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  1. Yes I did look at the 50th anniversary but it's the most expensive one and for me a little bland, I'm not overly keen on non bright bracelets...
  2. Have you seen the other Citizen Satellite Wave I posted in the Japanese watch section, if you think this has a lot going on the other will give you an instant migraine
  3. Today I found this (not in Tesco Leatherhead!) in Guildford, I have been lusting after it for a while now, limited edition of 1973 per colour and comes with a fantastic display box with plaque and certificate of authenticity for limited numbers. But when I tried it on I was so underwhelmed by it that I didn't get it, it wasn't as green as shown and it wears a lot smaller than it shows in the pictures, shame really as I'm in the market for a new watch....
  4. I had a look at the Seiko Introduce The Prospex 1986 Quartz Diver LE topic and when I clicked the advertisement there was a panel to the right showing a Citizen divers satellite wave which caught my eye. I have too many dive watches already, they're big and chunky and look ok on my fat troll wrist so is what I tend to go for but the tech in this excites me, solar powered, radio controlled and satellite GPS for instant change all over the world. However I would like something other than diver style, so put in the search satellite wave and came up with the Citizen webpage for these types and this watch came up as the best alternative https://www.citizenwatch.com/us/en/product/CC7000-01L.html?cgid=satellite-timekeeping#start=6 it doesn't seem to be available in the UK but is a rather fantastic, if somewhat busy, looking watch. What do people think, to many sub dials, confusing layout or just plain ugly. There are a couple of videos showing how it works and it does look like it has exceptional finishing and tooling but does look big!!
  5. Um....have to admit to being more interested in the citizen promaster in the advertisement to the right..... https://www.watchtime.com/wristwatch-industry-news/fresh-tuna-seiko-introduces-the-prospex-1986-quartz-divers-35th-anniversary-limited-edition/ Sorry!
  6. Boom AGAIN! And a £1 to spare....
  7. £500 that's all I have.............. However if I won the lottery (doubtful) then if money was not limited then who knows! I have only ever, my entire life, had limited money and unfortunately my mother always taught me not to spend what I don't have.
  8. You could also get a welded handrail purpose made with glass fittings, nowadays the toughened/laminated glass is structural so self supports and would only need some small feet to go onto the laminate flooring. If you allow around £600/m² for glass and polished SS handrail you should be allowing enough to get something half decent. As for the floor option you would only need to create a rebate around the edge of the floor for the glass to sit into and with a small mastic bead to 'hold' it in place, you could acid etch it if you didn't want to see through it and you wouldn't loose any floor space to handrails and balustrades.
  9. Coming in from America so slow delivery, I have this one and a Blue one, I might order a couple for the kids as my daughter keeps taking mine and has scratched the glass!!
  10. Depending how deep the recess is around the edge, flooring to window frame, you could also place some toughened & laminated glass over it of suitable thickness to walk on. Being octagonal and small the deflection would probably allow something like 15-20mm thickness. This also depends on how deep your pockets are too!!
  11. The window in the floor is crying out for a glass balustrade around it rather than the dog frame!
  12. It'll be one of these stupid things..... Modern day tech 'innit.
  13. Just had this email link land https://www.citizenwatch.co.uk/featured/star-wars.html?utm_campaign=843211_Star%20Wars&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Citizen%20Watch%20UK%20Ltd&dm_i=4W6P,I2MJ,3KGMCO,253CB,1 Nice link in with Star Wars but very expensive for the digital ones??
  14. Wrench I've looked through the Vostok range (you have now started another fascination for me....) I don't think the Moana looks anything like any of the Vostoks, modded or otherwise but I have not had long to go through them all, YET. I've emailed them, the current exchange rate at USD to sterling means it will be in the late £500's which is a lot for a watch on a Nato strap, plus I don't really like Nato's (there, I said it. Now let the hate flow...) If I can maybe get them to budge a bit on price and throw in a silicone strap or bracelet it might be worth the money.
  15. This is gorgeous its the Moana which has significance for me as I read a book call Moana Vastness of the Sea by Bernard Gorsky many years ago. Not sure how we stand post Brexit with imports from New Zealand, might make an enquiry!!
  16. That's the problem right there, at 55yrs old the mortgage isn't yet done, there are still three kids at home the youngest being 9yrs old and by the time I get him off my hands I'll be 65-70, now doubt the other two will keep boomeranging backwards demanding more handouts (the wife will likely hand over anything we have while I'm not looking) so unless I get that lottery win I'll just be bodding along spending the odd £500 here and there on whatever takes my fancy. And do you know what, that's the way I kinda like it, I really wouldn't want to go without anything to afford something like a Rolex which it seems are, well a bit M'eh, nor spend out on something like a JLC, or Panerai and have people keep asking what is it? and how much is it worth?? then to have some scrote bag decide that rather than get a job with prospects and a career path they would rather take whatever they fancy of a short fat bloke who couldn't fight his way out a paper bag.....(I can shout loud though!!) Horses for courses really, but it does all boil down to the fact a watch is just a tool for telling the time, it might look fancy, it might be fancy, it might have expensive parts in it, it might be worth more than my house but at the end of the day even a broken watch is correct twice a day!
  17. In my humble opinion, you only need one watch the criteria being that it fits your wrist, tells the time, possibly has a day/date function and is powered by either battery/movement/winding. To this end I would say any (Casio - Seiko - G-shock - citizen etc.) that is solar powered, radio controlled and has both analogue and digital display should suffice for any situation. These watches are available and can be relatively cheap and can look good too. I'm not really into fantasy watch owning, I will spend big bucks when I win the lottery but now its really about what I can afford and what takes my fancy when I have a little bit of cash (it's always only a little bit!!)
  18. Picked this up yesterday after having some new batteries fitted, probably be on the wrist from now onwards - good old beater really!
  19. Three times actually.. I had one years ago, didn't remember owning it (before I started collecting) then found an old photo which featured me wearing it, googled the design and re-ordered immediately I found it, no purchased a Blue on with the logo after reading that Casio are not going to be using the logo anymore! Probably get another one for one of my kids too!
  20. Really?? I never new that, I have been educated, I have looked for ways to change it on my GA-1000-4B and couldn't find anything, when it comes back from Ernest Jones I will give it a go!
  21. You can't, it's an American thing. It annoys me immensely that it can't be changed on these watches.
  22. Oh dear Went into Ernest Jones again this morning...... taken in one of my G-Shocks GA-1000-4A, for new batteries (yes 2no?) and whilst there resisted the urge to look at the Seiko 'Arnie' again but did look at the G Shock Mudmaster GG-B100-1AER which is £325 in there and £243 with Watchshop.............. Looks like I'm going to sell some parts from my Honda Superdream for good money so may be tempted to buy BOTH but may have to pass on a couple of watches too which I have never done before!!!
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