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  1. 24hrs on the wrist and all is ok, it has a whizzy phone app that lets you set it from the phone and change the date format to day month, find the phone if lost, mark your position, update and set alarms and reminders, add and change locations around the world and probably more functions I've yet to find. I'm still not a fan of digital but I do like the price, solar charging and time keeping abilities as it is linked to the atomic clocks too. It will go in the collection but probably won't be a regular beater as its not analogue.......but for £85 I can't worry too much!!
  2. Placed in Amazon order at £92 today £85 so button pressed! My first digital as an adult and collector but my 5th G Shock.
  3. I know someone who works for Maclaren sales, apparently its a 'thing' where influencer's will go into high end car sales showrooms, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini et al. and go through the whole sales process and fill out all the forms for purchasing said cars and then get someone to photograph themselves with the car and signed up paperwork saying they have just purchased the car and then rip up the paperwork after the photo opportunity. The world has gone mad!!!
  4. I'm having to go over everything I type twice as I keep making smelling mistakes, and with a keyboard that requires the 'g' to be thumped it's making life somewhat difficult....!
  5. I'm right handed and strangely if I wear my watch on my right wrist it irritates me something chronic!! I will fetch out the diver wrist extension for Big Blue and try that, alternatively I'll let one of the kids draw on a watch, even that will be correct twice a day!!! Thanks all for the well wishes
  6. Today, well actually for a few weeks, I'll be mostly wearing - a plaster cast.....
  7. Yes I did look at the 50th anniversary but it's the most expensive one and for me a little bland, I'm not overly keen on non bright bracelets...
  8. Have you seen the other Citizen Satellite Wave I posted in the Japanese watch section, if you think this has a lot going on the other will give you an instant migraine
  9. Today I found this (not in Tesco Leatherhead!) in Guildford, I have been lusting after it for a while now, limited edition of 1973 per colour and comes with a fantastic display box with plaque and certificate of authenticity for limited numbers. But when I tried it on I was so underwhelmed by it that I didn't get it, it wasn't as green as shown and it wears a lot smaller than it shows in the pictures, shame really as I'm in the market for a new watch....
  10. I had a look at the Seiko Introduce The Prospex 1986 Quartz Diver LE topic and when I clicked the advertisement there was a panel to the right showing a Citizen divers satellite wave which caught my eye. I have too many dive watches already, they're big and chunky and look ok on my fat troll wrist so is what I tend to go for but the tech in this excites me, solar powered, radio controlled and satellite GPS for instant change all over the world. However I would like something other than diver style, so put in the search satellite wave and came up with the Citizen webpage for these types and this watch came up as the best alternative https://www.citizenwatch.com/us/en/product/CC7000-01L.html?cgid=satellite-timekeeping#start=6 it doesn't seem to be available in the UK but is a rather fantastic, if somewhat busy, looking watch. What do people think, to many sub dials, confusing layout or just plain ugly. There are a couple of videos showing how it works and it does look like it has exceptional finishing and tooling but does look big!!
  11. Um....have to admit to being more interested in the citizen promaster in the advertisement to the right..... https://www.watchtime.com/wristwatch-industry-news/fresh-tuna-seiko-introduces-the-prospex-1986-quartz-divers-35th-anniversary-limited-edition/ Sorry!
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