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  1. Giving my latest acquisition a run out, a very classic looking G Shock with a couple of modern touches.
  2. Well my 6900 arrived, but not the one arriving from America! I won one exactly the same in the meantime on eBay, accidentally, so I will have to send the Amazon one back when it comes. But here's a picture of my new watch. @antjricevery surprised at how small these wear compared to my other g shocks! Sits very unobtrusively on the wrist! Compared to some other g shocks that is.
  3. Hope that's not the case as I had made the Black Bay 36 my next substantial purchase! But if that is the case its not end of the world, there are plenty of other watches out there and I often think I have more than I actually need anyway!
  4. I'm lost now. I just was here to talk G Shocks which I am always up for!
  5. I'd twist. Your less likely to see others with that variant of Speedmaster as opposed to the more standard variety whether it be normal or reduced. Plus it looks great and the date will help you when checking for used by dates whilst out shopping. But deep down you will know which one so go with your gut feeling!
  6. In the early hours of the morning between Monday and Tuesday is a place called Lun! Just trying my new Isofrane style strap on my turtle. I reckon it works!
  7. Does that mean the original poster was some kind of spammer?
  8. Not really something I have considered the question of smallest watch that I would wear. 36mm watches seem to be quite in vogue today after watches got quite large over the past few years. I would have no problem sporting a 36mm or lower really depending on the watch. My smallest I think currently is 36mm and I think that looks fine. I think regarding size its a lot easier in todays market to find larger watches as opposed to smaller ones where you really have to hunt for one excluding the vintage market.
  9. To be honest I don't mind a big chunky watch, I don't have the biggest wrists and its never really bothered me, but I did grow up wearing a G Shock so I may have been conditioned over the years towards bigger watches. Looking through my collection though I wouldn't say any of my watches are that thick really, all pretty average really. The only time I notice things getting a little thick is when I put one of my divers on a decent nato strap, the double pass of the nato really lifts the watch off the wrist and accentuates the height quite a lot, but even then its never been a problem for me personally.
  10. Yes it would be better if all the G Shock Bluetooth were housed under one app but I think there is two because of what functions the G Shocks have. One of the apps is orientated towards fitness kind of things, step tracking and running and things like that, whilst the other is a more general purpose app where you can change alarms and mess with the settings, basically everything you can do on your G Shock but through the convenience of your phone. My Mudmaster connects to one app and my GBX to the other app. Not ideal but that's how it is!, hence me just preferring the Multi Band 6 for unobtrusiveness of atomic time daily, without syncing to the phone.
  11. Not really feeling this watch, I do like the moon phase bit of it. that looks really well done but the rest of it does not really do it for me. Saying that Ball watches in general don't really speak to me although I have read nothing but good things about them.
  12. Yeah that one would be a great choice! Would be hard to go wrong with that one. I'm really on the fence about the Bluetooth connectivity on G Shocks. Whilst the apps aren't really that bad it doesn't add anything of substance for me and I just prefer the automatic nature of the Multi Band 6 function which doesn't need pairing to anything to set the time. Also about the app there is two as far as I am aware. One is called G Shock connected and the other one is called G Shock move. Depending on which model you get it will belong to either one of these apps. I found this slightly annoying as I would prefer the watches to be housed all in one app, but that is not the case. First world problems I know but just my thoughts on the Bluetooth connectivity.
  13. Which watch caused the mark? I have never had any issues with crowns digging in to my arm, but I do wear my watch on my right wrist. It seems to me the most sensible thing to do as it won't dig in and it's protected from getting snagged on anything. This is also one more reason to wear a G Shock! Still with my new G Shock for Sunday. Although I did wear another watch earlier when we went out for a meal.
  14. For a little more money you could get a similar model with the tough solar and multi band 6. Would be precise to the the second every day and would never need a battery. Two features that are well worth considering when getting a g shock.
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