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  1. Hands look great on that, really legible. Enjoy!
  2. Took the bracelet off this and I am trying it on this nato strap. Had the same bracelet on another watch being the reason for the change.
  3. Looks great, bracelet looks sturdy!
  4. Wearing my latest acquisition, may look for another bracelet for this one though as its the same as my other seiko the tuna. Great bracelet though, part of me thinks it would be a shame changing it. In regards to the pubs not sure I would want to if I could, working today. I predict it will be chaos out today. Probably will leave it a couple of weeks or so till I head out, let things calm down a bit.
  5. Change of strap on this one, matches the face colour now.
  6. Thanks for the pic, lume looks unreal! Yeah have ordered one. If I didn't then I would be thinking about it all week then probably go to purchase later in week and it will probably be sold out! This has happened before, not gonna make the same mistake again!
  7. Smashing skirting boards off today amongst other things, so appropriate watch on the wrist today.
  8. I thought I didn't need another watch. But.... I really like that.
  9. I tend to baby my new watches at the start when they are new then over time my standards slip a little, I will end up being a little more blase with them. That geing said I do have designated watches that I do wear for work and those ones I don't mind getting knocked and scratched, but I do try to avoid this happening though.
  10. Put my kamasu on a French elastic nato, really comfy and a great fit on the wrist.
  11. Seiko garmin combo again for me today. Got out running early before it gets too hot.
  12. Went dual weilding to finish off the week, bit of a blast up on to the fells.
  13. Seamaster Sunday! Is that a thing? It is for me today!
  14. Fenix 5 for the run, then probably onto my new bulova for the rest of day, might even change for the evening!
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