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  1. Seamaster again, will be all week I think. Exceptional weather here on Anglesey. Making the most of it.
  2. Not worn this one for bit so giving it a spin.
  3. Very nice, with the 12,3,6 and 9 its like a Panerai is trying to break through the dial!
  4. Have been thinking lately of taking the back of my watch and having a go at regulating it to a better rate. My watch is not miles out but runs slow and having it run on time or slightly quicker would be preferable. Now I have very little knowledge of how to do this (actually none!) hence why I am asking here first. A quick search on the internet provides a wealth of information on the subject which seems a bit daunting to the uninitiated. Just though I would ask for a few opinions here first before I wade into it, Is the regulating of a watch a job that should be left to a specialist or
  5. Even later to the party, nightshiftin.
  6. My white seamaster if you were open to other colours other than blue
  7. The real question is which colour seamaster!
  8. I often wear my garmin on one wrist and a g shock on the other when out running. Sometimes an automatic although I do worry how wound its getting out on the run. Can't really go wrong with a g shock I think. Nice and light too, you won't realise it's there.
  9. New strap for this watch.
  10. Out on the road tonight with my orient. This watch has done a tour of most of my straps recently but is now on the rubber it came on which I will be keeping it on I think. Possibly...
  11. First one of the day, can't remember the last time I wore this one.
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