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  1. Very nice wrench. Would happily sport either one of those, think they look great. Preference to the top one though! Quite like the bracelet on it.
  2. Filthy 9 miles in snow and sleet around the local hills with the dog sporting my g shock and my fenix 5.
  3. Nightshiftin with my new watch bought from the classifieds on this very forum. My first foray into Russian watches! Looks great and keeping good time. Very happy with it. Awaiting a colour coded blue and white NATO for it which should finish it off nicely. Hopefully! Thanks @mitadoc
  4. Have 13 watches in my collection at the moment. Have only really been collecting since the start of the year. They do all get worn though, don't want to get to a situation where I just have too many and that many of them never get wrist time. Saying that I never planned on having 13 watches but somehow I always find an excuse to buy another! My collection is tiny compared to others on here though. Not sure how some people on here cope.
  5. Been wearing my newest acquisition all day and will be in to the night.
  6. Yes it is. I managed to get mine for around £170 so a very modest sum of money for such a great timepiece. Think I will get along with this watch just fine. Sorry @WRENCHfor hijacking your thread!
  7. I have never had a Breitling but there is many on these forums who do own them. I do like quite a few of their models and find them to be very distinctive, they definitely have their own aesthetic about them. I guess with any watch before parting with your money the best thing to do is to have a good look around and see what appeals to yourself. My SRPE53K1 arrived today and I am very pleased with it.
  8. Mine arrived today and I am very happy with it. Took me about an hour to adjust the bracelet and managed to put the clasp on upside-down twice in a row! I cant be the only one who has done this! But apart from the resizing shenanigans it looks great and feels great and I will be keeping tabs on it over the next few days to see how it keeps time.
  9. Very nice. You tested the lume yet. Sure it will be good being Seiko!
  10. Up early this morning for a blast round the reservoirs with my g shock and my fenix 5 but now on to this Timex for the rest of the day I reckon.
  11. Great start to your collection. Think you will have most bases covered with them two, think the Seiko 5 could even cover the dressier situations! I have actually ordered the same watch, looks fantastic on the wrist. Looking forward to receiving mine. In regards to splashing out on a more expensive watch, these two watches will be a perfect stop gap on your way to acquiring a more expensive piece if you choose to do so. They might even dissuade you from one if you get on with them well enough.
  12. Looks great. You got any wrist shots. I'm currently waiting on the blue version on the bracelet, its In the midst of the Christmas post somewhere but looking forward to getting it. They are really smart looking watches and I think it will prove to be a very versatile watch. The green looks great and somehow I didn't manage to see this version on my search.
  13. On the road tonight with my Timex. Time not been adjusted for about two weeks and still running pretty much dead on so I'm pretty impressed considering this is a very cheap watch. Bought a seatbelt NATO for this which is new on this afternoon. Suits it in my opinion!
  14. Back up and running now. Had to wait about 90 minutes for the tyre replaced. Huge bolt embedded in it, not repairable so brand new tyre on. Working nights tonight, it's a lorry I am driving Nigel!
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