but how forgiving do I have to be, I have an cheap Invicta automatic that gains around 2.5 seconds a day if not worn. Should I take it back for regulating or ask for another one? This is my first expensive watch, over £600, and I love its looks and feel and if this is just something I have to live with, then so be it, but I thought it might be a bit more accurate.....
  6. Why use two hundred words and imagined scenarios when all you need is this??
  7. My early present to self today, getting some good wrist time!
  8. So far nothing, the in-laws don't open any presents until after lunch. It's one Christmas tradition I can't stand and have been putting up with for the last 18 years. My family always opened our presents one by one on Christmas morning, now we have to wait and all the presents are handed out and then it's just a free for all orgy of unwrapping....no one knows where it came from, no individual thank yous and no surprise reveals. NOT how we did it......
  9. My go to G-shock that I wear the most, does everything I need is Solar powered, atomic clock connection and Analogue. I've had it 7yrs now and only had to replace the strap when the wife's dog chewed it......
  10. I had one 30yrs ago, lost it, found an old photo of me wearing it and did some research and found that they still make and sell them - ordered a new one immediately. Fantastic watch to just put on and forget, a proper beater, it takes all the knocks and just looks so good. I've brought another colour, although it's for flipping, but at the price who cares whether I sell it or not.
  11. I realised that I didn't put this in the Oris Owners Club page so here it is, my most recent purchase. The complication is one they have used before, it has a 29.5 day rotation that shows the moon phases and the tidal ranges for the Northern Hemisphere, but they don't use it very often. The Dat Watt name refers to the Wadden Sea off the coast of the Netherlands, they have made the watch in partnership with the trust that looks after the salt flats and tidal pools in this area that are a stopping off point for millions of migratory birds during the seasonal changes. The waters are being polluted by nautical changes, construction of new ports and the, accidental, introduction of non native species from other parts of the the world. The trust was set up in 2009, hence the limited edition numbers, and it took Oris several years of negotiation with the trust to prove their credentials for environmentalism and sustainability before the trust would allow them to use the link to the reserve.
  12. I didn't even notice the scale rule, it's just a back scratcher now, I was trying to get the bloody phone to focus on the watch but it wouldn't properly - I really needed two hands but then it would have just been a photo pf my desk.....
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