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  1. This is on one wrist and Garmin on the other.
  2. Hope everyone's Friday goes well and to plan. Wearing my recently repaired Seiko turtle today.
  3. I did, had a major purge last year. Just wasn't riding them. Now I'm content with my single speed and my gravel bike which covers all bases for me!
  4. So to bring closure to this thread I have received back the watch today! All straightened out and sorted. Very impressed with the time taken to sort out this issue. Total kudos to the vendor who were a pleasure to deal with. I had it in my head that it would be gone months! Maybe sent half way round the world or something. But alas it is back on my wrist as of today and I couldn't be happier with it. The only thing that seems different is the crown action, its all works fine, it just feels different, but Its probably because the movement has been out and put back in. So glad I did get it sort
  5. As others have said, very nice watch but with £5k to play with I would be looking elsewhere. But saying that, it is a very unique piece and the possibility of ever seeing someone with one is very rare. So there is that going for it.
  6. Currently have this on a NATO, just trying different straps for it see if I can love this watch once again.
  7. Nice, do like that. Awesome movement too. This style of diver with the enclosed bezel.Where the timing ring is underneath the crystal. Does that have a name?
  8. I just pretend I'm setting a two hander and if it's roughly 30 seconds past I will set it as good as I can between the minute indices. I pretty much ignore the seconds hand on a non hacking movement.
  9. Some great watches there, something for every occasion. I hope to condense down to about 6 watches maybe one day, seems like a good amount of watches to own. but I keep seeing new watches that I like! Love the Marinemaster, looks fantastic! What model is the other Seiko? I personally would probably lose one of the G-Shocks, but saying that I have two. One like a beater and the others a mega beater!
  10. I'm similar to @Littlelegs, hope you are better soon! My watch wearing habits are that I may change several times a day due to exercise. If I'm out running there will be a change, then I will quickly swap over to something different as I don't like wearing my Garmin for anything other than running or cycling. There's also a change heading off to work, I have a few designated work watches that I will wear. So yeah, I may change my watch probably three to five times a day depending on what I am doing.
  11. Wearing my Citizen today with eco drive and radio controlled timing. Very impressive movement. Does everything a watch should do to the exact second. Always fun hearing the pips on the radio and seeing them match up exactly with every tick of the watch. I cant be the only one! But despite all this I feel that this watch may be heading for the exit. Its strange really because I really like it, just something I cant put my finger on. Maybe it needs a new strap!
  12. Obviously a solar powered watch for the night shift!
  13. Nice, these look like really tough no nonsense watches. A watch you could take into the nuclear fallout should it happen and to roam the wastes with.
  14. Regardless of the brand your friend would be better of choosing a watch he really likes first and foremost. I do like most Omega watches I see, they seem to speak to me the most. I do like some Rolex models but I couldn't pay grey market prices for one and I wouldn't be prepared to go on a waiting list and attempt to sweet talk the AD into selling me one! Most Grand Seiko leave me cold to be honest, they just seem a little bland to my eyes, but saying that I am a big fan of the normal Seiko models! The not so grand Seikos!
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