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  1. It looks good but for telling the time which is a watches main purpose it seems to fail miserably. Not that it cant tell the time but this is not a watch you could just casually glance at and be able to tell what time it is. Would require a really good look and a bit of thinking.
  2. Its nice but I couldn't see me picking this over a more traditional looking Speedmaster. But it is nice to see something a bit different!
  3. Blue one for me. Black one looks a bit boring compared to the playful looking blue colour. But.....there's a little bit more to this decision than just colours as they seem to be two different watches entirely. Indices are different, one has a date window. But saying that I much prefer that blue!
  4. Cant really remember which watches I bought this year. Pretty sure I slowed down with the purchases compared to the previous two years where I bought quite a few. Think the first couple of years was a blitz of watch buying because of how new it was to me all. Now though my purchases are much more considered and couple up that with not wanting to have a big collection things have slowed don much more considerably! In fact at the moment I am looking to off load one or two watches to make the collection that more manageable for myself. But the highlight of the year for me was buying my Panerai. Was quite quick how it happened to be honest. I fell in love with them very quickly and not long after that I decided I had to have one. No regrets at all. Absolutely love my Panerai! Probably a rather marmite watch for most, really is a decisive looking watch that you either get or you don't. This one will be staying with me for a very long time. Definitely the highlight of 2021 watch wise for me.
  5. Sticking with the samurai for another day. After regulating this and getting it back on the wrist I have decided that I'm going to mod this watch slightly. With my new found confidence I reckon I could attempt a bezel insert replacement and some new glass. Was thinking something in the style of the yacht master bezels in grey and a domed saphire crystal. This is going to be a bit of an experiment for me. Did plan on doing this about a year ago but never got round to it. Have been trying this on different straps also. Today is a grey geckota strap which suits it nicely I think.
  6. Was looking at these in a shop window earlier. Look great and very practical. A watch for any occasion. Yet to own a Hamilton but maybe one day. Enjoy.
  7. Same as yesterday for me. Lovely morning. Have a great day.
  8. The Redentore is very nice, really classic looking thing, bet that catches the light great. The EB is ok but then again I'm not huge on chronos. Out of interest @Bricey what's your favourite watch you own? You have that many come and go!
  9. I don't go out of my way to charge my watch, they generally do a good job themselves if out and about. As the post above me mentioned, Seikos lume is unreal. Some of the best lume ever.
  10. Ah right, I have had apps that you can track your accuracy that you put manual entries in but never ones that work like a timegrapher and measure the actually beating of the watch. May have a look. Pretty happy with the system of setting it to exact time then waiting a few hours then just seeing how much the time has deviated.
  11. Thanks! I think the fist clenched look is probably the best option when going for the lower arm and hand shot in the air. I like to get the hand in my photos instead of just the wrist as it gives you a bit more perspective on the watch. The other options if not clenching the fist may lead more along the lines of a roman salute which is not advisable. A may do a claw shape next time for variety.
  12. RIP. Parents were big fans of Only Fools and Horses so I pretty much grew up with all these characters in my life. Boycie was definitely a character! One of the highlights of the show for me. There will always be the memories that will live on. Top fella!
  13. I quite like the watch the OP posted. Saying that I have grown quite fond of Hublot as a brand. Not too bothered about some of their more wild offerings but the more restrained watches in the looks department look pretty cool. They definitely have a certain Hublot identity about them also which I like. You can just tell its a Hublot from the styling. I even quite like the colours of the watch in the original post. The only thing I don't like is the 4:30 date. Just looks a bit of an afterthought. I would say go for it with a fresh service and the great thing is you wont see many on the wrists of other people which is nice.
  14. After having a go at regulating this watch and winning so far it deserves a day out on the wrist. Have managed to get it from a -20 seconds a day to just gaining 4 seconds in the last 9 hours. Very happy with my first attempt. It really has given the watch a new lease of life for me as I found -20 seconds a day rather annoying.
  15. Well after a years consideration I decided to have a go! The watch in question that this thread was created because of was my Seiko Samurai. Now this is a watch I really like but it was consistent at -20 seconds a day. Not a huge amount but to me out enough to warrant a bit of an adjustment. I think within the realms of 10 seconds a day is fairly acceptable but 20 seconds a day was a bit annoying. I was even avoiding wearing this one because of its error rate. Well back in from the night shift last night after watching one of the many youtube videos up there I thought I would have a go. Now a year on since my last post in this thread I feel I know a lot more about watches and also feel a lot more confident in having a poke around. Now lets get one thing straight, this is a Seiko Samurai we are talking about here. Not in a million years would I ever give the thought to operating on my Panerai or Omega. But having a go on this out of time Seiko I felt up for. If it went wrong I do belive new movements aren't too costly and if it went right this would breathe a new lease of life into a once shunned timepiece. I only have the basic tools really when it comes to watches. One of those kits you can get off Amazon. But it has all the bare essentials for everything I need to be doing. Taking case backs off, changing straps and adjusting bracelets. So I put the watch in one of those plastic clamps and proceeded to take the case back off. It came off pretty easily with no fuss at all. I think this may actually be the first time I have taken the back off a watch. A mechanical one anyway. So on to regulating! One thing i did notice about the tutorial videos is how little he moved the regulating arm. Literally looked like a fraction of a millimetre. So I didn't want to swing this thing far, just wanted to try and slightly nudge it into speeding up slightly. (When approaching the movement with my screwdriver to try and push the regulator over a little I realised how bad my eyesight is. I didn't have any magnification of any means! Something to consider for the future.) So with my screwdriver I nudged it ever so slightly towards speeding up. Really was only a tiny nudge. Fractional! I just didn't want to swing it too far. So job done. Case back on and set it to the exact time which was 02:15 this morning. Off to bed! So the results well over 9 hours later! Over the last 9 hours it has gained 4 seconds! Now from a consistent -20 seconds a day I am more than happy. My gamble has payed off and I have managed to regulate a watch.......I think......so far. Will keep an eye on it in the coming days but it does seem to have worked. Now just to leave you lot with a question. Now my confidence has increased I feel like going back in to regulate further. But I can see me just see sawing between minus seconds and plus seconds if I have further attempts. Knowing how little I adjusted that regulator arm and without a timegrapher I feel it could just be a real back and forth thing. I feel very happy at what its running at now so will probably leave it but the temptation is there!
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