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  1. Purchased just before lockdown last year, not worn much but lusted after for 18 months. I found it cheaper on a Portuguese website who supply to the UK and Watchshop price matched, saved nearly £100! I've had this for around 15years, I LOVE it, solar, radio controlled, never misses a beat and looks swanky in jeans or suit. It does need a service now though as the crown won't screw down or make the necessary alterations but I'll wait till Covid is finished before sending it off. Apologies for the giant photos, cant seem to scale them. I would like the Tsuno Bullhead
  2. I drive a 09 Honda CRV 2.2ctvi surprisingly capable and comfortable, intelligent 4WD (which on the only occasion it has come on almost spun me round) been to France in it several times in the 6 years we have had it, 5 up and all our gear. I also have and ride occasionally a Honda VFR 800Fi brand new in 1998, and waiting to start a refurb on a Honda (do you see a theme here) CB250n Superdream, which wont happen anytime soon. (thinking of exchanging these for an adventure style bike....) What would I like..... for a regular daily drive I would love to be able to afford a Range Rover -
  3. A Christmas present form my Wife about 5 yrs ago, use it when working on things and Fridays usually, always the watch I wear on holidays too. Purchased in 2003 when I was going to Switzerland at Gatwick on the way out, lost for a long while whilst not riding my motorbike and only found when I heard a very weak beeping alarm and found it in my bike jacket pocket! Purchase about 4 years ago a little present when I received a bonus from work the MIL still goes on about how I lavished money on myself selfishly whilst having a wife and 3 kids, I put 3x the cost of this into the
  4. Just noticed the date is wrong......
  5. Apologies I didn't see this reply, no I haven't found a replacement bracelet yet. I haven't been searching much really but more waiting for something to come along!
  6. Casio Duro (Marlin) cheap as chips but does the job, replacement of one I had in my 20's but lost over the years (hangs head in shame)
  7. @JayDeep How are you going with this watch now, how does it wear? I've been looking at the green ones, they are supposed to be a limited edition of 1973, do you know if this is across the whole colour range or for each colour. I'm tempted to et one but worry it might look a bit odd on the wrist.
  8. Having had a look at some of the complaints its seems a lot of people are sending back sub $100 watches for +$150 repairs..... seems crazy to me, I'd just go a buy another one.......
  9. @normdiaz you're not raining on any ones parade, I've spent time looking at these and the good far out ways the bad, I've seen lots of reviews where people have criticised the watch for letting water in and then when questions didn't know it had a screw down crown and they had only pushed it in when setting it. TBH for £79, even in my poor financial state, if it goes in the bin after a few months I can't complain. As for poor service records I've been in shops where people have complained about bad service whilst I've been watching and there's been nothing wrong other than people not
  10. Apparently I can't see it until Christmas so can't comment.... I'm so excited I probably won't sleep all month....
  11. This is my Christmas present from my wife, I ordered it last night when the price dropped to £79 on Amazon (its now £100!) my first Automatic. Not looking for or expecting too much, just want to learn about automatics before getting something a bit more pricey like a Seiko or Orient. I've always like the Rolex imitation of the styling, I know a lot of people don't like homage watches but I don't mind them myself.
  12. Monkey has seen this.......bad monkey for browsing internet I have to stop coming onto this site, its a very bad influence.
  13. When a company I worked at moved they threw their safe out, so I had it. I took two of us to carry it as it was so heavy, I think you could bolt it down too, but it had a fancy electronic lock that used batteries in the back of the door. I used it for a short while to lock the kids phones in at night, they kept finding all my hiding places, one night I was a bit angry and slammed the door shut as I was locking it and the batteries fell out and whilst there was a bit of a power reserve I think one of the kids had had a go at unlocking it during the night and there was no reserve power left
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