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  1. Lovely watch. Never seen this model before. Great find, enjoy!
  2. Think if you search hard enough a Oceanographer can be had for around £300. On my list of wants so I will take one of these. Looks like a lot of watch for the money.
  3. Everyone needs a G Shock in their collection. Its the law!
  4. Think I will take a Seiko Willard. Think one can be had for £1000.
  5. Garmin was on the other wrist. Day out on bike. Just stopped for some refreshments!
  6. You have a knack for picking some very flamboyant pieces. Not really to my taste but it looks impressive.
  7. Well posh that one! Yes most of mine are on the original straps also. Like @Jet Jetskiand me you also tip onto the bed! Although yours have fell out rather neatly! The wash bag is a good idea though.
  8. No nothing to do with the magnifier but my utter contempt for it has no bounds!
  9. Seiko again for work complete with useless magnifier.
  10. Welcome! Being a runner my Garmin is probably my most worn watch! Cant wait to get it off most of the time and put a proper watch on though. Think Seiko may well be my favourite brand at the moment. Seem to be accumulating them. Welcome to the forum. Its a great place! And yes its a very friendly place.
  11. A change for the night after a very long day at work. Never seen that model Very nice!
  12. Couple of great watches there Bricey. Particularly like the Invicta! Its the hands on it I really like. Its even got me thinking about one and im not usually fussed about vintage style divers.
  13. Love the Seikos! I usually have a lint roller nearby, but that's because of my dog!
  14. Probably look a lot better with the bracelet properly sized. I have a couple of larger watches and I don't have the biggest wrists and I do just fine. But I'm not too concerned what other people think. But the fact that you are asking tells me that you are concerned about it. I say go for it, but if you feel uncomfortable don't bother as it will only bug you further down the line.
  15. @Jet JetskiBet you have 100s of NATO's....or planning on it having a bread bin!
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