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  1. OK, today I actually found one of these in a shop - Ernest Jones Guildford - went in tried it on and.... Oh bugger it looks brilliant..... Do I go for the black or the Kaki SAFARI version which is £40 more for some reason??? This would be my first Seiko, IF, I buy it, but not my first Solar power watch, first ana-digi combo but it will settle nicely in amongst the dive watches I have. what to do ?????
  2. I know many on here don't particularly like website watch sales but Watchshop are having a sale currently https://www.watchshop.com/?&nst=0&ds_rl=1161776&ds_rl=1241861&ds_rl=1197966&gclid=Cj0KCQjwyN-DBhCDARIsAFOELTnMNuzSbL8kcu5rqVzWzhTcamv_gl0qdihT6y8bE4dAtd_8Psf01_MaAssPEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds I have brought several watches from here and they haven't let me down yet, my last Citizen Aqualand was sourced via a Portuguese website with British website and Watchshop price matched them and took another £10 off making it nearly £100 cheaper on a sub £500 watch. Curr
  3. I couldn't scroll down fast enough whilst trying to hold on to my lunch, AND THEN, someone puts it on the screen AGAIN for good effect - thanks @Igerswis - now I don't feel like dinner.
  4. My GW-3000M-4AER is solar powered so never needs a battery and has multiband functionality and is reset every night to the correct time so is very accurate. At around £300 it's cheap enough, it takes all the knocks whilst riding a mountain bike and all my DIY thumping around, it's my beater watch for holidays snorkelling and swimming and looks fairly cool. I've had it now for 5 years and it hasn't missed a beat at all.
  5. My Aqualand looks ok on and off (I call it Big Blue) and wears very well except that the strap is a bit short for my Troll fat wrist. It seems the ones above aren't in the UK market just yet, but yes if the price ends up being sub £500 I may be tempted, although I am NOT a diver...
  6. I'll stick my head over the parapet and say I also like the look of the watch, especially the chrono. I like the strap design too and I usually wear divers on bracelets but it looks kind of different and a conversation starter. The price though is my bugbear, adding a further 20% onto a watch heading for £600/700 is too much for my wallet.
  7. This wad taken at the in-laws a couple of years ago with a Nokia 6.1.
  8. Me too! strange that I can't put my finger on why though.....
  9. I had to run upstairs and check mine was still on the shelf, I thought I was the only person with one of these. I Love mine and when lockdown is over it's going for a service as the crown won't screw down or work. Today I are mostly wearing..
  10. MTG-B1000XB-1AER £999.00 and a pound left over for some gum.....
  11. When I was looking at building a woodwork table I watched a couple of videos, the general consensus is that you really need a table of two heights, one at the top of the hips/waist area for cutting/drilling/planing etc. and one slightly lower or higher (I cant remember) for assembly work as you need to be in a slightly different position for each different type of work. These adjust up and down so easily and are rock steady with just 2x4's in the jaws to make a bench top, well worth the money in my opinion, I sit at a desk all day so don't really need them regularly, unless of course I ma
  12. I recently purchased those very work horses, amazingly sturdy and fold down to easily fit inside a vehicle. My intention is to make them the legs of a woodworking table that can be packed away in the garage when not in use!
  13. Thanks guys. Not sure about a cover for it, that then means I have to open and take rather than just grab! I'm thinking that in a while I might make another one from some exotic hardwood, not sure what yet, it wold give me a bit more room and open up the possibility of buying another one or two.......
  14. If at all possible don't go to British Gas or any of the companies offering trade in deals or fixed rates for boiler installations. British Gas will condemn any boiler they look at and turn the system off and then pressure you into accepting their price for replacement, on credit, at a HUGELY over inflated price and if you accept they will only surface mount any new pipework and leave everything else in place taking the shortest and easiest route from room to room. The fixed price guys will sell you a boiler for under £2k and then make it up to £3.5 plus with all the add ons. If
  15. 1. Ford Escort Mk1 (XJB 727H) 2. Fiat 127 (PVO 849X) 3. Fiat Uno (A170 NLH) 4. Vauxhall Cavalier (piece of crap given back to garage) 5. Mitsubishi Lancer - old mans version (F525 HLH) 6. VW Type2 (cant remember) 7. MX6 (H8 DBD) 8. Landrover Discovery (W803 YAN) 9. Ford Focus (H8 DBD) 10. Honda CRV (LG09***) 10 no cars in 38yrs, not many at all really as I tend to keep all of them until they die and have to be scrapped. The most expensive was the Discovery at £17k and only the Fiat 127 was brought on finance all the others were cash purchases.
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