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  1. I had to run upstairs and check mine was still on the shelf, I thought I was the only person with one of these. I Love mine and when lockdown is over it's going for a service as the crown won't screw down or work. Today I are mostly wearing..
  2. MTG-B1000XB-1AER £999.00 and a pound left over for some gum.....
  3. When I was looking at building a woodwork table I watched a couple of videos, the general consensus is that you really need a table of two heights, one at the top of the hips/waist area for cutting/drilling/planing etc. and one slightly lower or higher (I cant remember) for assembly work as you need to be in a slightly different position for each different type of work. These adjust up and down so easily and are rock steady with just 2x4's in the jaws to make a bench top, well worth the money in my opinion, I sit at a desk all day so don't really need them regularly, unless of course I ma
  4. I recently purchased those very work horses, amazingly sturdy and fold down to easily fit inside a vehicle. My intention is to make them the legs of a woodworking table that can be packed away in the garage when not in use!
  5. Thanks guys. Not sure about a cover for it, that then means I have to open and take rather than just grab! I'm thinking that in a while I might make another one from some exotic hardwood, not sure what yet, it wold give me a bit more room and open up the possibility of buying another one or two.......
  6. If at all possible don't go to British Gas or any of the companies offering trade in deals or fixed rates for boiler installations. British Gas will condemn any boiler they look at and turn the system off and then pressure you into accepting their price for replacement, on credit, at a HUGELY over inflated price and if you accept they will only surface mount any new pipework and leave everything else in place taking the shortest and easiest route from room to room. The fixed price guys will sell you a boiler for under £2k and then make it up to £3.5 plus with all the add ons. If
  7. 1. Ford Escort Mk1 (XJB 727H) 2. Fiat 127 (PVO 849X) 3. Fiat Uno (A170 NLH) 4. Vauxhall Cavalier (piece of crap given back to garage) 5. Mitsubishi Lancer - old mans version (F525 HLH) 6. VW Type2 (cant remember) 7. MX6 (H8 DBD) 8. Landrover Discovery (W803 YAN) 9. Ford Focus (H8 DBD) 10. Honda CRV (LG09***) 10 no cars in 38yrs, not many at all really as I tend to keep all of them until they die and have to be scrapped. The most expensive was the Discovery at £17k and only the Fiat 127 was brought on finance all the others were cash purchases.
  8. Well this is sort of not watch related but is watch related, if you get my drift. I generally have my watches hanging around the wife's make up mirror which is a little hap hazard and has lead to a couple of watches falling off and going missing for a while! So after some work in the lounge and the removal of a wooden mantle piece I had some spare wood laying around and with some basic hand tools managed to fashion a shelf for displaying and holding my watches. Each holder is approx 50mm high and created by cutting circles out of the wood and gluing two together and th
  9. Unfortunately not, I have purchased it in the hope of flipping it in a month or two as Casio are no longer going to put the Marlin logo on the watch which should push the price up a bit - well that's what I told the wife and at £50 its a steal. If you want the box from this sell its and extra £15 plus additional postage!!
  10. This was my first BIG bike experience when my VT went in for a service, they loaned me one of these for the two days mine was away. I was so shocked at how rapidly it moved and accelerated in top gear, it really open my eyes up to speed and its addiction. I'd only ever ridden a 125 for the test and then the 500 for a few weeks. Now my VFR is fast enough for me, although I am thinking of changing it over for something more adventure styled, like the Honda NC500X or CB700X more upright riding position with a little less BHP.
  11. Memorable as it was my first bike, used my student loan to get it when I first passed the test. Loved riding it though the seat wasn't very well padded, or my arse wasn't, in the wet it used to skip sideways when changing down due to the shaft drive Best moment of ownership was when my girlfriends brother dropped round one night in his CB500 begging for some chain lube as his chain was so dry and tight he didn't think he would make it home without it snapping, he literally burst into tears when I told him I didn't have any lube as I didn't need it "why?" he screamed at me "you have a bike, you
  12. I will taking my Christmas present out of the Birthday present I received today and wearing it a bit later! Although the Invicta logo is quite large it did fool one of my friends into thinking I had splashed out on a submariner, tee hee
  13. Just arrived! It landed at Heathrow on the 5th January, must have walked here on its own.....
  14. I ordered one of these at Christmas and it seems that it is "lost" in the post made it to Heathrow but now missing...... This is my addition for the Blue Divers it big and very Blue.
  15. If the Orient Mako has caught your eye then I would suggest buying it, other peoples recommendations are all well and good but at the end of the day its your money and your wrist, I have 12 watches to choose from (a paltry number compared to many on here) none of of them over £500, many might say that 12x£500=£6k and for that I could have purchased a reasonable Rolex, Omega, Breitling or many other luxury brands and whilst the accumulative value might be £6k I've never had £6k at any one time spare to purchase a watch. At £400 there are some very nice watches, but what I like may no
  16. Purchased just before lockdown last year, not worn much but lusted after for 18 months. I found it cheaper on a Portuguese website who supply to the UK and Watchshop price matched, saved nearly £100! I've had this for around 15years, I LOVE it, solar, radio controlled, never misses a beat and looks swanky in jeans or suit. It does need a service now though as the crown won't screw down or make the necessary alterations but I'll wait till Covid is finished before sending it off. Apologies for the giant photos, cant seem to scale them. I would like the Tsuno Bullhead
  17. I drive a 09 Honda CRV 2.2ctvi surprisingly capable and comfortable, intelligent 4WD (which on the only occasion it has come on almost spun me round) been to France in it several times in the 6 years we have had it, 5 up and all our gear. I also have and ride occasionally a Honda VFR 800Fi brand new in 1998, and waiting to start a refurb on a Honda (do you see a theme here) CB250n Superdream, which wont happen anytime soon. (thinking of exchanging these for an adventure style bike....) What would I like..... for a regular daily drive I would love to be able to afford a Range Rover -
  18. A Christmas present form my Wife about 5 yrs ago, use it when working on things and Fridays usually, always the watch I wear on holidays too. Purchased in 2003 when I was going to Switzerland at Gatwick on the way out, lost for a long while whilst not riding my motorbike and only found when I heard a very weak beeping alarm and found it in my bike jacket pocket! Purchase about 4 years ago a little present when I received a bonus from work the MIL still goes on about how I lavished money on myself selfishly whilst having a wife and 3 kids, I put 3x the cost of this into the
  19. Just noticed the date is wrong......
  20. Apologies I didn't see this reply, no I haven't found a replacement bracelet yet. I haven't been searching much really but more waiting for something to come along!
  21. Casio Duro (Marlin) cheap as chips but does the job, replacement of one I had in my 20's but lost over the years (hangs head in shame)
  22. @JayDeep How are you going with this watch now, how does it wear? I've been looking at the green ones, they are supposed to be a limited edition of 1973, do you know if this is across the whole colour range or for each colour. I'm tempted to et one but worry it might look a bit odd on the wrist.
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